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  1. I've had enough o yun pre-packed supermarket bacon. Is it joost me, or has it gotten warse pwer the past few years? When you pit in in da fryin pan it seems tae boil in it's ain scummy white water rather den fry.

    So... whit's da best locally produced bacon?

  2. 3 hours ago, Bluemire said:

    Up Helly Aa is something that takes so much commitment and the squads, guizers and committee should not be bullied into making this decision. 

    And dunna forget da hosts and hostesses! Efter da last torch has been fired intae da galley, it's dem dat run da show - da rest o wis are joost dir guests!

    As I'm sure ony overexcited guizer whaa his been reprimanded by a hostess can testify, dey're no da put-upon subservient serving wenches some folk wid lik tae portray dem as! I wance got datn a stonesin for wirkin dirt dat I wis nearly greetin ;-) 

  3. I'm on da fence re: female guizers in da respect dat I dunna hae a particularly strong opinion, but it does seem lik a thankless task tae try to spaek aboot realities and legalities when folk are bein swept along we emotions and a desire fur equalities above onything idder. I feel dat da debate has gotten mair divisive ower da past few years as da folk demanding change ir increasingly drawing parallels atween Lerrick UHA and domestic violence, misogyny, sexism etc which has left da many 'traditionalists' feelin bemused and under attack. 

    It also seems to me dat ower da past decade or so Lerrick UHA has been promoted as a 'community' event in da widest sense o da word, but I feel dat da community is da 'Lerrick UHA community' and tae a large extent you hae to earn your place in it. If da 'Lerrick UHA community' want change den I'm sure it'll come. But if dey dunna, I doot dirs plenty o folk in da 'wider community' who simply winna accept it and we're doomed for dis divisiveness tae run on and on.

  4. Is it my imagination, or is dir a lot more letters aboot female guizers in Lerrick Up Helly Aa letters bein published in da local media dis year? Dir doesna seem to be ony new discussion points, or ony sign o reconciliation.... joost mair o it!

    I dunna sense ony change in folk I spik tae's opinions, but it feels lik folk are even mair entrenched da more it's spoken aboot.

  5. I find da whole conspiracy theory business to be interestin. No for da theories demsel, but I winder what it is dat drives some folk tae be so paranoid tae belive dat aabody is lying tae aabody else.

    Yis, dirs plenty o examples when folk hiv indeed been lied to, but no aabody, aa da time, tae aabody else!

    It seems tae be a mindset rather den onything else, and you canna seem to discuss onything we determined conspiracy theorists because quantifiable evidence doesna hold ony value, and dey'll use wan evidence-less theory as evidence for anidder een! Dey'll claim dey've done dir research, but da research is often joost readin dubious internet articles.

  6. 3 hours ago, ReeseTheDundonian said:

    Also the Shetland Black Potato looks odd, I've never seen a purple potato before. It looks tasty.

    Shetland black tatties are splendid! Dey hae kinda concentric white and purple rings in dem, and dey ir usually a bit peerier dan a normal tattie. Da eens I grow ir slightly on da mellie (floury, I suppose) end o da scale

  7. 13 hours ago, George. said:

    ^ The minimum wage IS the living wage. I think that we all knew it would go that way.

    Da minimum wage, set by da government, is £8.91 an hour. 'Real Living Wage', which a lot o local business go by, is a voluntary minimum o £9.50. Dir's info here https://scottishlivingwage.org/ It doesna tak intae account da higher costs o livin on islands, but it's 6.6% better dan da minimum wage.

  8. I'd be vexed if I wis wrang and dirs a lot o employers payin minimum wage, but I dunna ken o mony, even in catering, and I've had a skoit aroond local vacancy listings and I dunna see ony edder.

    Whit sectors is it dat's payin minimum wage do you tink?


    On 04/09/2021 at 13:10, George. said:

    I'd bet that both the Co-op and Tesco pay the shelf-stackers no more than the national minimum wage. I very much doubt that they'll be the only ones.

    Minimum wage is £8.91 an hour if you're ower 23, and I believe Tesco pay £9.55 and Coop pay £9.50.

  9. I doot you boys irna very familiar we da local employment market if words lik ‘slavery’ and ‘peanuts’ ir bein bandied aboot. Shetland wages are well above national average, including at da lower end o da scales, and I ken few employers payin minimum wage unless mibee fur teenagers we Saturday jobs. Da cost o living is higher than average, so it’s tae be expected dat wages wid be higher, but da labour shortage is across da board - no joost we da lower ends o things.

    p.s. Splendid job we da blaming o Brussels in da first place’ Ghostrider. Classic Brexit denial ;-) 

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