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  1. Thanks Davie that's interesting
  2. Just wait for the trickle down economics to work and you will be able to have two!
  3. Can anyone tell me what material is going to be used to cover the cable runs in the 4th picture on this page? Here Thank you
  4. There is a pair of purple and grey framed glasses, probably females, at the Laxo ferry terminal waiting room. correct as at 18:15 on 13th Feb 2022
  5. In need of a simple small 3D project printing out. I have the .stl file. Any hobbyist 3D printers out there?
  6. Lost south of the Vidlin junction up to two weeks ago near to the new roadworks. It is a Sena clip-on unit and of little use without the part that it clips onto. A cash reward is on offer. Please PM me. Thanks
  7. I have been riding solos for over 40 years, but fancied a ride of a combination. Just around a car park to see if it is something that I could take to. My interest has been piqued by research into Ural/Cossack/KMZ etc. Sidecarists are known for being a friendly bunch, so is there anyone here that can help me out with this? Thanks
  8. Have you considered downloading one of the many template letting agreements from the interwebs, and cutting out the middle man. The old adage is - a good tenant is worth more than a high monthly rent!
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