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  1. That advert (and company) is very sexist, men and women are both paid the same amount on insurance. I think.
  2. I often like the steaks they have at either Globe or Tesco, Co-op is so-so but I like them juicy and chewy, medium rare is best but occasionally I go for well done. To serve with them, garden peas, chips and carrots. Also, the juice from the steak make the chips a lot more squishy, I like squishy ones to crunchy ones. Strangely enough, I never met someone who eat steak blue or rare.
  3. I feel that X factor is getting a bit more 'stupider' than the first time it was broadcasted because I feel that the auditioners come on stage looking ugly, sing ugly and complain. I remember watching it the first time and seeing them sing in a silenced room with judges staring and gazing at them. Although I remember the time when there was not much on TV and so I switched to 'crap' STV and watch the X factor, there was this man who went on stage and he dressed in 100% leather (leather jacket, leather trousers and leather shoes - and a cream shirt I think) and he speaking to his family and just blethering and was called on stage, he walked slowly and started hyperventilating when he saw Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole then suddenly he had the bulge in his trousers. I couldn't eat my spaghetti bolognaise because I was laughing so hard.
  4. I think that Oxjam was a great success and many people had thumbs up with the music and entertainment. In my opinion, I think the music was a little bit of an ear-ringer as when left the legion I lost my hearing so badly I almost ended up shouting instead of talking. Thanks for everyone attending and I hope you enjoyed yourselves that night.
  5. The school has already told them off. The problem is dealt with.
  6. When I was looking some bits and bobs, I found this page-a-day calender page which said the following: Allisonville Nursery WHERE HOME AND GARDEN MEET FRESH CUT PEN*S - $7.99 Then at the bottom of this page, it was a sign at an Indianapolis nursery - which was supposed to say "peonies" and was later corrected.
  7. My grammar is very bad, use a knob of butter to fry the shallots and garlic.
  8. Or to make a lot or little more Scottish is to have bagpipe as a fountain with whisky pouring out of it just to show how silly I am at ideas!!
  9. South of the matchbox? Where's that, in Lerwick?
  10. They're disgusting, one minute you enjoy it, the next you end up in the dentist - or is just me having bad oral health?!
  11. Maybe scorries will be taking it!! Or some insane councillor.
  12. I LOVE THAT ADVERT!!! I only don't like that train line advert, choo, choo, choo,
  13. I'd like to know what bus from Walls I should take because I need to be at work by 1pm. Or should I tell and say that I can't be able to go to work because I'm staying at Walls for couple of nights?
  14. I found these videos so hilarious on Monday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=364dzVsBs2o&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnBau6fL8S8 (*** Mod edit - Youtubified links***)
  15. Best risotto to ever have: 1 shallot, halved and sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 orange pepper, cut into brunoise or macedoine (finely diced) 3 mushrooms, sliced 250g risotto or arborio rice 500ml hot chicken stock 250g tin sweetcorn couple of dashes dark soy sauce 1. Fry the shallots and garlic together for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the pepper and mushrooms for a further minute. 2. Add in the rice and cook for 1 minute or it absorbs the oil. 3. Add the stock carefully, then stir and sesaon and cook for 10 minutes. 4. Add the sweetcorn and stir it in. 5. Put couple of dashes of dark soy sauce then serve with a small sprig of parsley. Serves 2 people, generously.
  16. Fruit Pastilles advert and Ribena advert make me want to leave a room. I hate that song in the Ribena one, too cheesy to think of. *shiver*
  17. Don't have any chocolate spread in the house? Try making my homemade chocolate spread: Serves 1 sandwich 1 tbsp hot chocolate powder 1 tbsp milk 1. Put the ingredients in a small bowl and mix until it binds into a thick-like paste and is all mixed in. 2. Spread or spoon on Danish bread and it's a snack with just chocolate spread made by hand! Or try my chocolatey meringue pudding: Serves 1 1 quantity of homemade chocolate spread 2 mini meringues about 2 -3 spoonfuls of vanilla ice-cream 1. Make the chocolate spread 2. Put the spoonfuls of vanilla ice-cream in a bowl and place a mini meringue on top of each ice-cream spoonful. 3. Pour the chocolate all over the meringues and ice-cream and enjoy!
  18. I've heard (well seen) an advertisement on the Shetland Times and there seems to be a demonstration on about the Viking Energy on next Saturday the 19th and I'm coming there. If anybody wants to come then the start point is at Market Cross and it starts before 11.30am.
  19. I tried lemonade and diet coke and I don't know what to really name it, I've few suggestions which is: DCL (Diet Coke Lemonade) or Tasteless Coke. I don't know which would be better but I usually use DCL more often.
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