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  1. northlink add has no views of shetland on it - well apart from up helly aa- not counted!
  2. i'd shop there, after the dirty way the town centre ass. have to soposed to have behaved about re hodge has sickend me to never buy from the shops owners involved. mind you i did'nt buy much up here before. I'm one that takes a van south then i go on holiday! i can remember the carry on when the bargin centre opened and under cut the expencive 'street' shops. Its just about filling the pockets to a few business men. its not that long ago i found a 30p difrence between safeways and the co-op on one item. roll on tescos, although i would rather have liddle
  3. i remember Malcome Green spending tones of money on some new logo that turned out to look like some kind of paint multi -coloured squigle in a 's' shape. Is that the one you meen? its so long ago now im no realy sure...... It eventualy got ditched as the councilers said the council already had a logo - the crest and ditched it!
  4. i went to him years ago and he told me things that only i would know - it was shocking, hes fantastic, bit spookie but well worth it. Most of the things he told me came true. i remember phoning to get an appointment then months later he phoned to say come along, well worth the waite. he lives in the end road in vidlin now
  5. The Garison is now programmed through the Shetland Arts Trust, if you wanted to know what is comming on you have to read your Shetland Times or phone them. Islesburgh will only know things when they are told by SA, probely at the same time as the rest of us, although they might know when things are on but thats about it. Although the theatre still belongs to the Council/Islesburgh you might find you have to phone both places rather than one now.
  6. Well im no suprised to hear this sort of thing going on - some of this trusts that have no idea how to suport the actual people that keep them in jobs - the shetland people! I think its not on not even giving the locals a try out, i was in John Couts this week, and some of his views are fantastic and he lives here. How on earth do they justify flying (at great costs) in a french man to take photos of the same things the locals can do just as well? Do you think the french goverment would fly in a shetlander to take photos of France for the same thing - i think not. Many of the trusts think that unless you come from the south (or north) ie not shetland you are no good. They should hang their head with shame. Im all for buying south when the quality or quantity is better as i think its a free world and we should go for the best their is, but in this case the shetland guys could hand have done a great job. On the other hand i have heard that in some cases its a job for the boys or from outside altogether, never open to everyone.
  7. anyone ever heard how the new operators going to tackle the lack of beds- like they said they would if they got the contract??????
  8. golden c is the best i think, although i agree with the shabbie bit - have u noticed the besties in the light casing in the takeaway?
  9. Sam


    can someone tell me if im right or not. is the 37 rule but work 34 not part of somepay settelments of the past? instead of giving pay rises the told staff to go home early?
  10. Sam


    all staff will be offered this as its part of single status agrements. as you may remember in aberdeen when it happend there they had a right carry on! the fact that some employees get far too much for what they actualy do where others get far too less for what they do - its about balencing the tables a bit. which is great if you are a dinner lady, cleaner or other low payed job. not so good if you are middle management. Each type of job working conditions had its own 'book of rules and conditions' the fact that we will all be under the same book rather than 1 2 books they will be one. To get people to change they will have to offer some sort of swetner, for those making the change. At the end of the day the staff will work for every penny and get no hours for free etc. but then, if you work over the hours you will get overtime. This is where the council might fine the pay bill going up because the number of actual employees that take work home is a lot bigger then what you might think. As the shetland people start to moan as the stoires start comming out we have to remember that all councils have to do this and its not some loonie brain child of some shetland official, although what they offer is!
  11. i do think all this posters are great. I do hope its not a SIC employee spending time at his/her work making them up, instead of doing their work. As the e mail is doing the rounds the time wasted while offices stop working to read them must be massive, still i loved it when i got it to my e mail and i passed it on too!
  12. whats the difrence with horse, cow, sheep chicken? its all animals that people eat, but can be kept as pets -id eat anyting as long as i dont see it being killed and its cooked right
  13. Sam


