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  1. Lerwick Up Helly Aa - sexist or traditional? M'mmm, perhaps I should doll myself up and come in drag, "viking style". That should make the horns of the squads helmets curl a bit!! Anyone else up for it?
  2. Hi Trooter, Please go to www.smdchs.co.uk/join sign up with your details and I'll put you down as a member. Would be delighted to have you on-board! Cheers, Paul SMDCHS
  3. Thanks for your interest trooter. If you'd like to become a member you can apply via the website at: www.smdchs.co.uk/join There are no fees to join the SMDCHS, but I would encourage all our SMDCHS members to join the National Council for Metal Detecting in April (start of their year for subs). As a NCMD Member you’ll also benefit from having £10,000,000 of Public Liability Insurance Cover. http://www.ncmd.co.uk/membership.htm BTW, it was nice of Frances144 to grant permission to detect of her land, but be VERY careful the mound mentioned is not listed on the Canmore website - could result in a £10,000 fine & a prison sentence!! Cheers, Paul Webmaster & Sec 'Shetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society' (SMDCHS) www.smdchs.co.uk
  4. Further to my announcement about Shetland's new Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society, here is the link to my full article that appeared in the Shetland Times 31/12/16: http://www.smdchs.co.uk/docs/romansinshetland.pdf Contrary to a follow-up 'Letter to the Editor' at the Shetland Times from the "infamous" Jeremy Godwin who writes a plethora of editorial 'replies' to newspapers all over the UK, here's my reply to the Editor: Regarding my recent article in the Shetland Times (30/01/17), "Hunt on to prove Romans were here before the Norse", I'd like to reply to Jeremy Godwin's letter contending 'Coins are not Roman'. This was a rather poor title for the Times to use, because coins found in Shetland were indeed Roman - but may not necessarily have been 'traded'. Further to this rebuke and Mr Godwin's comments, I fully acknowledge my typo error where I should have stated Agricola was Tacitus' father-in-law, and not the other way around. Perhaps if Mr Godwin had read my full 12 page document more closely which is downloadable from www.smdchs.co.uk where I correctly stated the relationship between Agricola and Tacitus, he would have realised the error in my Times article, plus many other areas I have researched that he seems to dispute. In addition, nowhere do I state that the Romans used coins in sacrifices. In my full document I mention it was not uncommon for the Romans to "make offerings to their Gods with coins and other artefacts", but this does not imply making sacrifices. Regardless, Mr Godwin who is apparently a regular protagonist on many island newspapers 'letters to the editor' (and does not live on Shetland), I realise that both he and the sceptics will have a field day with my theory. I take great reassurance that Calvert and Schliemann discovered the legendary Troy and the Vikings had a settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada some 500 years before Columbus. So, is it so far fetched the Romans actually visited Shetland? The research and the hunt for proof continues..... Paul MeyerShetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Societywww.smdchs.co.uk
  5. Thank you for your contribution. Yes, I'm fully aware of the local metal detecting Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1555256768043005/. It's run by John Wishart and also Michael Bain of Cunningsburgh. I know and have met John and he fully endorses the new Club and when we have a meeting I'm hoping he'll be happy to be the new Club chairman.
  6. For those interested in Shetland's history and are looking for an interesting outdoor activity, we're pleased to announce the newly formed 'Shetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society' (SMDCHS). The club is planning some very interesting projects during 2017 and we cordially invite any Shetland resident to join us - even if you currently don't own a metal detector! New members of all ages** are welcome to apply to join by going to www.smchs.co.uk * applicants under age 16 require parental consent Note: The club has a Code of Conduct as specified by the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) and fully complies with the law pertaining to scheduled monuments which are legally protected under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.
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