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  1. I was told by them There service to own sales with neff bosch an semins,which in my book is fair play,there a small local buisness priorotising what they sell id say that a good thing making sure they look after there customers,i no for a fact a certain local kitchen supplier sells appliances with kitchens sayin they buy them from george robertsons so they will fix them for you! Which is a lie as the kitchen supplier buys them south then when you try get them fixed you find this out! I was stung by this myself,to find id have been cheaper buying them myself locally and get the back up
  2. Mucklejoannie: i didna ken that! Pity they couldnt cut it though save them an absolute fortune! Heard lots o folk saying the same too,i can noo tell them this..
  3. How about they cut the full sick pay and the full maternity pay for 6?? Or Months!!! Heard silly figures qouted how much they pay oot on sick pay! Try living in the real word with! Pay sick pay then have to pay somebody else to do overtime to cover them so paying and paying again!
  4. Should probably add it was a white gown and cloke,thats why it was a bit weird not your ordinary rig oot!
  5. Anybody seen yun wife goin aboot all in white? Seen her yesterday hitch hiking,just had a kinda weird vibe i got driving past her........
  6. Absolutely,,,, zero drink allowed should be the law then there is no doubt
  7. If built right then there fine,in my opinion and experience hardwood is the way to go,wont be cheap but worth the money,t&n or bulter and mulhern would be the two local manufacturers,and give you a bit of advice
  8. hi,just wondering what kinda times your air source heat pumps are taking to reach temperature...mine is set to 48 degrees and didnt seem to take too long say 1.5hrs but seems to be taking at least twice that long to reach that now..system not logging any faults but sems a bit strange,if i shut off the underfloor heating it speeds up,never changed any setting from last winter(had it off during the summer)just have it set to run through the 3 off peak times and was working perfect??? any feed back much appreciated
  9. ???? am trying to find one to buy??
  10. yes adam talbot does it 'valley valeting' does an amazing job had mine done a few times with him highly reccomend him.....01595840506
  11. Hi am trying to source a racing trike (atc) i mind there was a couple on the go up here alot o years ago,anybody ken what came o them?
  12. for sale 3x tickets for thursday £30 for the three p.m for pickup/delivery (using forum since adverts page is down)
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