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  1. As England is Scotlands biggest trading partner why leave. What has Scotland got that would make the EU want to have Scotland. Spain would most likely vote against having Scotland as it has its own problem with Catalonia. Scotland could end up being on its own. As money would be needed to run the country some things would have to change and here is three to start with. No more free prescriptions for medicine no free rail/bus travel food/fuel prices through the roof. There are better ways for Scotland to prosper.
  2. Thank you for the link Windwalker. He does speak sense.
  3. Independence will prove to be an absolute disaster for Scotland and like it or not we are part of Scotland at the moment.
  4. Hello, Thank you for the reply, I think that I have solved the problem.
  5. Hello, This is no doubt the wrong place to put this but I am having problems with the site. I think that I have a problem with my megaflow water system and would like to talk to someone so if you know anything about them please get in touch, thank you.
  6. How do I post an advert on here, people seem to be doing it but I cannot see anything to click on.
  7. Ghostrider is correct. We must get the birth rate down. I do not know much about it but some flour is made from ground up insects, Our crofters perhaps should look into it as it may be profitable and i do think that in the future it is a way to feed the population. Very large poly tunnels perhaps.
  8. I am sorry but you obviously do not understand what cattle ranching is doing to the planet and you have no concern for furure generation that is if there is any.
  9. I have just watched an interesting program on tv. about meat cattle and deforestation. Should we be starting to cultivate and eat insects to save the planet, what do you all think.
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