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  1. So I've looked online to find a list of places that have a wedding venue licence within Shetland. A lot of nice places... BUT..... No beach wedding options. This is surprising and makes me sad. If beach wasn't an option, I was hoping to be able to be married in a barn... but again, there are none that I've found within Shetland that have the licence. I'm not missing something, am I? This is the list of wedding venues allowed, according to SIC: Baltasound Hotel, Baltasound, Unst, ZE2 9DS Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale Mill, Weisdale Braewick Cafe, Eshaness, ZE2 9RS Burrastow House, Walls, ZE2 9PDBusta House Hotel, Brae, ZE2 9QN.Easthouse, Duncansclate, Burra, ZE2 9LEEshaness Community Centre, Braehoulland, Eshaness, ZE2 9RSIsbister Public Hall, Isbister, Whalsay, ZE2 9AJMeadowvale, Exnaboe, Virkie, ZE3 9JSShetland Museum and Archives, Hay's Dock, Lerwick, ZE1 0WPSound Public Hall, Lerwick, ZE1 0RQSumburgh Hotel, Sumburgh, ZE3 9JNSymbister Public Hall, Symbister, Whalsay, ZE2 9AAThe Moorfield Hotel, Brae, ZE2 9UXWesthall, Lower Sound, Lerwick
  2. Would need to be flat and transportable in a Land Rover Discovery. Don't care about condition...as long as it isn't falling apart and is safe to re-erect
  3. Where can I buy corrugated metal that isn't overpriced? Need approx. 11 panels for the making of a field shelter. Cheers PS: I live on Yell so, if there happens to be a place on Yell, that'd be a bonus but am not relying on it.
  4. I want to build a simple shelter for my horses that really does not cost the earth as I am on an incredibly limited budget for the next few months. I have the remnants (half wall height) of an old rock pig/store barn. Small but enough to have my horses stand in. They do this already to keep their legs out of the wind to give them some protection. I'm wanting to put posts along it on the inside or outside of this thing and then put corregated metal up to form an A shape which'll provide some decide protection when they want it. To keep the metal up in this shape, I'm thinking I'll need an A-frame along the building? The problem I have is that I am not good at DIY except putting basic posts in (dig a hole and fill it) and A-frames can mount the cost up. I'm going to try and price up what I need and see if anyone on Yell is willing to help me for a bit of cash-in-hand. Does anyone have any suggestions as to cheap alternatives? Just incase I can't make this option happen. Thanks x
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