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    as reacted to Capeesh in Njord Market   
    Slow to load, poor layout and full of annoying pop up ads, sorry Shetlink but I preferred the classifieds the way they were.
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    as reacted to Colin in Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!   
    Saved by the 'smiley'  ?
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    as reacted to Frances144 in Fireworks to be Prohibited?......Discuss   
    I hate them.
    I hate they are just a method burning money.  I have always thought when folk whitter on about "an Olympic Games to remember" and then have a massive firework display, the best way would be just to get some non-entity to cut a ribbon, say "I declare the games open" and donate all the money save from the firework display (which can cost millions - China's was $1.3M) divided between the really poor countries who arrived.  Now that would be a games to remember.
    I also hate what it does to animals and I hate that very few care.  To erect a bonfire next to livestock with the sole intent on detonating explosives in the name of some ancient piece of history that few remember is not a good enough reason and if one more person says "its for the bairns", I may not be answerable........

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    as reacted to Colin in Fireworks to be Prohibited?......Discuss   
    Expensive, a waste of hard earned cash, and just about everything that's "wrong" with the human race.
    Lots of flashes, bangs, and smoke that achieves nothing other than a few minutes of "pleasure" (?)
    As for "regulation", there is already more than enough of it surrounding the production and use of what is, essentially, a "consumer" product.
    If people want to set them off to "celebrate" (?) something.  Let them, but it's not for me.
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    as reacted to admin in Behind the scenes videos of Refuse Collection, Gritting etc   
    We also refer to a post we made a month ago in another thread......

    There's no problem when fair points are made but trolling will not be tolerated. To the users who were given a warning via PM.... our fingers are currently hovering over the 'ban' button....
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    as reacted to Lerwick antiques in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    I would like to see how they are going to fine you. As far as I am aware, it is not a law, so what grounds can they fine you on? How are they going to get proof if there is nothing with your name, address or details on it? Are they going to rig up CCTV at every wheelie bin?
    Say for example, I put the wheelie bins out, then two folk walking past just finished two bottles of juice, then they dumped it in the wrong bin, now that isn't my problem.
    So if the SIC are going to start issuing folk with fines then they would need a lot of proof for the court.
    Also, what about pensioners who are a bit absent minded who are living on their own with no home help? are the SIC planning on fining them over something they don't understand?
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    as got a reaction from Frances144 in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    I agree with your OH, Frances! Not being owned by a cat, I had a mental image of cat vomit being rather liquidy and already well digested.... that's the advantage of dogs: they eat theirs before you get a chance to clean up!  
    (sorry, slightly off topic)
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    as reacted to Frances144 in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    you shouldn't compost meat, according to my OH who is very particular.
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    as reacted to George. in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    The disabled amongst us will probably think that it's a nice little job for a fine day too, for you to do.
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    as reacted to Colin in Butteries   
    And all the above is why I (mostly) bake my own.
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    as reacted to Scorrie in barred but apparently blameless   
    Regarding the guilty plea, he's probably been briefed that if he goes 'not guilty' and it doesn't pan out - then his licence is smoked.
    More of a damage limitation excersise as opposed to an outright admission of guilt............ 
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    as reacted to Ghostrider in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    Where is the evidence, preferably in the form of a detailed, comprehensive, accurate, realistic and  believable environmental audit, proving the proposed changes will create a more environmentally beneficial situation than the status quo?
    Don't refer me to the cherry picked waffling piece of spin and propoganda that's been waved around so far either, its devoid of accuracy and fluffily light on data quantified in numbers and hard facts to the point its more unhelpful than helpful.
    Prove this is an environmentally beneficial change and I'll back it, otherwise it IS just a box ticking political exercise that deserves contempt.
    Just because 'Zero Waste Scotland' aka. Holyrood says it is, most certainly does not make it so - if for no other reason than they are political, and by default of being so operate primarily to a political agenda.
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    as reacted to George. in Recycle! Positive Comments Welcome   
    Perhaps you could tell us when a member of the S.I.C last addressed anything around here?
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    as reacted to Colin in Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik   
    Bottom line to this argument is that, despite "cherry picking" by "outsiders",  Shetland makes a healthy profit(?) for the UK. 
    With control of our own resources, we could make sure that the bulk of the profit(?) stays here.
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    as reacted to whalsa in Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik   
    The point I was making was obviously lost on engineer21 and tooney1 but I see from the responses it was not lost on you three others. 
    Shetland is a net contributor under the current set up without even taking oil and gas revenues into account. Yes there would be additional costs and challenges associated with greater autonomy but those pale in insignificance in comparison to the opportunities we would have. 

