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  1. I doot da landowners are makkin a pretty penny oot o it! Devil's advocate here... but why wid da local population benefit fae a commercial development on idder folk's land? Should folk be compensated because dey dunna like da look o somethin? Whit's a realistic expectation?
  2. Whit's abody tinkin o da turbines noo dat dey ir startin to go up? I'm tinkin dat dey irna as big and imposin as I wis expectin. I tink dey look quite elegant actually!
  3. So, whit ir you makkin o a 4.5% cooncil rent and tax increase? No freeze again as council tax and housing rent to rise by 4.5 per cent | Shetland News (shetnews.co.uk) It wis liklee inevitable, and we had a year aff last year, and at least it's less den inflation. Death and taxes etc etc
  4. I'm heard a few stories about dis but I don't think dirs truth in it. But I ken a few local folk whaa hit been taen in by it and ir genuinely ootraged! Dirs shurlee twatree young teens dat cut aboot we tails hingin not o da back o dir breeks (I believe day caa demselves 'furries' which is likely nae idder as da bruk we worked as bairns) but da whole 'young people identifying as cats' thing is an urban myth dat seems tae hiv started in America and spread through da UK. https://news.stv.tv/north/claims-banff-academy-pupils-are-identifying-as-cats-branded-false-rumours-by-aberdeenshire-council https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litter_boxes_in_schools_hoax But I doot dir canna be mony young folk dat wid be up fur squatin in a muckle litter tray in a school corridor tae have a turd!
  5. Muckle Oxters


    Is dat whit happens on da ferries? I somebody tests positive den dey aa isolate??
  6. I canna imagine da Flea wid ken how tae post messages on a forum!
  7. Good on dee. Somebody has tae dae it!
  8. I doot dis fellow is doin more harm tae his cause dan he is raisin support for it https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2022/03/04/uha-campaigner-turns-his-attention-to-community-safety-board/ I'm sure he tinks persistance will pay aff, and while I dunna necessarily disagree we him, I'm gettin a bit tired o him. If he had twartee of da weemin he's campaignin on behalf backin him up, den his points might be better received.
  9. I towt dis wis a weel written and informative letter A short history of Ukraine: a new Iron Curtain descending? https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2022/03/04/a-short-history-of-ukraine-a-new-iron-curtain-descending/
  10. So, whaur du you tink dis will end? And whit news sources do you find haes da most informative coverage?
  11. Agreed. Da Brugert shop hae splendid bacon, but it's a bit of a trek from Muckle Oxter HQ. Wid dat be Anderson's Butchers maet?
  12. I've had enough o yun pre-packed supermarket bacon. Is it joost me, or has it gotten warse pwer the past few years? When you pit in in da fryin pan it seems tae boil in it's ain scummy white water rather den fry. So... whit's da best locally produced bacon?
  13. Dir number is listed here - https://www.zettrans.org.uk/contact/bus-services - but dat's aboot aa I ken!
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