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  1. Strangely enough, I can remember every song in the millenium! As I am getting a bit older as for some reason and I am getting forgetful.
  2. I have an agreement with that, I mean, what does Pavarotti have to do with the advertisement, it is annoying it's like someone is doing the longest and loudest burp to break the Guiness record. I would LOVE it when no-one is taking that website as an advisor.
  3. I remember when I just turned second year, we were doing some metalwork in CDT. I was busy hammering something on my keyring until the head fell off and banged my fingers then I shouted 'F*****G HELL! THAT HURTS!'. Then all my classmates started to stare at me and got trouble in two shakes of a lamb's tail!
  4. I can't stand Gok Wan. In my opinion, I think he is trying to find a girlfriend instead of helping them to 'look good naked'. The programme The Impressionist Show (whatever you call it) actually explains about him a lot. Also, he could've ask what the women would like to wear instead of going to the shops acting gay. LEAVE WOMEN ALONE GOK!
  5. I was 7 years old, on a Saturday my family went to my granny's and had lunch with her, I would always remember her making a strawberry jam in a roll for my pudding, which I rarely have now. It is also my granny's favourite too.
  6. Most Norwegians have a trampoline at their back garden and there is a main road in Oslo is called 'Adolf Hitler Road'. Found the information on Google Earth in the afternoon .
  7. My mother's favourite would be that Christmas advert about Irn Bru. I can still remember the falling in the snow ( ) and watching that film.
  8. I like Jarlshof and hate it at the same time because you keep ducking your head because of those low ceilings, why can't they build bridges over the monuments to make it safer?
  9. I didn't know there is such thing as baby sign language. Never heard of it.
  10. ^ The sky looks as if a Smurf is kicking a polar bear's backside!
  11. I don't like that film called 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs', why can't they change it into like 'The Attack of Cutted Cows' or 'Beef-ware on the Weather'. Maybe I suppose that my suggestions are little childish, but hey, I thought about it.
  12. I have found Sims 1 music themes on Youtube! They still keep playing in my head.
  13. Don't you think this is a little too early to do Christmas shopping although it is nearly 2 months until that event. But what I'd like is a new office chair as it creaks when you bend backwards on it and it's all balck although the colour of it is blue!
  14. My mother and me went to the George Robertson 'room' and we bought three big built-in appliances (induction cooker, fridge with drawers and a dishwasher)
  15. In the news there is a swap over with the name of a pudding that everyone didn't like the name of: Spotted **** to Spotted Richard (*** Mod - Merged ***)
  16. Innocent smoothies, yuck, I hate their adverts as well as their smoothies. They have favourite fruits in it but when you try it, you change mind quickly and burst the carton with your foot and saying "revenge to them darn smoothies!"
  17. I live next door to the fish factory in Blydoit and there is this big patch of grass next to the new housing estate and loads of people take their dogs for a walk there and play outside in the sunshine. The most annoying thing of all is that a lot of dogs poop and pee there and 1 in 2 people (in my opinion) just turn around and never look or pick it up, and also children ride their bikes and play frisbee there. Actually, it is very appalling, these people just don't look after their pets, they think they are their children and shouldn't do that sort of thing in public. It just annoys and that it makes me feel like I'm on the edge of calling the enviromental health service, this is not on at all.
  18. ^ Agreement with carrots, that's why I tell my father to pick them out when I am having dinner, mince and tatties but what does Icelandic shark taste like?
  19. What about the Smash tattie mixing thingy? I can't believe the smell and the taste of it, it tastes like old people. (What's even worse is baked beans with it)
  20. I think this topic is more of an atmosphere in a pub than a living room.
  21. Wasn't as interesting than last year, too wet and cloudy to go. Maybe pick up the animal jobbies or toilet-train those animals.
  22. Sad because I'm off to school tomorrow!! I want another week off.
  23. I was watching this documentary about big decisions for teenagers when they are growing up to adulthood. There was 17 year old girl who left school because of her drinking problems. Halfway through that documentary, the liver specialist talked to her about how much she drinks in a weekend, what I couldn't believe was that she drunk 79 UNITS IN ONE WEEKEND!!! Her stepmother was so shocked that she fainted in the doctor's room and the teen also 'met' 8 strangers and she had been tested for all STIs and she was negative from them all.
  24. What's good about it?! What I like about it is the catchy song it has on the advert.
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