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  1. At the risk of repeating what many must have asked - how do you contact the moderator team in an iPad / iPhone as there is no link at the bottom of the page to contact them? Thanks
  2. It all comes down to cost,if one has to transport materials to and from the town it is far more expensive.but still many seem to manage like bakers & butchers . What is the point of building houses in areas where there is no work and little possibility of work,simply to create a situation where the necessity of transport becomes a problem for work ,schools ect. Many could work from home but the "data protection act" prevents this .Would you like the "friends ,neighbours and children"viewing your personal files in someones home as they pop along for a chat and a cup of coffee. How could one prevent this outside an office enviroment It is this problem with confidentiality that deters many from allowing staff to work fom home. If someone is interested in croft work and has some land then the little bit extra earned from this along with a job can make it worth while being out in the country.Not everyone is in this position. Why was there empty houses in Mossbank for years.? This is a very complex issue that requires much thought,council cannot just built houses in rural areas and then face additional costs transporting children to and from school and the extra cost to the country of unemployment benifits if there is no work. The Mossbsnk houses was a mistake as what the SIC should have done was build temporary accommodation to address the temporary need for Sullom construction accommodation. As too building houses in places where there is no work - there are several reasons why. Firstly its where folk want to bide and services (shop, school, fish factory, bakery, builders etc) should be encouraged & supported by all involved agencies, SIC etc. There isn't enough room in Lereick for everything & what a crap place Shetland would be if everything, everyone lived & worked in or around the toon. More importantly if our local political, planning & development agencies don't support rural Shetland & continually force things into Lerwick, a future Scottish government might start applying the same stupid ideology and cut support to Shetland, encouraging folk to relocate to Aberdeenshire. Date protection as an excuse for not encouraging home working or rural hubs is just that, an excuse. Data protection is no better protected in one big building in a town or city centre.
  3. Oops " what hope is there"?
  4. Vik

    Dump Fire

    Suffererincrankymoto - you need to wise up! Almost all sites (Facebook Shetland Classifieds, Shetland Times, Shetlink etc) have folk sellin stuff that stays on the site / paper long after its sold. It's really time consuming operating an online classifieds / sales / wants service - some individuals who sell online cannot even stay up to date with only one item on sale.
  5. Vik

    Dump Fire

    With respect it's not as easy as that. Are you an expert on toxic emissions? Are you medically trained to assess the situation? I'm certainly not trained in any of that nor anyone in my company. Is this not why we have trained people, experts, organisations charged with public health & all the things that are in place to protect public health or safety and which we pay our taxes for? I did take responsibility & took the day off, probably without pay. If your suggesting "shut up & get on with it" your expressing a pretty irresponsible attitude.
  6. Vik

