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  1. Sounds like the OP is a disgruntled ex employee/employee with an axe to grind? Cope do fantastic work with the participants, giving them some purpose in life, long may they continue and survive in these times of financial uncertainty.
  2. May be a good reason to keep quiet on this subject. Are there other threads you haven't tried? Get stuffed! If I wasn't here at the time, at least I've got the decency to say so (And my thanks goes to Fatal PC for providing the low down on that particular point) but I've got every damned right to comment on Mareel, as have you. ShetlandPeat doesn't even live here any more - you gonna have a 'personal attack' at him posting on this thread too? Dry your eyes, some of the stoness that comes from your keyboard leaves you wide open to the type of stick you get. This is my last post on this site, I'm afraid It's turned into an intolerable hole of 4/5 know it all TWiTS!!!! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE [**Mod Edit** Tamed a little - play nice please - if you come back..]
  3. A full day of sharn spoken and started by the same crew on this thread today.................sad times Any opening date announced yet? Not been on here for a while and if the posts on this thread today are anything to go by i'm not going to bother trawling back 10 pages
  4. I think you'll find they are ALL members of staff.
  5. Well said mikeyboy, another thread full of bitching. I've had pretty much the same experience as you. When i buy Shetland milk I give it a shake to see if it's leaking, if it is, I swap it, simple. I've had a few problems getting the top peeled back but nothing a knife can't handle.
  6. Good for you piggy, at least you're not on here lambasting the reception staff, thats what gets my back up. They're only doing their job and as the saying goes "You can only pish with the pilly you've got" ;0)
  7. Although the situation at the health centre seems to be shambolic, in my experience i've never had any of the reception staff be rude or unhelpful, just because they're not telling you what you want to hear doesn't mean they are being rude or unhelpful. Maybe some of you lot need to change YOUR attitudes, go nextdoor to the Brevick and complain to the senior management about the state of the practice instead of coming on here spouting your sharn about reception staff, ya bunch o keyboard warriors.
  8. There's so much wrong with this thread..
  9. Some of the gash written on this thread regarding immigrants is pathetic. Yes there are some bad apples amongst them but in my experience and what i hear from others is that the eastern europeans who have graced our Island over the past few years are hard working, pleasant folk. We have 2 families living next to my work and you couldn't meet more pleasant folk. Now, you look at Crofter's post and that tells its own story. The people who really get on my t*ts are the local layabouts/junkies and the UK migrants/junkies who come of the boat, get a house and go straight on the dole. Give me the Polish any day of the week.
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