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  1. We once had a problem about one feral cat who was in our garden but he is gone for good (unfortunately).
  2. In my opinion (pedestrian): I am a very brave person when it comes to anything. The crossings are just like passing a path over a volcano; you either fall into the victim of a car incident or run for your life across it. The last I was at a crossing would have been about two or three months ago, it was a Saturday, I finished work and the roads were pretty busy at Bolts. I went to one end of the crossing (where the Charitable trust building is) and I knew there was no cars when I approached so I walked like goose across the crossing until I saw a car and so I ran until I saw the pavement. I find that crossing a bit of a blind spot when coming from King Harald Street. In my opinion (driving a car): I feel my heart race a bit when I see a schoolbairn cross the road at a running speed that I would immediately jam the brakes hard. I am a very cautious driver most of the time and I am often a polite driver when it comes to pedestrians wishing to cross the road. Yet the Esplanade is the worst for pedestrians running to catch the town service bus and almost collide with a car, also the cars parked at the Thule don't reverse park sometimes and so they instead just drive out of a parking space without looking behind them, mirrors or blind spots and thinks "yeah, nobody isn't around". I either go for the Fort, old swimming pool or Victoria pier as much as possible because there usually isn't too many people about. Basically, I am fearing both driving and walking past/near crossings.
  3. What really winds me up are these adverts that say "here's a tip on weight loss" and "cheaper life insurance if you are too old to remember what you had for lunch" etc. I like decent ads that might show a new game show on TV or a retail shop sale. Weight loss ads make me feel fat and the life insurance ads make me too young. I never ever hover the cursor over things like that: it gives me that tingling "don't touch that" feeling.
  4. I don't know but I think that there are many factors on why a school would shut: as you said, educational issues (e.g. lack of teachers or work resources), unsuitable facilities (e.g. boiler doesn't work), abuse tolerated or something. Those are the ideas that I can think of on the top of my head but I wouldn't be surprised if anybody else wants to continue the list...I think financial savings is a rare consequence when it comes to giving a penny and bringing in a pound.
  5. I'm starting to feel that SIBC is becoming a little outdated somedays because of all that sound effects and background music and all sorts. I think they should have a right clear out and make the radio station more appealling to young listeners and hearing the same songs repeat over and over and over again really do my head in. Especially Miley Cyrus and James Blunt.
  6. Oh well, it was a little silly for me start the topic then. I have only just had a big break from Shetlink because well, I was a little left out as some topics were either one-sided or a complete mess. Yet anyway, the only thing that has affected me in the gales is that the bird table in my garden blew over (luckily no bird was stuck underneath). Keep posting Crunchie as Shetlink needs more folk to get involved and don't be put off with the folk who sit behind their keyboards waiting to pounce on any topic. Thanks!
  7. Oh well, it was a little silly for me start the topic then. I have only just had a big break from Shetlink because well, I was a little left out as some topics were either one-sided or a complete mess. Yet anyway, the only thing that has affected me in the gales is that the bird table in my garden blew over (luckily no bird was stuck underneath).
  8. I don't think today is much of a day for watching the procession today because I think it was meant to be sleety in the morning but gradually warms up into the evening (hence the torches). At least having shelter at Sound School and the smell of fresh soup and homebakes will lure guizers into the hall.
  9. I think it is a bit of a good idea that young people of Shetland are given the chance to have their say. The councillors have done most of it but now the spotlight shines on the young folk (for good). When I was in school, some of my classmates would often say "why can't Shetland have a bowling alley?" and "why can't Shetland have a theme park?" but now coming to think about it, I now have the say to show my views in my perspective. Those questions were when I was at primary school years ago and today as I am more older I am beginning to think "what's the future for some of our junior high schools?". I do remember when the head of children's services came to the high school and spoke about the AHS's future. The questions asked were so suggestive (as in, not what was suspected to be said) the head just made things into a muddle.
  10. I hate these adverts which are "specifically for men", it's these adverts about, how should I put it...err...the birds and the bees. They always keep saying (as brief as can be by not being too specific or anything) they keep going on about enlarged "men's plums down there". It really isn't my cup of tea to watch while eating dinner!!
  11. Anybody been affected by these recent gales?
  12. In your opinion. Personally, I prefer JK Mainlands. Perhaps you might want to ask yourself if the Globe Butchers shop was doing so well, then why it isn't being sold as a going concern? Well, I only go to Globe for Xmas whatevers. I usually prefer Tesco because of the pricings and it has more flavours (as in when it isn't Xmas).
  13. I think that the Globe has shown a limelight to the community of Shetland. Their meat produce has the highest of all qualities you want for denner wi tatties and veg and whatever you want..
  14. Have you tried this? I have found a link that may help you: https://www.gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test
  15. Can't they not have those gayly dancers in the Lounge scene where they danced to Shetland music, we're more or less citizens that just sit down, drink alcohol, listen to the rhythm of the music, go home and get more drunk at the house. That dancing was the only thing that made me think 'are they on drugs or something?' I think they should never have filmed Shetland at all!
