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  1. Do they check your luggage when you come on to head to your cabin? Thanks
  2. Hiya, Just wondering where I can go to get a chicken coop and possibly a pig hut? I'm on Yell but obviously collect from mostly anywhere. Don't wanna have to have it delivered from mainland.
  3. Called twice. First time there was no answer. Second time there was no answer so left a voicemail with contact details. Will keep trying, as I have no other option. So worried atm.
  4. Can someone help? I'm moving up in 3 weeks (possibly 4 weeks). I have a horse that will be moving up with me. I'm using Eric Gillies to get her from Buckinghamshire to Aberdeen. Then she will go on the ferry and be in the care of the ferry all the way to Lerwick. She needs to be collected from the ferry in Lerwick, taken off, and taken to Yell which is where my land is (Sellafirth). At this point, I don't know if I'll be up a day or two before, or a day or two after, her arrival... I'm desperately trying to find someone who can collect her and watch over her (on their land temporarily). If I'm already on my land, I can meet her with the person at Lerwick and take her straight to my home. I don't have the licence or vehicle to take her myself. I've tried contacting Shetland Equestrian Centre three times but have had no replies. I'm so worried that I won't be able to bring her up... Does anyone know anyone who might be able to help?? She is a heavy 16.2hh Percheron mare. Insured under BHS Gold and fully passported. She is being wormed in a week. I would pay for fuel, time, etc etc.
  5. I didn't know they allowed it unaccompanied... So potentially I can try to find someone in Lerwick to collect her from the ferry port (possibly with me if I time it correctly). Looks like I'll be on the phone with Northlinks on Monday for all the information! Thanks guys!!
  6. Hello, I just wondered if any of you are able to answer some questions: 1. Average internet speed? 2. Are there a number of horses in the area? 3. I'll be buying land and will be happy to share some paddocks with other ponies, as my horses love equine company. It'll be free as it'll be basic 24/hr turnout. Do you think there will be one or two people that would like/need the opportunity to share the land? 4. The big question: I desperately need to find someone who is willing to go to Aberdeen with a horse box or trailer, collect my horse from Eric Gillies Horse Transport (who will drop the horse off at Aberdeen Ferry Port), and then travel back to Yell (Sellafirth). I'd cover all expenses, of course. I'd do it myself but I'll be moving up myself and need to drive cars and vans for the move. I contacted Shetland Equestrian Centre but haven't heard back and it has been over a week. I'm worried that I'm going to have to sell my horse
  7. NEVERMIND... Found the info
  8. I can find a timetable online but no prices... Does anyone know what the prices are? 3 adults. One way. 1 car less than 2.2 meters high. 1 van 3.35 meters in length. 1 tail-lift van 3.4 meters in length.
  9. Just having a moan... if I don't, I'll take a shot of vodka and jump off a building (joke)... So frustrated. We've put an offer on a house. Owners have accepted 'in principle' but have now set a closing date for offers. They're entitled to do that... it's frustrating but we can wait the extra 2 weeks. What's incredibly annoying is that, if another offer comes in, we won't know what it'll be because it is a 'sealed bid' system. We are able to increase our offer but we don't want to by very much if we can get away with it, because the house needs some work. I just wish that we could know the offers others put in, so we could counter-offer. Hopefully no-one will put an offer in on the house over the next 2 weeks... but we can only hope. *sigh* GRRRR. Rant over.
  10. What clubs are there (non-sport) in Yell? In particular, are there any sewing/knitting/crocheting clubs?
  11. I have a horse that'll be moving with me to Yell. Either on Yell or the main island, is there a farrier? If not, is there a farrier that comes every 8 weeks, perhaps from Orkney or something? And what is the typical rate for a trim and mustang roll for an unshod large draft. Thanks x (Ps: Sorry for all the questions these past few days... just want to get things in order before heading up).
  12. that's awesome, thanks... I can't yet because we haven't moved to the island... We've just bought a house so another couple of months and I'll likely ask for the info xx
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