    Dump Fire

    At home off my work this morning feeling crap after 2 - 3 days working down wind of the burning dump fumes. Googled the health effects of being subject to burning rubbish and yesterday was certainly a day that anyone working in the area from Staney Hill to Rova Head would have been subjected to high levels of carcinogenic, dioxin & other toxic emissions! I'm now very surprised certain places in North Lerwick in direct line of the smoke yesterday were not closed down & folk sent home for the day! Anyone else who works or lives in the worse affected area feelin rough today?
  7. Anyone ken whaar you can get pickling vinegar now the evil supermarkets have de-listed it?
  8. Dear Mr Ghostrider. SIBC did not carry a "spoof advert". All adverts going out on the airwaves have to be approved as spoof adverts are illegal. It was a news item taken from an Aldi recruitment publicity item. Just setting the facts right.
  9. Heard several rumors over the last couple of days that the Co-op has bought Mainlands shop in Dunrossness and that Aldi or Lidel are to take over the Co-op in da toon? Anyone else oot der hear owt?
  10. Anyone know what or where the main board page is that gives the link to contact the moderator / Shetlink team? Tried the Home, Classified, Trades etc headings but no links to the moderator or anyone else. Thanks
  11. Shetlink is inviting me as a regular user to add some feedback so when I click on it all I get is the opportunity to reply to an ongoing topic???? Wanted to say the old system used to let you search all ads by (whoever) which allowed you to cut & paste an old lapsed advert & copy it into a new one - I canna see if this is possible now - not very user friendly so come back old Shetlink!
  12. Also anyone ken how long it takes photo's to appear on a classified . On the old system they appeared is soon as uploaded but not now?
  13. Anyone know how to contact the moderator team from an iPad as the link mentioned in the help topics isn't there on an iPad?
  14. Fibre optic cable from each of the barges to the Scottish Mainland? What white powder are you on?
  15. Hmmm - was in toon & saw a crowd o guys fee da monstrosity parked opposite da Esplanade aa usin iPhones, iPads etc - didna see any fibre optic cables runnin into da Wheel or Thule.
  16. Oops just realised I am kinda insultin pants & pants are good - so perhaps it should be Feckin Broadband!
  17. Am I the only one getting fed up with all the thousands of Sullom workers loggin in to our already pedestrian broadband & grinding it to halt? Bloody Total & Petrosmack should install their own satalite service for their guys & gals & not rob our link to a standstill.
  18. This article was in the Shetland times very recently and there was a few new members that joined www.shetlanddating.co.uk but our local dating site dedicated to Shetland & Orkney needs more local singles if its to continue. If it fails you have only your single selves to blame as the national & international dating sites only guarantee taking your money! Dating sites & Shetland folk seeking to leave the singles bar? Modern life seems to be creating more single folk of all ages than ever before. Be it through separation, divorce, jilted, abandoned, widowed or simply no suitable matches in your area. The reasons are many & varied but for a growing number of men & women here in Shetland, its a real problem trying to do something about it other than dream. I was one of these people and tried my luck on a UK national dating site - nothing! Then joined a couple of other dating sites which resulted in more expensive nothings. I then subscribed to more, chatted a bit, met some weird women, experienced a couple of scary situations and discovered a very interesting conundrum. Shetland has its own dedicated dating site with a few guys & fewer lasses registered, almost no photo's and very little activity when I joined. So seeking a new friend I joined a UK wide dating site which cost about £26 for a month only to discover no active matches in my area. That lapsed & I joined 2 more for £12 & £19 respectively and found 1 Shetland lass on the first site with no photo or much info & nobody in my area on the second - the story continues. Over the past 2 years I joined numerous dating sites, some expensive, others not so & some free until you find a potential match & wish to communicate – then you have to subscribe. There are some free sites but they seem to be owned by major national & international subscription dating sites, trying to tease you into their main site & do not allow communication until you join join & pay up. Some sites even send you fictitious winks or requests to chat from non existent members to get you to subscribe. However in the last 6 months I was joining sites not so much to find a new friend but to see how useful these UK wide dating sites were for a Shetland single & discovered all of them a total waste of time & money. I found some sites with no Shetland folk, a few with just 1 or 2 Shetland singles registered, many others with 2 or 3 Shetland folk, 1 free site (Plenty Of Fish - POF) had about 9 Shetland lasses & 14 Shetland guys but only 1 or 2 photo's & scant personal information. Not very encouraging & overall, an a expensive waste of time. Because here in Shetland we are such a small community and that there are so many sites out there, the chances of meeting a new friend or potential mate is real odds against you stuff. If you find someone you like but he or she is in Manchester, London, Glasgow or elsewhere doon sooth, its a costly & risky business meeting for a coffee to see how the magic works. I went to Edinburgh to meet a lass who turned out to be 7 years older than her profile, considerably larger & with children not on her profile! Another lass was about to set off from Nottingham to move to Shetland to move with her 4 children & 2 dogs after only exchanging half a dozen messages. Be warned! So why do Shetland folk go on UK dating sites with all the odds stacked against finding someone? The huge number of UK dating sites, distance involved, cost of joining, cost of meeting up and the practicality of it is daft. From my experiences there are several questions why Shetland folk use national dating sites but by far the most pertinent question has to be - why don't Shetland singles looking for a new friend, partner, soul-mate or whatever use the one site that is here to help Shetland singles? Its free, its local and it can deliver what we all want which is a place where local singles (Orkney is included as well) can join in & do what a dating site is meant to do. 18 months ago a local lass also aware of the poor service & odds against meeting someone on national dating sites and having created Shetlandlive and Orkneylive, decided to set up The Shetland Dating website in the hope that it would provide opportunities for locals to meet up. The site costs nothing to join and membership is strict, requiring people who join being "vetted" first - You can join with a profile picture of your dog, cat or budgie if that makes you more comfortable, the site has the facility to send instant live messenger and picture messages if you find and get on with someone, so no one is exposed.  Only approved members can see other site members, its interactive like Facebook and user friendly. The site is not just for dating but for friendships, plus one for social occasions and holiday buddies etc. Going back to the profile thing, I fully understand why many folk do not put their picture or certain recognisable details on their profile as they do not want folk they ken to recognise them. I was like this at first until I realised that I was on a dating site with little chance of getting any meaningful responses, so to all who are reluctant, I would offer this small piece of advise - If you are lonely, seek a social companion, potential new partner or just a new friend, you are seriously limiting your chances of any replies, if you don't mind staying single that's OK but if you want to try to change your situation you have to put yourself out there. The embarrassment is not as bad as the loneliness and it wears off. Just see how you would get on trying to sell a house with no picture & the words “House for sale, roof, some windows & a door†Its really down to all Shetland singles to come together and use the dating site designed for Shetland folk, if we all use it, it will work whereas UK mainland dating sites are almost useless unless you want someone from Manchester, Nottingham or East Kilbride. Some statistics:- There were 7,900 registered dating sites globally (2011) in an industry worth £4 billion in 2011. Here in the UK its estimated that 6 million people used dating sites in 2012 and by 2014 its expected that online dating will replace the more conventional ways of meeting people and become the number 1 way to meet that special person. So like it or not online dating is here to stay but if its going to work for Shetland, like most things “Local Is Best†Vic Thomas. Clousta. Shetland.
  19. Which god? Ders so many dey cud mak a footy team! A bit late for the European Cup though unless dey can agree on divine intervention.
  20. Lighten up you lot, I'm pagan with long hair and wear odd clothes sometimes, might even have staff kicking sbout the place but been that way here in Shetland for years wioot too much botha. Oh and given lifts loads o times to crazy old crofters wi oversized wellies, straw in their hair and mutterin odd things. It takes all kinds o folk to mak da world we aa bide in.
  21. I dunna ken if others have raised this but like ebay - Shetlink photo uploads depend on resolution so if you lower the resolution of the picture it sends faster.
  22. We still have the question - how many listings in the classifieds are you allowed in any given timeframe ?
  23. Well I never thought I was a loner. But seriously there are some basic changes needed here to facilitate a clear operational modus. I believe there should be no restriction on the number of items ordinary folk list. There should be a cut off time when all classifieds are dumped sold or otherwise. There should be a better way to re-list stuff that didn't sell after a given time that goes on top of the listings as per a new classified etc. Tweak the system to remove oddities, resolve complaints & you get less stress lol
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