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  1. I don't like him that much really, I know John Shuttleworth was explaining about Shetland and the people there but I didn't really enjoy it much. I believe he stole Harry Hill's glasses but in conclusion, boring and incomprehensible on what he's trying to explain, although I saw it twice or three times.
  2. 2 countries (Canada and France) what's my percentage? 0%!
  3. My mother almost bursted her tyre when she went around the roundabout going to Murrayston for a little journey, she got a bit confused on the tight junction it has there!
  4. The best thing in my life is, when I was about 10 or 11, we moved to Brae because it was the only house were you can rent (which is a bit useless because we had to wake up at 6.30 to go to school ) we stayed there for something like, 6 months, 8 months, the reason was we were having an extension on our old house, we got photos of it (somewhere!) and it made me feel so proud about myself because me and my little annoying sister had to sleep in the same bedroom which was a nightmare because she was crying, getting up out of her bed at 3am, it was bad. When we came back, my teacher was surprised when I told her the news about the house. Now we have: Three bedrooms, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, very small living room (3 x 4m), a utility room, 2 big cupboards and a small cupboard (width of the door is probably about one of fifth of a metre) and a cupboard in the kitchen (no light, too small but a lot of shelves). It was like heaven when I had my own bedroom which I was dreading for years.
  5. My favourite website, which is now my homepage but shetlink is in my favourites folder, my favourite website is Jigzone: http://www.jigzone.com/ It has such a lot of jigsaws and cuts you want to do, you can also sign up and add photos to create jigsaws, you can do billiards, snooker, I think darts, too, puzzle of the day, jigsaw categories, the possibilities are endless!!!
  6. I heard about Massachussetts or Oklahoma that you're not allowed to have a bath less than once a month, pack yourself a clothes peg when you come there or else.
  7. my most irritating advert ' or film preview' is definitely 'High School Musical' and their cheesy jokes and songs, I don't like films which have cheesiness in them because it makes you want to leave the room or watch another programme. I just don't like films much!
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