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  1. Go to the Kiln bar on sunday you will meet the Scalloway Rangers Supporter Club there.
  2. Must still be legal because you still do not require a CBT to ride a 125cc motorbike on the islands surely they would of changed all the rules. The new drivers code you mention is about moving from different island isle of man isle of wight these are major islands not Bressay or Yell. I have tried to find it in the website but unable to at this point. I did look this all up just a few months ago so unless somethings happened since then....
  3. Still going on upstairs in Baroc every game for the Lerwick club and in the Kiln Bar for the Scalloway club...
  4. Just go in and see Les Irving in the Citzens Advice in town. Give him a call on 694696
  5. Theres nothing worth seeing in Shetland except the airstrip or the ferry terminal...
  6. Just dig a whole line it with old carpet as already mentioned and then place DPC over it add gravel to weigh down bottom add bricks round edge and fill with water a cheap home made pond for a few quid and some man hours or woman hours! DPC damp proof course cheap and available at homebase
  7. I have use macs for a long time but never did like the iphone I use android first on a HTC Hero now on a Xperia 10. It has a fantastic interface and timescape and mediascape do all the work.
  8. If catholics want to see their religious leader please let them in peace by going to see him in his house at the Vatican instead of wheeling him about in public in a country that kicked the head of the catholic church out a long long time ago. Stop wasting taxpayers money on a kiddie fiddler supporter.
  9. Eire mostly does but the Aran Islands on the west coast still speak gaelic. It was the first time I had met people whos first language was gaelic. They all speak it and I went to a beginners class but everyone there could already speak quite a bit and they were learners so I didn't bother, lazy perhaps but still know a few phrases.
  10. quote"I wonder how an RNP(Return to Norway) party would do.....?. Almost 1500 people have signed the Norway ferry petition and even if you subtract, perhaps 250 non-Shetlanders who signed it, that would be 1250.... " That would be 1250 people who want to use a ferry to Norway and come back again not be ruled by Norway. Yet again a point taken out of context to make a statement of no relevance. This is how Stuart Hill began perhaps you should take up his torch seems you have a grasp of cherry picking points with no basis in fact.
  11. 20 people out of 20,000.... so 0.1% wants a sovereign shetland, well the ones who could be bothered turning up about the same amount as the event at the cross. In other words forget it and get on with taking it in the ass from the crown or so the 0.1% think...
  12. No Rangers will keep playing until the final whistle blows no matter what the result. Not sulk and give in after 20 minutes...
  13. Well worth the £100 stumped up for all those long faces.....enjoy
  14. Posers have stumped up the £100 to show the game tonight. Hopefully money well spent with Utrecht winning 3 -0 and putting the hoops out lmao, but probably not so enjoy Posers...
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