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  1. This is it. http://lh5.ggpht.com/_SbZMG5PcKIk/SSBZlhj-iZI/AAAAAAAABA0/WwfH37eAPuU/s720/DSC00691.JPG
  2. This happened to me a few times. I found that simply restarting Firefox cured it.
  3. ^^^^ What kind of problems do you actually get caused by a (slightly) dodgy power supply? I've kind of suspected mine in the past, mainly because so many people say that's the first thing to look at. I have had some problems with my one crashing, most recently it was crashing on trying to open some applications. Reseating the graphics card seemed to sort it for now anyway.
  4. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IdlRT6aC8to I believe this is the event in question.
  5. Most of the votes so far are for community schemes, but this has nothing to do with the Viking Energy proposal. Without any details of a proposal for this, you can't really pick it. Really, what people are saying by choosing that option is that they are in fact against Viking Energy's proposed windfarm.
  6. Do you mean 'queueing', which has 5? Loads of words have 4 consecutive vowels.
  7. I've had the same problem. I go to the home page, sign in, and it says i'm signed in. Then when i click on the forum tab, suddenly i'm not signed in anymore. Sometimes this happens, other times its works perfect, other times i'm signed in but the new post indicators don't work. Using firefox too.
  8. So... How much did it cost?
  9. http://www.myspace.com/loscampesinos
  10. I can only assume you are talking about the fellow's beard...
  11. Whit does a 'moon god' suit look lik?
  12. That one's not pointless... not totally. There apparently was a woman who used to leave her scooter in the toilets when she got the ferry to Lerwick.
  13. Gravely disappointed there was no tea shop. I might not have gone had i known...
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