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  1. Slowing da course o a virus was tae prevent health services being overwhelmed (and buy time whilst vaccines and treatments wir developed, and yis, herd immunity was potentially achieved). Dat is whit kept da mortality rates doon, and on da statistical whole dat wis relatively successful. Once folk had da 'rona, da treatments dat were given oot wir relatively simple, but dir is a limit tae how many folk da health services can look after at wance. When da health services were stretched, mortality rates geed up. Simple stuff. I ken plenty o folk who work in health services, and a few folk dat wir
  2. https://www.shetland.gov.uk/news/article/184/first-phase-of-demolition-as-knab-redevelopment-gets-underway
  3. I'm no sure there's very much o it dat is convincing. I think racists shoot demselves in da foot when dey irna able to mak a case and joost repeat da same old bruck and come across as ignorant knobs!
  4. I dare say it's some young ersehols lookin tae be controversial. Nae doot dey'll be chuffed we da stink dey've created, but liklee gettin a bit squeeky ersed noo dat da police ir on dir tails
  5. All du really seems to be sayin is dat things will be different. And dat wid be da whole point. Things wid be different - some better, some worse - but Scotland tends to vote fur left leaning parties and England tends to vote fur right leaning parties. If we went wir seperate ways den Scotland wid liklee hae higher taxes and better social services, England wid hae lower taxes and mair reliance on public service outsourcing tae private companies. For example, if you towt dat giving awaa aa da Covid contracts tae private companies rather than investing da same money in da NHS wis da right thing
  6. It’s kinda lik da difference between splittin da bill or aabody buyin dir own denner. When a group o folk split da bill dirs always some folk dat end up disgruntled because dey think dey’ve paid mair than they expected, (especially if dey didna hae wine or a starter!) but if aabody buys dir own denner dey get whit dey want and whit dey can afford. I dee da HS2 rail link and Trident lik Scotland payin fur England’s wine and starter. Scotland might no be able to afford da steak and truffles, but we can still get a good feed fae da Harbour Cafe!
  7. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=Scotland's+economy Du's welcome
  8. Is there onybody here who voted for Brexit but wid vote against Scottish Independence? And if so, whit do you see as da difference?
  9. I'm sure da Co-op will hae some fancy algorithms dat tell dem da best place tae pit a shop, and 'projected population density' (I made dat up mesel!) will liklee be an important factor. Da Sandwick shop, splendid as it is, liklee widna be able to cope (Co-op?) we a growing population on da site it's currently on. It's already brawlly crubbit if dirs more that a handful o folk in
  10. I tink dirs a lot o folk who privately would love a Co-op in dir area but dunna want to admit it publicly for fear o bein seen as disloyal tae dir local shop. Dirs been a few folk to me who have said how bad it is dat da Co-op wid be takin ower da village, but at da same time dey get Tesco home delivery. I tink becuase Sandwick is dat bit further awaa fae da Lerrick shops, and da Sandwick shop is peerier dan either o da two Scallowa shops, it's a bit different. But baith communities are expandin and haein a peerie supermarket might be joost whit dey need. Dirs a lot o folk on low inc
  11. Dis is a weird discussion - folk who express dir opinions on dis website are claiming dey canna express dir opinions onywhaur. I wonder if dey joost dunna lik dir opinions being challenged?
  12. I doot dat @Ghostrider. I hae nae budder we folk sayin whit dey tink - you keen whaur you staand. But da mair folk dey say it tae, da mair chance dir is o somebody disagreein we dem. Dirs pleny o wet folk aboot who will be offended by onything. And dirs plenty of folk who get offended by idder folk being offended by somethin offensive dey've said! "I demand to be able to say things I know will offend other people and I will, in turn, be offended if they take offence to my knowingly offensive comments" I hiv some pretty traditional, old fashioned, or unfashionable views but I seem tae
  13. I ran a gas heater a while back but the main thing I remember abut it was the amount of condensation dat formed in da windows. I believe water vapour and carbon dioxide are by-products of burning butane. It was a bit lik this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marko-Heating-Quality-Portable-Regulator/dp/B01MXT43RC and I got gas from Rearo (does Rearo even exist onymair?). It was fine for the shed and occasionally in da hoose but I didna lik to run it too often indoors.
  14. Du'll no be fussed whit folk brand dee as den I'm intrigued as to whit views du has dat are so controversial dat dey canna be uttered in public. If du writes dem in a private message tae me I promise I'll no tell onybody else or call dee ony names
  15. Yun wis a good post GR, but does du see da irony in complaining aboot folk gettin offended by using an example in which du says how 'grossly offended' du'd be by da wording o a Facebook advert if it was aimed at dee. It's lik du's lookin fur wyes tae be offended
  16. https://splash247.com/norwegians-plan-to-tow-stricken-dutch-ship-to-shore/ Dat's a brave chopper crew!
  17. Bit o an Islamophobic cheapshot dare Ghostrider, and ironic considering dat aabody is expected tae wear facemasks noo-a-days!
  18. Weel, if dat’s dy attitude I’ll see dee at da sex discrimination tribunal. Du better get lawyered up if du’s refusing tae get my back lathered up!
  19. Whaur du I sign up fur da backwashing service @Colin? I’m still sporting my winter pelt so I’d lik a full back shampoo afore I moult ida spring. Even though du says women only, I reckon I hiv dee ower a barrel we da sex discrimination laws.
  20. Dat’s quite an attention grabbing headline du cam up we @Ghostrider. Wid du lik tae be da sub-editor fur my column?
  21. Try Malakoff on +44 (0)1595 69 5544. They’ll be happy to help
  22. It wid need to be a slow week in da ebb afore I’d write aboot a pallet @Davie P. Unless da pallet was fae somewhaur really exciting, lik Thurso. onywye, I hae a backlog o articles we aa@Ghostrider’s ebb booty tae work through
  23. Is it joost me dat is seek o hearin aboot Prince Harry and his wife or girlfriend or whitivver? Is he even a Prince noo? its hard tae hae ony sympathy we folk dat claim da media is ill wee dem and at da same time try tae get dir overprivileged faces aa ower da media. Surely if you want tae be left alone den goin on TV tae say you want tae be left alone is coonterproductive. If dey really wanted dir privacy dey’d move tae Skerries And does anybody hereaboots tink dat da Royal Family is an anachronism dat’s long ago hed its day?
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