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  1. Whits a HYS topic? And by da wye my post isna directed at onybody or ony post in particular - merely an observation seein as dat's whit folk wir spikin about - Most likley a list o works required wid go oot tae competitive tender. Da potential contractors might have an idea of how much money is slooshing aboot a project by following media reports about budgets etc, dey will hiv a good idea of whit idder companies might be pittin in for, and how much idder wark dir is in da sector - dat will aa affect dir price. Whitever happens it'll likley be a lot mair expensive dan a similar contract on da mainland. But ony kind o public procurement contract is a competitive process and very tightly monitored and controlled.
  2. Da French place (I forget whit it's called) opposite da Fort Chip shop is brawly good. Pricey, but no overly so.
  3. I've worked for da SIC a couple times and wis aware o how aften folk would complain about 'da council' (or 'da coonty' in my day) An interesting thing was dat if I ever brought somebody up on it and pointed out dat I was part o 'da coonty' dey wid usually be a bit shi*ten on and say 'I wisna meaning dee'. It wis always dis mythical managers dey pictured sittin in offices purposely wastin money on nonsense, takin backhanders, givin jobs tae dir pals and raking in massive wages, and dey wir likee fae sooth asweel! Dunna get me wrang, I worked we a twaree turds in my time dare but probably less so dan idder workplaces, and dir wis (and I'm sure still is) a lot o very capable and hardworking staff dare. Anidder interesting thing was dat individual SIC employees wid get singled out for da praise (essy kert drivers and teachers, fur example seein as dey wir mentioned) but 'da coonty' wid get ony criticism, and quite aften da criticism wis for things dat had nothin to do wee da SIC. Rarely have I ever heard o onybody praising 'da coonty', and dir's plenty dey do worthy o a grain o praise noo and again. I think it's joost dat da SIC is dat big dat folk feel dey can slag it aff withoot worrying aboot it. It's an easy target! So afore slaggin aff 'da coonty' den tink fur a moment dat dirs a good chance its your friends and neighbours dat work dare dat will be readin whit you write.
  4. Onybody here had da Covid jab yit? Any if you hiv, how did feel efter it? I’ll gladly tak it whin it’s offered but I’ve heard fae a couple o folk dat dey felt a bit under da wadder
  5. I feel lik a WW1 soldier in da trenches on Christmas Day waiting to see if @Ghostrider is going to pass da ball back tae @Spinner72 or fire his rifle at him
  6. It didna tae lang fur Biden to rejoin da Paris Climate Agreement https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-55732386 Dat's excellent news in my opinion
  7. Dis is good news about mass vaccinations in Shetland https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/01/21/nhs-confirms-venues-for-mass-vaccination-rollout/ As lang as Bill Gates isna dare trying to ram microchips intae me at da same time (I'm no sure whit his plans are fur dat or how it works)!
  8. So du doesna lik da look o wind turbines, da construction might inconvenience dee and du'll likely no be seein ony profit fae dem. Is dat a fair summary o why du doesna like dem?
  9. Can da NAFC help we finding accommodation I winder? They do hae some student digs which ir usually full, but as I recall dey can help students find private digs. I wid be worth contacting da NAFC student support folk to see whit dey say.
  10. Both da Gas Plant and Viking Energy hae comprehensive paet management policies, systems.. call it whit you will. I dunna recall da Gas Plant paets getting onywhaur near da level o public scrutiny dat Viking gets. I suspect it's because da Gas Plant is hidden ahint a hill, and his tight security so folk couldna tak photos o half done jobs and pit dem on da internet.
  11. Surely da onus is on dee to check dy own facts. Du has painted a fairly negative picture based on brawly shaky foundations. Could it be dat du has spent ower lang on da Facebook groups where, by dy own admission, naebody can see onything positive about Viking? P.S. "blood money" is a splendidly dramatic ending
  12. We can add da £400K a year Community Benefit Fund tae da list o positives https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/11/23/viking-energy-community-benefit-fund-agreement-an-important-step-forward/
  13. And it's goodbye fae Trump.... Donald Trump's farewell: We did what we came to do
  14. Interestin! https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19020448.scotlands-richest-man-mount-legal-challenge-spaceport/ Mr Povlsen objected to the development on environmental grounds and later announced he had invested more than £1.4 million in a rival spaceport in Shetland. Dat's an expensive wye tae tak on da planning department
  15. Five new Covid cases takes overall total to 200 https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/01/19/five-new-covid-cases2-takes-overall-total-to-200
  16. Has onybody here tried Apple TV? I was tinkin aboot goin for da free month trial (but I wid liklee forget to cancel it and end up payin) There doesna seem to be a heck o a lot o programmes on it
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38922788 A bit o an unsavoury character but he made some splendid music
  18. Thanks folks. Dat'll be me sorted fur da next twaree weeks! I've niver watched dis amount o TV in me life - I tink I'm startin to loss me grip o reality!
  19. Dis is a splendid drap o dialect! https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/12/31/shetland-voices-barbara-fraser/
  20. Onybody hae any recommendations for Netflix / iPlayer / 4OD box sets? Wir hoosehold seems tae hiv become box set bingers over da festive! I'd recommend da Queens Gambit (Netflix) - a really weel pittin together programme, and The Fall - brawly shocking and intense in places but we couldna stop watching it
  21. Demands for urgent support after Shetland fishing fleet left ‘bitterly disappointed’ by Brexit agreement https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/01/16/demands-for-urgent-support-after-shetland-fishing-fleet-left-bitterly-disappointed-by-brexit-agreement Onybody surprised by yun headline?!
  22. Yis indeed. I'm no sure whit da point of it all is - it doesna seem to be 'conversational'... mair lik an attempt to shut doon conversation with rambling aff-topic points and needlessly lang-winded, pseudo-intellectual, verbose language.
  23. Whits dat George? Du doesna lik Westminster? Thanks for remindin wis
  24. Happy New Year aabody. I hope you aa find a wye to find tae hae a fun, and I hope 2021 is a better een dan 2020!
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