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  1. ^ I think it is actually parked there since Thursday or Friday if I remember.
  2. I think "abandoned" might have been a little bit of a misjudgement...the title of the topic was rushed. Sorry!
  3. There seems to be a few cars off the main road right now (as in on the verge), I'm not saying I'm really concerned or anything but it is a bit bizarre that they are just parked there.
  4. There is a group that can help you, well, anyone. From my own experience with a group I am treasurer here for, you do not have to sign up for the whole Peak Oil package, their goal is to show that you can be more self sufficient and rely less on carbon creating ways. The number of miles the Tesco produce has to travel is something that needs to be considered, reducing food miles will only help the local community. Transition Shetland Link It was only a joke and I am not interested in gardening. My aunt is a gardener though.
  5. I am starting to wonder that Tesco is becoming a tsunami to Shetland's local shops and suppliers. It's because they have better quality, more affordable and accessible groceries, as they have begun their second extension. I do feel that it is making even more people to come into Lerwick: we might end up having too much stuff and too little space, or vice versa, for an archipelago of about 25,000 going into one supermarket. Maybe I suppose we should start growing our own fruit and veg for ourselves but I'm not much a keen gardener!
  6. I wonder what the plot is now...I'm going to say that they walk to the Thule, grab a pint and just talk. I was rather surprised when I heard last year that the reviews said "acting was poor".
  7. ^ I think they were considering about closing them all but I believe that the only main toilets that should open be, would be the one at Commerical Street (shoppers), the Knab (skateboarders, dog-walkers and golfers - presuming the Knab is still a golf course) and Meal Beach (maybe just open in the summer months when they are particularly busy). If they are going to close ALL the toilets, where is everybody going to go for a leak then? In bottles?
  8. Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to cross the road without a responsible adult being with you? I don't find that funny...
  9. ^ I must have been the first pedestrian to cross the Bolts' crossing today. Luckily I had a fluorescent yellow jacket on in case they were somehow faulty once I went to the other side of the road. It started beeping when I was in the middle of the road but I did manage to get across without being run down.
  10. I think when Dave Clark was on the hot sausage roll rack (sorry!) then I think his post was permanent. After these controversial arguments with another councillor (a good friend of mine) then I think it was either Clark had enough of the job or Sandy Cluness fired him. I think it was both but not sure..
  11. I think, if I mind rightly, that Alistair Buchan went back to Orkney because the chief executive post was temporary. I can't remember but I think that was what happened.
  12. Does anybody ever feel when they want to say something but they wish not to because it could cause a bit of a concern? I am thinking of something on top of my head on education and I think I will just not say it out loud to any flamboyant gossipy person because I think I might get a little humiliated.
  13. Oh yeah, saw that on Facebook. Unfortunately, the photo was a little uncompressed and it didn't look too clear to see as it was just five or six bright yellow jackets with a dull, black background.
  14. If I were a councillor, I would think about where the cutbacks and savings really do need to be. Right now, the council are just stabbing in the dark trying their best to improve finances by cutting sources which are/were desperate for Shetland's communities. I would say if they had enough money, they should add another lane for the road at Tingwall valley, re-organise the interior in Sumburgh airport (the stairs are such a waste of space - why was it there in the first place?) and decide upon what schools need to be shut (like Skerries).
  15. Our freezer is packed full of oatmeal stuffing and mince (maybe about three stones worth or something). Now where should I put the Cornettos at...
  16. I think that the moderators are trying to improve this website by letting members speak freely and not be confronted by others in sort of an aggressive / argumental way. I believe bringing the police into this is a bit too overly; it is only if it gets really serious (as in abuse, in which it will commit a crime).
  17. Opening ceremony was amazingly great...shame I missed the athletes (as in when they walk in).
  18. ^ It's okay. Just pm'ed a moderator a few minutes ago.
  19. Is there any moderator that I can speak to? I would like to pm something privately to one of them.
  20. Visit the job centre, they usually have a lot of job offers everyday.
  21. Do you think that team GB are going for their target of three medals (I think was their aim) in this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi? I hope so it would happen by chance.
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