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  1. Hi all... Does anyone know when Computer Clinic opposite the Bressay ferry is open again???
  2. I just booked a flight to Aberdeen in October. The journey there was £18.60, great! The return journey was only £12! Even better!!! This was with the Air Discount Scheme so I was well chuffed. Then I got the final invoice...£94.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell does £30.60 end up being £94.60?????? This is plain crazy. My parents in Aberdeen booked flights last week for December (no Air Discount Scheme) and they are paying £100 each all in. Only £5.40 more than me and I have the ADS Card!!! Does anyone else find this a total rip off???
  3. I know this...I have cooked chicken properly for years hence the reason for this post!
  4. Hi all... Just wondered if anyone here got poisoned from bad chicken lately and if so where did they buy it??? We were really sick 2 days ago and have a feeling that so called "fresh" chicken was maybe not so fresh
  5. Does anyone have email addresses for any of the mentioned instructors? Thanks.
  6. Thank you all very much...really appreciated!
  7. Hi all... me and my hubby are moving back to Shetland after some time overseas. We come home in March. I have yet to learn to drive and have put this at the very top of my "to do "list upon our return. I did try and learn some time back but had a rather bad experience and have kept putting it off. Can anyone recommend a good instructor who has oodles of patience?! We shall be living in Lerwick or thereabouts. Thanks!!! (*** Mod - title adjusted ***)
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