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  1. Hello! I'm going to be in Lerwick next week and I'm looking for people to help me out with a bit of storytelling for my Master's research paper on traditional stories, ghost stories, trow (broonie) stories, or any kind of story in Shetland. Please contact me if you're interested. I'm in Shetland from the 14th to the 20th. Every story will be recorded, so you'll need to sign a permission form, as the University of Aberdeen requires them for any research participant. You may contact me for anything. Questions, comments, ect. All ages are welcomed. Thanks! Jen A bit about my research. I am currently looking into the Trow on Christmas on Yell. I'm researching the style of story it has become, what is predicted to become and Shetland Oral traditions. So far my research has presented the Trow in the Shetland tradition to be of multiple identities, hailing from four main parts of the world. The one in Yell seems to date back to a draug or drow from Norway. The Trow comes from Orkney and Scottish traditions, which in turn is part of the larger motif of the British Trow. Over the years, the story has changed very little, until the emergence of the Modern age, where the story starts to shift from Trow belief to the modern understanding of Ghost belief. The word ghost was once a blanketing term used for the Fairy Folk, to which the Trow belonged to. Over the years, ghost and fairy became separate, strongly influenced by the outsider (Those not in Shetland). I found the Trow is now a ghost, slowly losing the fairy connection. This is a rather exciting time to see a story in such a transition as this. My research is connecting the dots to what this story was, to what it became, to what it is now in the current modern age. Local insight is rather key, as I want to present this from more of the Shetland view and understanding of this story.
  2. Hi, I'm placing a survey down to collect more data on Windhouse. If you have time, can you please fill it out. Naturally contact me if you don't your name in my research. Thank you for your help! I appreciate it! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MBSLX28
  3. Thank you for the information! Its been useful! I would like to further ask if there are anyone who would like to meet in person on Shetland at the end of July, I would love to get some personal accounts. Naturally, you'd have to sign a permission form saying you agree to being recorded have your stories placed in the archives at my university. If you have any reservations, please contact me, and I can give you the form to look over. If you want to know the university I'm at, I'll post it below. Again, I'd love to talk to you, one on one, with a group. We can go to a cafe or a pub, whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm looking to return to Shetland at the end of July, and will most likely be staying in Lerwick. We can go from there. Transport will get me most places. Just let me know! Cheers. The University of Aberdeen Elphinstone Institute, MacRoberts Building Ethnology and Folklore
  4. Hiya! So I'm doing some research into ghost stories on Shetland, particularly around Yell, for my Master's dissertation. I wanted to talk about the Windhouse. These are just some questions I'm asking to the general public right now. I've been to Shetland, and I love it there. I'm interested in the public and story teller point of view on Windhouse and some other things I'll ask in my questions. Naturally if you want to contact me, please do so! I'm always up for a conversation. Question One: What is the story of Windhouse? Is it a Ghost Story, or a Fairy Story (Trowy)? Question Two: Are ghost stories and fairy stories interwoven? Explain, if so? Question Three: What are some ghost stories or fairy stories you like? Question Four: What do you think of the role of ghost stories are in Shetland? Question Five: What do you think the role of Fairy Stories are in Shetland? Question Six: How do you identify with Shetland culture? Through Fairy Stories or Ghost Stories? Question Seven: Do you think stories have a natural evolution through story tellers? Do they adapt to changing times? Question Eight: Why is Yell more popular with Ghost Stories than the other Isles? Do you think this is true, or untrue? Question Nine: What are the role of ghosts in Shetland? Question Ten: Do you think story telling is important in Shetland? Any other comments, questions, concerns, stories, are welcomed! I would like to thank you ahead of time for those who will answer the questions above. You're more than welcome to answer all or one or two. Any additional information is also welcomed.
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