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  1. The same have been put in at Cunningsburgh and Dunrossness, but the openreach site says it is unknown when we will be getting it..
  2. Got to love Shetlanders for turning a simple question into a raging argument where people just can't wait to have a jab at each other. Are you sure you want to come back here?
  3. To be honest, how many people would get on a bus from Hillswick to Lerwick or wherever at say 11 am, there is a reason that they have reduced service compared to the south and that is that no one wants to go there. Maybe if they thought about running smaller busses more often for example instead of running huge ones. I used to live at the South end and even with the moderately useful service you get there if you miss one thats it, and as a non driver I relied on buses. Perhaps a postal survey of the entire area would give Zettrans useful information as to demand for their services at particu
  4. Thats what I wanted to hear Its a very big item so I would think Shetland Transport would bring it..
  5. Does anyone know who delivers on their behalf here?
  6. O2 had problems with their GRPS on Tuesday maybe its related to that. O2s 3G signal in Lerwick is only a small patch really but its better than any other service provider who dispite piggybacking from the same masts (Vodafone) can't do it...
  7. More drivel from the mouths of the town centre association, I bet every single one of them shops there and would only benefit from the extension...
  8. Its the same with old 2p's with New Pence from ONLY 1983... some idiots are selling them from dates like 1971 on ebay thinking they're rare...
  9. Hmm, get him on here and we'll have a nice discussion! That story about your commuting days made me laugh, I can just imagine the feeling. Thanks for all your replies.
  10. Haha nice one. Maybe a few pool tables/snooker tables as well would go down good, I think the only place for youngsters is Islesburgh.
  11. I would definately agree that a bowling alley is a much wanted amenity. Surely if the council think that spending millions on a cinema venue when we already have adequate (maybe not that good) place then surely a few lanes wont add too much to the already highly inflated cost? Same with the SRT, they seem to have most feasable leisure facilities covered so why not a small bowling alley? Would be highly profitable I'm sure. maybe even small teams playing matches against each other like any other sport as well.
  12. A club would be great but so far I know of one other person apart from me! Glad to know that you at least used to have one. I model in N Gauge, only thing that space permits me to use!
  13. Hmm yes I used to see Posters around for steam videos etc in the social club, I'm more of a modern train buff Anyone have a layout?
  14. Are there any other train enthusiasts in Shetland apart from me? Bit of an odd place to be one since there are no trains... but anyone?
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