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  1. Who are they If I want listen to music. I will put on a proper radio station. None of the above two. Which should be taken to court under the trades description act. sibc a outfit that cant even tell the time. With there news on sometime with in the 24 hours a day But not at the same time on any day I really agree, I only listen to SIBC in the winter months to check roads and all what I call 'the essentials' - no. of schools closed or open, crappy sales on local shops.
  2. Although I like this song, look at the song title. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXsY1H6FHu8 If you don't like the song, I hate you.
  3. The envirophone adverts are even worst than the first one with all those Cockney people talking about phones and 'WONGA!' and with the fat guy now doing the adverts, it's like he doesn't understand the word 'sacked' because he is pretty awful and should never be on mass media ever.
  4. It's Miley Cyrus and N-Dubz, but that selection on music, I have to agree with all the songs that you said are very awful. That's why I love listening to BBC Radio 1.
  5. If they did close the secondary department in Scalloway, they might use it for children with learning difficulties? It's a suggestion.
  6. My worst song or songs would be Wizzard with 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' because I was dressed as a Christmas tree and the embarrassment just made me want to spew. Also every Singing Kettle song ( )
  7. I think this is more of a food laughter story but it was when me and my family went to Aberdeen for lunch and we wanted to go to McDonalds, we put in the nearest McDonalds, after a few minutes we were tracking on the directions it was telling us until we ended up onto a construction site! Until we had to go to Burger King instead.
  8. MSN games is a good place to start as there is a game called 'Mahjong Quest' and on the first game, there are pile of blocks (or known as tiles) and the ones at the bacground are black (don't pick and use them) and the whites are ones you get to pick a pair with. At the end of the challenge, you have the chance to put together Ying and Yang which are symbols in China and it is how you complete the game.
  9. I hate that McCoys advert, it's like it is celebrating people with heart attacks or persuading them to do so. Why is chips involved although there is a boy being a footballer and a Dave Clark lookalike in the advert. One word to describe this: f*****-up!
  10. If you have a Google Earth installed, I believe this add-on is still there but it contains rude words like Twatt in Orkney (unfortunately nothing about Shetland) and it is very amusing I tell you.
  11. N.M.E.B. Not Much Entertainment Boat - I think that's what suitably describes the Northlink boats today.
  12. What I found very strange was that one of my teachers looks a bit like Conway Twitty!
  13. My own brain teaser: Say you went to the shops and you go down an aisle where the baking crap is at, you come across to a packet of 'sugarless sugar', what do you think it may look like - no sugar or will there be sugar?
  14. I don't like bottled water, I mean, I hate it when it says 'don't refill for hygenic reasons' and I think it is a waste of money for saying such a thing, what if someone is out of money or they're in a desert I mean it's so stupid and overall I hate bottled water because it's tasteless and nothing much is in it but just hydrogen and oxygen - are they nutrients?
  15. Maybe for fat people who come to the Happy Haddock?
  16. For some reason, I thought it was a woman with small boobs until it was actually a teenager with moobs.
  17. When I was watching Family Guy, it was one of the new ones that had Peter talking about or I suppose 'expressing inner opinions' on Coldplay, he said: Hey guys! Why don't we write a song which isn't whiney bullcrap. My mother is not going to like me saying this but I hate Coldplay and their tunes.
  18. Two questions: 1. If anyone has been or has access to Bing maps, this 'streetview' doesn't seem to work although it is part of the website itself. Is there a location it can work? 2. As speedometers have speeds up to 140mph, why does the law tell you not to go at that speed although its limit is up to 70mph - on motorway.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HTip2fGXxo&feature=related I couldn't stop laughing for the kid who sneezed on his hands then put them in the dough again. Can't contain myself!
  20. I know very many children who are Facebook users and members and I thought it was shocking. One person's uncle was a member and she was at quite a young age and she often flirted with her uncle's friends. Why can't Facebook not exist or have a website for kids? I mean really I hate the way they comment about these 'hunks' saying "he looks gorgeous", "he's my dream man" it makes me cringe.
  21. I couldn't help sniggering on what a mother she is A must see (***Mod edit - Easier seen when using the [Youtube] tags***)
  22. I've heard there was a song called 'Call On Me' which is of course created by Eric Prydz (disco themed) and I think there is an original song of Call On Me. Is there?
  23. Couldn't help laughing although I am a bit of a childish person!
  24. I think it is a wind-up but I don't know but it doesn't tickle my funny bone at all.
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