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  1. Try Malakoff on +44 (0)1595 69 5544. They’ll be happy to help
  2. It wid need to be a slow week in da ebb afore I’d write aboot a pallet @Davie P. Unless da pallet was fae somewhaur really exciting, lik Thurso. onywye, I hae a backlog o articles we aa@Ghostrider’s ebb booty tae work through
  3. Is it joost me dat is seek o hearin aboot Prince Harry and his wife or girlfriend or whitivver? Is he even a Prince noo? its hard tae hae ony sympathy we folk dat claim da media is ill wee dem and at da same time try tae get dir overprivileged faces aa ower da media. Surely if you want tae be left alone den goin on TV tae say you want tae be left alone is coonterproductive. If dey really wanted dir privacy dey’d move tae Skerries And does anybody hereaboots tink dat da Royal Family is an anachronism dat’s long ago hed its day?
  4. Du’ll get nae peace fae da media efter yun revelations @Ghostrider. I’m tinkin I might suggest a new column tae da Shetland Times caaed “Fae da Ebb”. As da title suggests, it wid feature stories aboot bruck and sports equipment folk have found in da ebb. I’ll liklee need some market research tae prove tae da editor dat da “Fae da Ebb” column wid be as popular as I expect it wid be, so please ‘like’ dis post as an indication of your desire to regularly read aboot washed up auld dirt. Thanks in advance fur your support
  5. Dis next instalment o "sporting equipment fae somewhaur else dat has ended up here" https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/03/05/stray-football-finds-its-way-from-ireland-to-shetland/ I wance lost me fishing wand ower da side o a punt when I was in Orkney. I winder if onybody on Shetlink has found it washed up in da ebb? And if so, I winder if ony journalists wid lik tae write a peerie story aboot it?
  6. Yun website doesna seem tae be workin eenoo http://islescarsrwis.com/
  7. Yun wid mak a fine hen hoose fur my bantam hens Bonnie and Clyde
  8. Yis, and dir is a bonus wheel on da inside fur makin da front two wheels move aboot! Da car is very weel appointed in da wheels department (although I think da spare wheel in da boot is punctured, so I'd knock £5 aff fur dat)
  9. When I say "pintled auld roost bucket", I mean "well maintained classic"
  10. Whaurs da best place fur buyin and sellin used cars noo-a-days? I'm lookin tae sell my pintled auld roost bucket and buy a slightly less pintled auld roost bucket
  11. I see dirs a 50mph restriction bein pittin in place atween Sandwater and Nestin. Good luck we dat. Folk dunna seem tae be able tae stick tae da usual 60mph in da first place! Easy pickings for da boys (and girls) in blue. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/03/05/speed-restrictions-to-be-imposed-on-a970-during-wind-farm-construction/
  12. I towt dis was quite amusin! It's good to see folk being proactive aboot da street. It most be a tough time for da shops.
  13. Sorry @suuusssiiieee, I asked but nae luck. It might be worth phonin aroond some o the self catering properties that usually cater fur tourists. There's quite a few of them lying empty and dirs no signs o da tourist season opening up ony time soon. Dey might be blyed o da business.
  14. I'm assumin you mean rental property? Whit kind o rental are you lookin fur? Self caterin kind o thing, or a langer term let? I ken a couple o folk dat hiv empty hooses eenoo.
  15. (whilst hiding ahint Fjool) If onybody fae Burra is axin, Ghostrider started it It's certainly no a common phrase. I canna tink onybody fae da mainland o Shetland wid refer tae demsels as mainlanders - folk wid say whit 'end', 'side, or district dey came fae, and isles folk wid liklee say dey were goin 'out' o dir isle if dey were headin tae da mainland o Shetland. Tae me, da mainland is mainland Scotland.
  16. Here's a link dat seems tae be fae an article in da Belfast Telegraph in 1959 http://lisburn.com/stories/grow-their-own-beer.html I'm no sure I follow da exact process da wife in da article is describing. Does onybody ken how it wis done in Shetland? @Heimdal, @shoormal, @Pleepsie, @Peter and Ashleigh??
  17. Da mythical Ale Plant! As far as I mind being telt as a bairn, it wisna normal hom bru or bread yeast dat did da fermenting and dat's why folk had to get a 'starter' fae somebody dat already had een on da go. Da 'plant' wis da spongy fungus-y bit dat floated on da tap and da 'ale' was whit was poured aff and drukken every noo and again. I canna mind whit it tastes lik, but I mind tinkin it wis good! I'm tinkin it soonds a bit lik da idea o sourdough yeast dat folk keep livin for a lang time. A friend has some dat he reckons has been on da go for decades.
  18. I’m sorry @Frances144 but I’m no going tae be able tae help mesel. I’m awaa tae The Burras tae clap a Turdland Pony!
  19. I’m goin tae start referring to ‘The Burras” to wind dem up! I wis going tae suggest adding a ‘the’ afore Skerries we dir two isles, but dey’re already beaten me tae it! dis is aa very confusing. I tink da council should get a highly paid consultant in to come up we some naming conventions and rationalise dis free-fur-all!
  20. A big thing fur me and da family is da feeling o safety. I'm lived in twaree idder places and dir wis always da worry aboot being burgled, mugged, scammed or whitiver else. I hadna realised how much o a tax da takes until I moved back and felt da relief o no hivin tae lock da car or hoose door, or worry aboot a crack ower da back o da head at da bank machine.
  21. I'm corrected twaree folk, and da conversation usually goes alany da lines o Sooth person: "...The Shetlands..." Me (with an accent): "It's actually Shetland" Sooth person: "Shiitland?!! The land of shiit?" Me: "The Shetlands is fine" -- Apologies tae da admin folk - I'm bypassed da swear filter because it wis ruining my anecdote by correcting Shiitland to 'Turdland'. I'm fly, so I added an 'ii' ** admin edit - given the dialect context, your 'ii Shiitland' is permissible! **
  22. I winder if it works da idder wye aboot. Whit do English folk think o Shetlanders usin dir language? I tink we'll soond weirder tae dem dan dey do tae wis!
  23. So da "Scottish government backs plans to introduce testing at entry points" https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/02/26/scottish-government-backs-plans-to-introduce-testing-at-entry-points As @Roachmill says, mibee da ship has sailed (pardon da pun) and da vaccine will be workin it's magic by da time aa da details are worked oot
  24. I hope Cadet Calamity taks more care o his surfboard dis time. It widda turned ower my peerie punt if I'd collided we it when I wis oot we me handline!
  25. Personally, I wid hae nae budder we livin near a turbine ot twaa. I've biden in some deepooperit areas sooth no far fae industrial sites an busy roads and dat wisna da best, and da proposed turbines look brawly elegant in comparison. I hae sympathy fur da folk who are gettin turbines right on dir doorsteps though. Mony o dem have decided dey hate da turbines already, but I hope dat wance da construction phase has eased and it quietens doon again dat it'll no be as bad as dey wir dreadin.
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