    I agree some younger councillors would be a breath of fresh air. On the ethnic background bit, as nearly everyone in Shetland is the same ethnic type dont think this will happen. Its a pity that so many councillors can stand unapossed. Would be far better with a greater mix to pick from. I for one would not make it as easy to get elected, I would make them do some serise of tests to make sure they are competent for the job or bar them. This may be un democratic, but if they are going to be in charge of our money and future I think it should be done as I know from experience that some are not up to the job and have difficulty understanding things that are set before them. Worst thing is that none like to admit it as they dont want to lose face. i have mixedviews on what you are all talking about - in some cases i think they have done ok, but in others particualr when spending millinons on diffrent pet projects - they have lost the plott. and the still want more. saving on one hand and flinging it away with the other. one thing to think about when getting new ones in next time is - is the wages good enough to leave a good payed job to become one. its ok for the top chairmen etc - who seem to get plenty but for a normal councillors who are not. one thing that does worry me that formal public servents leaving their jobs to take on the council sometimes dont work as they have so much baggage or they just want to get their own pet projects through?? i also think comming with the 'i'll sort them out' attatude does not work either as they just get frozzen out by the others. it would be good to get a good batch of new blood in, but we have to remember that to run a good council we need all types of experenced people in it as well
  14. looks realy good is there a link from visit shetland onto it?
  15. thats a good idea that would keep the roumer factory down when the chat maby went close to the line. keeping people out of your rooms is an excelent idea too. Mind you i have msn for that! how would this be diffrent?
  16. its no shoker a tall i think its a good idea. i'd use it, but we have all seen in the past people getting on their soap box just because someone else questioned their views. if you actualy read i questioned the question by asking another question - "i'd wonder if we are too touchie " at no point i said it wont work. By using chat rooms you have to give and take hassle, banter and just people having a fun. some can cope with giving it but not soo good taking it back. in a big chat room where the subjects will be vaired it would/does work but in a small community where the subject might be someones pet project or somthing they feel strong about people might take offence with critisim, then before long it will be letters in da press and small issues would be made far bigger than ment in the first place. as always i would be interested someone elses sensible views - including yours the last word was give it a go im sure a some people would use it. depends what others think???
  17. I know the real story Sam. But aside from that, it is indeed a colourful little scenario. Here's a few points. It was good to see police officers socialising with the rest of us for a change. It is often the lack of that social connection that inflames negative associations. It was good to see them 'having a fun', However, had you or i stripped naked publicly and jumped in the sea drunk we would have been arrested on grounds of indecent exposure and probably breach of the peace. It has been the case in the past that the police have arrested people for being drunk and jumping in the small boat harbour fully clad. It is a damned shame that "Mr X" threw in the guys clothes, wallet and phone. That was bang out of order and could be contrued as an offence too. But it was a bigger shame that the guy responded 'with his head'. Say no more. It was just a big messy mess and a damned shame all round. totaly agree with you there
  18. thats very like the picture that was in the Sun! its a shame it all happend by the looks of the half story i have heard. its difucult to remember when you have a public face (regardless of the status) your behaviour is published in the press and spread all around the toon. if you have a public face and you use your morals or the press in your life then you cant complaine when the press turns around and gets you in the same line. Whether its your behaviour or the fact you have lots of 'secret' affairs you cant moan when you come a cropper in the end. i can remember a story of very high person in the council being spotted running up and roon the corrider on the boat we no pants on and they got off with it, and im sure lots of people have had a skinny dip at one point in their lives and that does not matter. again who knows the real story anyway and should we be bothered about it??
  19. if you ever go to Edinburgh or Glasgow you get asked by reserchers all the time, sometimes you go into a hotel on the main street get a free cup of coffee and have to do an online survey - sometimes they give you a gift token for £5 or £10 as well. i have done is several time in the last couple of years.. after spending the entire day walking to toon for that special present for the kids its sometime good to take 20mins out and get the free coffee as well!
  20. whats the difrence with sic busses, ferries, or aircraft?
  21. not sure if the shetland people would cope with a live chat room. i'd wonder if we are too touchie when discussing some of the 'big' local subjects. i think the backlash some people give out when what they think is challenged. the old saying 'they can give it but cant take it back' withough going into a right strop and spending all their time to discredit the other side of the question/person etc.... it may all gets too personal - would people be alowed to be devils advocat withough being discredited as a bad person?then slagged about the toon for it? I have seen this being done already. give it a go im sure a some people would use it. depends what others think???
  22. in thinking on getting a new kitchen but in one send local is far more expencive then the bigger shops south. can anyone let me know should i pay the 1k more for a local or is it better(apart from the money in my pocket) to get from difrent shops south? dont know whare to go for the best deal --- help!
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