  16. Watching the two parts of Shetland, I knew it was going to be rubbish although my cousin was acting and I saw a few folk I know in the Up Helly Aa scene at the Market Cross. Here is my opinions on both parts: Part 1 on Sunday night: I only watched half an hour of this but I thought if I miss it, it won't matter. Actually, it did matter as I thought the rest of actors and actresses seemed to sound rather knackered and dull. I have noticed that some scenes were at different locations like Glasgow (I think) for the school. Part 2 yesterday: Watched the whole episode (god forbid!) and when the scene of the fire festival came up, I saw at least twenty spectators wearing Shetland flags as cloaks: were they squad members or stag do invitees? When the jarl squad towed the galley, I thought how bright does that look: some people were wearing jackets and others wore nothing warm. I somehow thought I got filmed but I believe not: I was on the town service bus in September and the bus drove past the Shetland Fudge Company, those big camera crew cameras were sitting on tripods possibly filiming the fudge shop. Was that part of the Shetland crime drama or maybe a tourism movie, I don't know.
  17. I saw it last night when I was watching live athletics on British Eurosport. When I first saw it, I thought what was this all about? Then I remembered that they spoke about this in the Shetland Times in December or November. In my opinion, the advert is sort of average but I didn't get how it was similarising (is that a word?) itself to phones. If the phone company have seen a Shetland pony texting by banging and kicking its hoof on a mobile phone, I should consider that they should change the advert for a tourism attraction advert instead of a phone advert.
  18. When I did my driving test in November last year, I must be the only person who never felt nervous at doing the big one. It was the same when I did my theory which was three months earlier, both of those tests I only passed the first time, some of my old schoolpals said they passed their theory test on the second go. I must be very lucky! Also, after passing the test, I am starting counting car drivers who switch their foglights on when it isn't foggy (obviously, you shouldn't put your foglights on when there isn't any fog about: it's illegal). I have now come to a cumulative total of about 136, this was in four months after passing my test. I was astounded!
  19. I haven't really thought of anything for new year resolutions, what I should say is just live 2013 and wait for Glasgow 2014 next year. I used to go to the gym at the start of January but only exercise (or hang out) for about 20 to 30 minutes. That was how school taught me to use the gym but I'm thinking not going there anymore because I hate seeing bodily flabs wobbling about in the most horrible of places where you should never eye up on! Last night when I was visiting my aunt and uncle at their new house, we were all discussing what to do in 2013: my dad said that instead of me lounging around in the house I can chauffeur him around Shetland although we had a bit too much whisky we thought we wouldn't continue the conversation! Anyway, nothing planned for me. I'll just live and thrive the new year.
  20. We all know that Christmas is coming rather soon, if you like mince pies you will love my recipe. Fancy Mince Pies Shortcrust Pastry 200g / 7oz plain flour 175g / 6oz butter, unsalted 25g / 1oz lard 2 tbsp water Filling 12 tbsp mincemeat 25g / 1oz marzipan, very finely chopped (optional) Topping 2 egg whites 75g / 2 1/2oz caster sugar Oven: 180c Method: 1. Make the pastry by putting all the ingredients into a bowl, apart from the water, and using your fingertips making it into fine breadcrumbs. Add the water and mix with a knife (not a sharp one), if the mixture is too dry, add another tbsp of water: if the mixture is too wet, add tbsp of flour. Put the dough onto a floured surface and roll until it is at least about 1 cm thick, cut out at least about 12 circles using a fluted 6cm cutter and place on a bun tray. 2. Put the mincemeat and marzipan in the 12 circles (1 tbsp per circle) then do the meringue. 3. Put egg whites into another bowl - must be clean and not greasy, glass is the best. Whisk the whites briskly until they form stiff peaks, add half the sugar and whisk again, briskly, until it looks a little bit more stiffened, add the rest and fold in it to prevent air coming out of the meringue - this makes the meringue liquidy, not good. Pipe (if using a piping bag) or spoon on top of the circles then put in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until the meringue and pastry is cooked. Serve warm for a cosy Christmassy treat.
  21. I love seeing mishaps like that in the Olympics: I saw four athletes tear their hamstrings, two hurdlers falling over, one pole vaulter bend the other way, loads of gymnasts falling over and a dad who blames me to get out of the house!!
  22. Does anyone know who that woman of the Go Compare advert is? It is the advert that they 'try' to 'save' our nation. She seems to explode Pavarotti leaving the remains of the residents' garden burdened with soil, the woman takes her hat off and smiles. Who the hell is she?? I am thinking it is an American somehow. Does anyone know?
  23. Can't stand the new advert for Vanish white bleach solution (don't know what I'm saying, read on). There was a teacher who was teaching young children about colours, she points out a red circle then her 'white shirt', after the demonstration of how Vanish whitens your clothes, she points again to her blouse. When the children said 'red', 'grey' and 'white'. They sound so tonedeaf; I can't get a word they are saying.
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