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  1. Jamie Oliver is such a fuss on fat people especially when he went to Rotherham to change something that I can't remember. I remembered that he made a curry with chilli and I think jalepenos in too and that not even a single pupil in that school didn't try it, shame on you Jamie!!
  2. What do pot noodles taste like? Honestly, I never tried them, I heard about that spinning fork for using noodles (useful for going to restaurants! I mean spaghetti or some sort ) the only noodles I like is the noodles in the Chinese take-aways and restaurants because they have them in my most beloved meal House Special Chow Mein ( ) .
  3. The best thing about Shetland in the summer is the beaches for a splash in the sea and having a picnic!
  4. If you want to do something different about Barack Obama, well go to this website: http://www.jigzone.com/puzzles/2009-01-20 For a nice relaxing jigsaw to solve and make!
  5. I think its a good idea 'cause I remembered a long time ago that someone was ended up at hospital because they were fooling around there. Huh! They must've learnt their lesson.
  6. I think the unemployed don't have the time and choice on what job they wanted to do. It could be they are single-parenting or remote from the place they work at. I think the Tory should encourage them instead of forcing, I know that Britain is losing money from it but really they should have a chance of doing this.
  7. I remember I used to watch Playdays!! I would always lie on my tummy on the floor with my hands under chin and look up to watch it. I was 3 or 4 by then.
  8. I don't particulary like the craft fair at the Clickimin because there isn't much choice of things you want to use for a present or a decorative item in your home. The last I went there with my mother, we didn't buy much, all we bought was: Bag of Peerie Treats (chocolate), a necklace with some kind of turquoise jewel and a bowl which mother didn't like much although it was only £8. One time there, I looked at the stall and I saw this woman in this distance behind the till twindling her hair and sighing because I think that body language means that no-one bought anything there!
  9. I used to remember having Wispa when I was a child It's good that their on the shelves again. I used to remember having them at Christmas when we unwrapped the presents early in the morning and having my grumpy tired sister looking at me with a sulky face . My favourite sweets are: Galaxy, Flyte, Ripple, Wispa (as I mentioned), Yorkie (sorry lads!) and Dairy Milk. My favourite ice - cream is: Nobbly Bobbly, Scottish Cream, Walls, 'Ben & Jerry's' Cookie Dough, Dairy Milk and Flake ice cream, Razzle, Tesco and Somerfield Ice Cream Lollies.
  10. When we were at holiday in Slough, London, we went out to a restaurant and sat down next to the window and I saw Robbie Williams (maybe a look-a-like I don't know ) I couldn't keep looking at him, all I did was sit and eat my tagliatelle carbonara and drink my orange fanta and I couldn't sit comfortably because I actually saw him and that it almost made me run up to him and tell him to sign an autograph for me!
  11. I once made myself some potato croquettes at school in my home ec class. When I came back home, I put the croquettes on a plate and put them in the microwave for 30 mins and I felt a bit fainted whilst it was still cooking, then I noticed there was smoke in the kitchen!! For some reason the fire alarm didn't go off ( THAT DARN SMOKE ALARM!) I ran out of the living room and shouted "the kitchen is full of smoke" I heard my mother gasping in the bedroom and I also heard my father getting up his office chair, including him groaning! Him and me walked to kitchen and we started to choke on the smoke surronding us. He opened the window in the kitchen and I opened the window in the living room, when he opened the microwave door and stopped the timer, the smoke went into our faces and we saw that the croquettes were black and rock hard. We went outside to the garden and he set the plate on the stone wall and took a potato croquette and broke it in half, it was black inside too like a burnt biscuit. Now I know I shouldn't put things in the microwave too long
  12. I don't particulary enjoy reiki, it was boring, all you do is lie on a bed and watch a therapist 'surrounding' you. Pointless
  13. Who in fact is Jeremy Beadle? Never heard of him.
  14. I really loved high school when I was in first year, it was much, much better than the primary school I came from. I loved every subject except for physical education, I was lazy and I loathe it when I do teamwork or run around and I sometimes didn't take my kit because it was boring.
  15. I stopped wearing a school uniform because I hated the colour blue because the Tingwall School jumper was blue (my favourite colour was purple at the time) I went to school wearing a denim skirt and a jumper that my granny knitted for me which caused a lot of static electricity and black t-shirt underneath it. When I was P7, I wore a 'Kickers' black jacket with black trousers and 'Bootleg' shoes. My schoolpals called me 'The Goth' or more commonly 'Sahara' because they couldn't spell my name properly! I believe we still have the jumper somewhere in the house or we might have took it to a charity shop .
  16. When I was in primary school, my school pals couldn't spell my name properly and that I had a nickname which is named after a desert in Africa which I don't want to write out loud.
  17. 'Britain from Above' isn't that interesting, its just Britain on an aerial view which I think is a bit boring. Why can't they just stick to Google Earth instead, I think its a breach of the peace kind of idea which is rubbish.
  18. Our water is very disgusting and it has things floating in it, which is why we got ourselves a filter jug to refresh the water but it's useless and it doesn't work , only my father uses it.
  19. Sims 3 has to be a big hit in the high streets because people who have Sims 2 because it is a bit crappy (especially Sims, it had a 2 dimensions) I and other people can't wait for it I, myself have a Sims 2, nearly every single relative in my family keeps looking at my computer (not because it's orange I think its got to do with the inhabitants and that rubbish ). I have a lot of extensions on my game and I like making and playing with families and other people. So really, I can't wait it to come out: 20th February 2009. In stores in 5th June here in the U.K.
  20. One time at the Scalloway shop, I was out with my sister and my father, we spotted two little boys dressed in hoodies and tracksuit bottoms, then one of them spotted a camera facing near the checkout and then he said "Oh, look a CCTV camera!" and took one step forward and showed the V-sign with both of his hands, I felt unprotected about that action he did. Which is why I always stay at home lazing around.
  21. For some reason, I've got the neatest writing in my family, my father's writing is APPALLING!! You can't even read it at all, he can't read his writing, too . My mother's is very nice but I can't read handwriting when its all join up. My sister's writing, she is learning and she can't hold a pencil properly she holds it like she is holding a chisel, we always tell her off to hold it properly. When I was in P4, I was the only one with bad grammar and writing that my teacher couldn't and that she used her reading glasses and tutted sometimes because it was so bad. Now my writing is very clear, I was learnt how to write properly when I was in second year in the Anderson. Our spelling and grammar is very good, but I get to do speech and language therapy though to improve it it just annoys me so much it makes me want to pull my hairs out and have a fit with anger!
  22. This is craziness! Why can't they have it somewhere else, the 'plan' is too near to us, I can see from the living room window. It will smell, too bloody and it's not your cup of tea!
  23. I think the worst road junction in Shetland is the junction which has a road to Hillswick, Brae etc. (A970, thanks to google earth) right in the middle of it which have two roads next to it, (right: goes to Tingwall School and the left: goes to Veensgarth) I think there will be a very good chance from having an accident there which I think would be quite shocking why can't they have a roundabout instead?
  24. I LOVE GOOGLE EARTH especially street view! The best place to go and see the mistical thing surrounding you is 1412 Charleston Road (in south east of San Francisco), it is hilarious, there are random people showing random messages e.g. hi mom etc. trust me it is, very funny. If you want to learn a different language, go to France, Spain, Italy and Japan. The most boring and scariest camera is Anchorage, Alaska, check it out and have nightmares! I don't like putting on extensions and the Google Sky because you get to move about and it makes me irritate because it's like being in a spaceship! Not suitable for motion sickness people for the extensions or the sky.
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