    As Ghostrider points out we are in an extremely strategic position as well as having a wealth of natural resources on our doorstep. 
    The Falkland Islands have less than 3000 people, a GDP per capita of $77,692 (UKs is $39,899 for comparison), are far more remote than us and have no large scale oil and gas production. Why is it that so many island groups across the world, both nearby and distant, are independent or autonomous and manage to thrive yet so many here are quick to dismiss the idea of Shetland doing the same as unworkable? 
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    as reacted to trout in Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik   
    locking this thread as it is serving no purpose and is degenerating into ...
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    as reacted to mogling in North Isles Bus - Not Allowed To Park Right Outside Tesco Store   
    With all due respect, as someone with very poor mobility, I can tell you
    that exhausting oneself trying to cover the vast distance inside the store
    on smooth, level shiny floors was pushing the limits of my endurance.
    Having to cope with even a slight incline - trying to stop the trolley
    running away from/with you and keep your feet long enough to reach
    the pensioners/disabled Minibus waiting at the foot of the ramp just about
    ended me.
    If the west-facing door was closed and you had to negotiate the camber
    of the pavement from the east side door round to the disabled parking spaces...
    For those with breathing difficulties and more painful conditions it must be even worse.
    And having to do that on a day of lashing wind and rain or when there's
    ice and snow on the ground, just to get your weekly messages...
    The weekly Shoppers Bus - you only get 45 mins total to get in, get the messages,
    queue for a till, and get back to the bus. The supermarket wouldn't
    have enough staff to assist everyone within the time.
    When I was able to do my shopping myself, it was stressful enough
    as it was trying to get it done and back out to the waiting bus in the time,
    without having to worry about struggling another mile. {well it would seem like it
    by that point}
    It's only a few short times in a week there's a shoppers bus
    for us disabled / elderly folk. None on busy saturdays.
    Allow folk some peerie bit of independence, please.
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    as got a reaction from Frances144 in North Isles Bus - Not Allowed To Park Right Outside Tesco Store   
    ^...and the same applies to the Co-Op.
    There was some discussion on "da bus" wether to divert to a weekly Brae Co-op outing, but it was voted down. Shame really, I'd been up for that! 
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    as reacted in North Isles Bus - Not Allowed To Park Right Outside Tesco Store   
    Not a bad idea (then we could descend on Frankies for Fish and Chips!)   I guess folks have other jobs to do in the town - opticians, hospital, etc.
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    as reacted to Claadehol in dumped dogs   
    In reply to AS.....Of course there are back street breeders in the UK, that's why people should ensure they do their homework and locate reputable people. I am just emphasising the Romanian breeders problem that has hit the news lately, which programme also emphasised the checks people should make.
    Of course there are rogues everywhere, but let's not import more, we have enough of our own already. 
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    as reacted to Crow in Alcohol "Overprovision"   
    The report also added and named two businesses s that  already " sell really responsibly " that's great , however is it the correct use of NHS resources to specifically be seen  apparently to endorse off - licenses ? I dont doubt for one minute that these ( named ) business's are good and stock high quality brands , however to shop here ( as apparently the NHS are encouraging me to do ?) would be a treat for me.
    I ,like many folk , have to manage my budget. I enjoy a glass of wine with my meals ( previously reported by the national press as good for your heart ! - a researched study that has however since been questioned )
    I shop at supermarkets where I can buy a half decent wine that is affordable - drinking out is not an option as it would involve driving and is expensive.
    Does the report intimate that alcoholics are only to be found in a lower earning bracket or do the named establishments only serve a better class of alcoholics ?!
    It is unfortunate that this report whilst trying to tackle  alcohol misuse, a real problem , not just in health issues and strain on already stretched  NHS resources, appears to have been hijacked by the directives of the Scottish Govt. and the arrogant and snobbish directive to shop for alcohol at two named shops.!
    Please can the NHS in Shetland refrain from any involvement in private business.
    What happened to the dedicated alcohol and drug centre ?
    and finally . Hey , it's my bloody choice under a democratic system to make autonomous decisions ( and a human right I believe ) I dont want to be governed by a fascist dictatorship , and if this is a taste of Scottish Government's influence in these Islands ( and i feel some sympathy towards the author's of the report if this is the case ) then im joining " Wir Shetland"
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    as reacted to Ghostrider in http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/13574-do-poverty-figures-disguise-island-realities   
    Its a pile of meaningless crap. "Poverty" for the purposes of the report is taken as a household income below 60% of the national average. The politicians aren't wrong that the cost of living is somewhat higher here, but its not as much as they'd try to have folk believe, energy, yes, but groceries, no. Tesco has a unifrom national pricing policy, don't they?
    That said, unless you take in to consideration how many people share the "household" income, and the financial choices and management decisions of whomever holds the purse strings, the arbitary 60% figure has little meaning.
    One person living alone with modest tastes and low cost interests is going to do a hell of a lot better than two folk with various addictions and expensive tastes, neither of whom can count to ten properly, and have multiple kids in tow, with both on the same "household" income.
    "Poverty" is subjective and relative, plus its always been there, and always will be. If someone is living as frugally as they possibly can and still don't have enough to eat or keep warm, they're certainly in poverty and need more, but you're never going to get away from there being folk who will consciously choose to go without adequate food, heat or whatever, for themselves and their dependants, just so they can spend the money that should have gone on that on the latest Playstation, pissing it up against a wall at the weekend, a jaunt to Magaluf or wherever.....
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    as reacted to Colin in http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/13574-do-poverty-figures-disguise-island-realities   
    It's not what you earn that matters, it's how you spend it..
    Having said that, how many of us know of unemployed people (and others who should(?) be on the "breadline") who have the latest iphone/gaming console etc..whilst their hard working neighbours have very little left after "expenses"?
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    as reacted to Ghostrider in Money well spent?   
    Of course, on the other hand........
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    as reacted to Suffererof1crankymofo in SIC HQ - Whitehoose   
    ^ And there was me thinking it was all the biccie crumbs from the CMT meetings being dumped in a corner.
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