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  1. the sandsound roads today was one sheet of ice northwards van went off at the bottom of my road bloody council cuts, the gritter did come to the rescue but the boys hands are tied they can only do as they are told. i have a business i run from home and rely on clients coming to me for treatments, this weekend from friday afternoon and on has been a shambles as clients wont come into the road in fear of getting stuck, itsa lot of money lost for me and hours wasted
  2. lol i think in the olden days they called it playing, a thing most kids dont know how to do nowadays
  3. that is what i kept gettin and coudna see me mails
  4. thanks guys installed adblock and now i can read me emails on shetlink x
  5. is anyone having problems with adverts on the left hand side, i cant write or read messages and emails on shetlink for them how do i get rid
  6. stems deliver i got flowers through them
  7. we are with lloyds tsb have been for 25 years had no problem with the mortgage side o things, it was the insurance we had problems with no one wants to insure a wooden house especially one that has been burnt down already lol our insurance is with norwich union now aviva i think
  8. just come home west fae town an roads are fine
  9. Now there's a thought! Me thinks all squads should be WAXED ALL OVER! lol i could help wi that wee job
  10. lol no this mary stays in bressay
  11. mary that works downstairs in mackays does dressmaking and repairs
  12. its an all singing all dancing canon eos 600D eek!!!
  13. I doot due to dislexia it will be up to my brother in law to teach me ha ha ha ha ha poor sod as long as i get macro and close up sused,for my portfolio
  14. lol santy comes to me the night before the kids xx
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