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  1. When I would've been about 6 years old, I couldn't pronounce: so I just called it 'Street's Newsagent' instead of just twisting my tongue in different places and making a fool of myself.
  2. If only Britain's Got Talent came to Shetland... ^ then they can change their group into Singing Trows!
  3. Was there at one time that Tesco (at the time Safeways) did it go on fire? I think it might have happened either 1999 or 2000, maybe even 2001. There was definitely a front-page headline about a fire at the supermarket.
  4. I think the story now on the Compare the Market.com adverts on TV are saying that Sergey is either dying or mentally insane. Reasons: credit cards!
  5. As I am learning to drive, I often go through some single track roads like in Tingwall Valley and Nesting and this is my question. How fast does anybody go on these roads? I go at either 30 or 40mph, slower? faster? right speed? Is there a speed limit or anything?.
  6. I thought they did change the system, I thought they solved since November 2011 I think. If they did change it, they will be going to square one again, if they didn't change it well, I'm no expert, but I think they should've called professional technicians to solve this. It is totally ridiculous, I'm astonished that the system is not working and I think they should have solved this YEARS ago.
  7. I think that Sustainable Shetland should have a demonstration like last February. Lots of people aren't very happy because we all hate Viking Energy and we want the council to listen to our voices instead of leaving us behind.
  8. My sister says that she seems to be a yoga instructor, NHS-registered osteopath and a wedding photographer. My sister is very lazy, slounches around the house and likes wedding dresses. My mother seems to be an attorney and a bank robber! This is getting too interesting (strangely enough).
  9. My name is the same as... - England's rugby team player - Psychologist - Professional model, actress and designer - Canadian artist - Irish photographer - Dancer - Died two years ago in Jacksonville - Psychiatrist - Paralympic tennis player in 2008 - American cyclist
  10. It was early October last year, I had some toothache and I thought of getting some paracetomel but it didn't work. I thought it was my appointment I had the day before this happened, I tried absolutely everything to soothe and calm the pain but nothing worked. The next morning, to my horror I had a huge absess! I almost turned into a chipmunk because of this: I felt it touch my glasses which was irritating, my left eye was almost closed because of the size, I couldn't smile, I couldn't speak. I felt my gumline was almost gulping my teeth, I only had about 2mm of tooth left on the left side. I felt pea-sizes blisters in my mouth, I was totally frightened. I asked for an emergency appointment on a Wednesday (about two days after the absess started) and they said call tomorrow; they didn't have any appointments again. I had to wait for almost 3 days for this to happen! When I finally came to see the dentist, she prescribed me to take three drugs for three days. The next day on a Saturday, the swelling was getting bigger and it almost reached to my forehead and I thought the antibiotics didn't kick this absess. After three days, the absess reduced and now I have my own cheeks and teeth again. They could've actually booked me an appointment and I don't think they actually saw how much pain I was in. It was excrutiating.
  11. Bill Clinton is a vegan though he occasionally eats fish because of his health: he had a quadruple heart surgery bypass-something!
  12. I am not disagreeing saying that Shetland's cow milk is lacking but I'd like it more if they sold goat's milk. Goat's milk surprisingly has more calcium than cows milk and also someone said it is often an alternative for people who are allergic to cow's milk also it is a little sweeter.
  13. I remember very vaguely about that, I remember I was on my father's knee and my father would watch the news on the TV while I'd watch the snow. When he spoke about those days, he said that the gritters took days to clear the snow on one road and we were deserted in the house.
  14. I was just clearing up my home's sitting room and I have noticed what a lot of tourist brochures and magazines there were at the back of the bookshelves. I have magazines as far back as 1996, I would have been about 2 at the time which I don't remember at all and we even have brochures from 2000s which I do remember quite a lot of. I cannot remember anything in the 90s as it went in a flash because all I remember is Tall Ships and that's it.
  15. Na na, that isn't Shetland. It's representing a window. The lines that intersect come to the centre left, also the lines are too narrow so I think this is a bit of hoax.
  16. I often see a lot of pedestrians crossing the roads just 5ft away from the traffic lights. I always use the traffic lights and I believe that it is only the cowardly who use the crossings while the daredevils just run across the road. I think that the council should encourage people to use them more often to reduce road accidents and serious injuries, I mean, young children could have already passed this on but I believe they should also do this with cyclists. I don't like seeing people on bikes without helmets, I wish people should act upon road safety because they could be passing it to other generations as well as it becoming a habit.
  17. Tingwall is mostly full of bogs though or else good agricultural land.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60og9gwKh1o You mean this song the person is 'singing' to it.
  19. I think there should be a motorway, an underground train station in Lerwick, roads that are perfect for learner drivers and much better shopping centres because I feel that Toll Clock looks very outdated also councillors that aren't stubborn.
  20. I LOVE that video, I think that was my sixth viewing watching that clip. I love the ticklish camel too.
  21. I'm afraid I have some bad news for myself. I have finished my job on Friday and I have been working there for eight months and I have really enjoyed myself with this experience. I'd like to thank people who have donated clothes, books and Fairtrade items and now on there'll be a 70% off sale, everything must go. The back of the shop is completely empty and today was a big hit as we made over £100 in the past 2 hours. Thanks everyone, we couldn't do this without you all
  22. As it is the festive season and there'd always be a chance that there is a party and a lot of dancing, party music playing. Are there any songs that you know the dance moves to? I may start off: Macarena YMCA (bits, only the chorus) Most songs on Just Dance 1 - the best ever Wii game. I'm not really a dancing queen but then I often picture what the dance moves are to some songs.
  23. Yes, the topic says it all, Oxfam shop in Lerwick is closing. I've had my best of experiences there as I worked there since April and now this bombshell that has landed made think about what other shop to work at. I'd like to thank all the customers who have donated and bought gifts in the shop, the shop will close on Saturday 7th January next year.
  24. Wet Wet Wet - Love is all around you > crap song!!
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