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  1. Noticed the sauce bottles are back on the tables at Monterey Jacks new owners or are the reopening soon ????
  2. There is not enough places in the UK to process the non recyclable waste , that's why they ship it to Europe for disposal. Do you not think Europe already has their own non-recyclable waste to deal with without the UKs ? And there is a huge amount of waste available in fact too much for the processors to cope with, that's why they can and will ship it here and pay for it too be processed which covers the haulage and handling costs. Forget contracts, because your making assumptions with a lack of knowledge on the subject.
  3. The waste is being shipped up here and the cost for disposal more than covers the cost of the haulage, by a considerable amount. They have already done a trial run of the waste up here and processed it.
  4. They pay the council to take the waste not the other way around !
  5. There is enough non recyclable fuel in the UK to power the district heating, in fact there is so much that the UK exports it, yes we pay to have the waste shipped to Europe for waste to energy schemes, don't worry about deals with local authorities there is literally a never ending stream of waste available. A carrier bag of paper a week........ Why would you even consider driving to Lerwick with that , with the new scheme you will have two carrier bags of paper gathered up stick it in the appropriate bin , Job Done !
  6. To sum it up What they are currently burning in the incinerator has a high percentage of waste then can be recycled. What they will import to burn is waste that can not be recycled. The 0 waste Scotland initiative will provide funding to support the project, it will create jobs and revenue for the council and local businesses.
  7. You guys are getting worse with your council bashing , there is a duty to recycle and save the environment what is there to complain about ? Things change and the days of just putting everything in a black bag and not recycling are over accept it, adapt and quit moaning like your hard done by.
  8. There is an impressive new Asian/world food shop now open next to the Raba, I bought a load of noodles etc there the other day.
  9. I personally think we should donate the reserve fund to charity , its nothing but a bone of contention and the people who are employed to look after it are not up to the job, get rid of it and get on with life like the rest of the UK.
  10. Quite a few logistical road safety problems with kids going to Tesco etc , on radio tonight.
  11. Yes they don't control the prices but they do have the option not to sell everything to the highest bidder, as a collective all the fisherman could get together and agree to sell fish to the schools food procurement at a fixed price so the kids could get it more than once a fortnight.
  12. Yes there buying it but isn't it a shame that a deal can be brokered with the fisherman and the schools to provide a source of healthy food which is abundant in the seas around the island ? I guess profit and greed wins the day !
  13. Schools cant afford to give kids fresh fish more than once a fortnight ???
  14. The new shed is a great idea, the current system is no use for a recycling area, hopefully this will create a good few long term jobs in the council. forget dales voe that's earmarked for decommissioning.
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