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  1. This seems a shame, as you're clearly upset by all this. But look, you need to concentrate on your music. I promise you as a musician myself, you will always have some people who don't like what you've done. But that doesn't matter, just make a note of any ideas or comments that come along your way, and take some time to focus on the people that do like what you've created. But try to let this go now and start using your energy towards your next project.
  2. There are women in the Brass Band, and make up some of the bands best players. Of course, this discussion has gone on for many years and as I understand it, there is no "law" or "rule" (or "udal law?" ha ha ), that prevents women joining, other than I believe women generally have more common sense than wasting a year standing in a cold shed building a boat they will burn once it's finished......just joking. The fire festivals are excellent, and they all seem to be run very well.
  3. Well I'm not sure what the bowling set up is like in Lerwick. But back in the North of England, a lot of bowlers tended to be pensioners and it was not just a time to play a game, but also to meet up with friends, catch up on news and ensure they don't feel isolated. What I find more confusing is when you build a school, surely you take into account that at the end of EVERY year there will be Prelims and exams? And in between maybe School productions and the like? Very strange and dangerous to rely on another business enterprise to secure the future of pupils at the AHS. Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. Shetland is grand. There is bad weather of course in winter. Though being brought up in the North of England, I didn't find the rain a concern, and the snow is not too bad in winter which is a bonus (in comparison to the Pennines anyway!). Though the wind is another story, it starts around October and will eases off around the end of May ha ha ha, okay maybe not that bad. I actually like the stormy winters. It was always amusing marching with the Brass Band, taking two steps forward and eight backwards. I wanted my Dad to come, he was from Dundee and served in the Navy 25 years, but wouldn't journey to Shetland after experiencing a bad winter on ship in the Shetlands in the 1950s, despite his altzemers, still remembered his Shetland winter! As it's pointed out, there is social housing, but only on the further Isles. You'd probably get somewhere on Unst, Whalsay etc, or in the far north of the Mainland . But you'd be pushed to get something around the main towns without renting privately and that costs a packet. Health care can be problematic if you need any serious health care. My wife had a heart attack recently and we had to wait five days before she could get a bed in Aberdeen. Though I should add, that the hard-working folk at the Gilbert Bain are a real treasure, and thankful to have them. But serious problems, or mental health issues are not really catered for so it does need a peerie bit of travelling. Wheelchair access to the main places is not too bad; pictures, museum, boots and so on. But for general walking around Lerwick it's pretty dire and many folk will park on the paths in some places. Also, there are some pretty steep areas in the town. On racism. I've a mind to say that any racism is more an "imported thing" to Shetland, more than naturally held by Shetland folk who I always find to be friendly. But remember, there are also many Scots, English, Polish, Russian etc etc here, so you're always going to get imported ideas and opinions good and bad! It must happen I guess, but it's less than most places, because anything you do people will hear about! In fact, if you're on one of the Islands, they will probably know what you're planning for tea ha ha
  5. The statue is just as spookey. Mind you, I've met the White Wife a few times, but only in bottle form
  6. My son is a 2017 Bruntwood Play prize winner, and has a number of plays on in Manchester and London, but he just uses Microsoft Word after using a notebook for keeping details of characters, events and so forth! Though I guess it is slightly different to screen writing? Though I remember he did the same for something to do with Holby City. Final Draft as suggested is a great piece of software, and they sometimes do deals on this. I think at the moment it's around £200? Another alternative is Scrivener which allows you to storyboard and keep check on characters and lots of other stuff. You can get a trial for 30 days I think it's £50 or so, you can get the trial at https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener/overviewI used it for some essays and a history book, but it also puts out documents in screen play format and so on.
  7. It's not all male dominated in Lerwick UHA. In the Brass Band, women and girls are most welcome and can happily march in the ranks when playing, though it should be noted this is because the LBB quite rightly ensures this.
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