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  1. Hi khitajrah I did OU Summer Schools at Nottingham University for Chemistry courses a few years ago and it was really excellent. The lab facilities and camaraderie were great, but they do work you really hard! We had 12 hour days 7 days in a row, 9am - 9pm with breaks for meals. I agree with jz about arriving a day early if you're coming from Shetland. They are absolutely accommodating about this, and I really benefitted from settling into a very quiet campus overnight before it all started in the morning! As far as travel goes, it was an absolute breeze. I flew straight from Shetland via Aberdeen to East Midlands airport, then got a taxi from the airport right to the door of the campus office for about a fiver (8 years ago). So effortless! And cheap at the time, as I recall. Oh! I do remember having one evening off, probably the last one, and going on lookabout with a few other students. We came across (if I mind right) the Robyn Hoode Pubbe, which was allegedly the oldest pub in England. All that real ale may have clouded my memory, maybe DamnSaxon could enlighten me? I do have photos of it somewhere, a gorgeous whitewashed little building with incredibly thick stone walls and solid flagstone floors. Well worth checking out. Happy days.
  2. Saw this on the news and thought of you. Glad to hear you're alright. (if du's wha I think du is )
  3. I flew fae sumburgh to edinburgh with my own wheelchair a couple of years ago. Got up on to the shetland plane via a hydraulic lift they had for the purpose. When the plane arrived in edinburgh I was told to wait until everyone else was off then two burly men came with a handheld stretcher to manually carry me down the steps off the plane! No lift of any description for wheelchair users to get on or off planes at gigantic edinburgh international airport. I asked the men how often they had to carry wheelchair users on and off planes in edinburgh and they said they have to do it about 40 times a day, every day. Absolute piece o bruck!
  4. Atomic

    BGD Discos

    Big Green D**ks
  5. Please clearly identify your sources for quotes. It is not enough to merely insert a link to a website. Not everyone who values the virus-safety of their computer is going to click on every link you post. A couple of lines of reference within your post will easily indicate the validity of your source. Any published scientific research papers have to go through stringent peer-review whereby pedantic studious boffins relentlessly analyse claims based on previously stringently analysed, published and proven research. Any numpty can publish an opinion on the web. If you want to seriously pursue study of physics at this level I feel it is common sense to start with a solid proven foundation of what has been already established. Now I don't mean hoover up anything you are told. But the peer-review method of publishing scientific research papers and PhDs is a process of building on what is already known, by strict empirical and logical analysis, not by mass-media indoctrination, but by 'real' scientists (for want of a better name) really pursuing the truth in pure science, for science's sake, not for a political or 'general consesus'' agenda.
  6. after seeing The Damned playin live in Barrowlands, I was dat excited I banged into a lamp-post wi my boob.
  7. hey you guys the votes are at 333 now..........it's 4.34am on 29th march here but my vote just got counted......if they're in america they're 5 hours at least behind us if the deadline's midnight 28th........i'm all for live bands coming to play here, the more diverse the better........i see in da small print their sticking to their side of the bargain is contingent on a venue paying them fees.........hope they don't price it out of shetland venues' reaches........but as you say a good argument for mareel........good for dee JA Stewart for startin the ball rollin......lang may your lum reek!
  8. Nae wonder when ridiculous things like this are floatin about: It's not cars we're talking about here! You canna speak like that about individual people!
  9. Yup, H2SO4 is Sulphuric Acid, and H2S is Hydrogen Sulphide, the gas with the rotten eggs stink bomb smell.
  10. You may have seen on the news that there is a march in London today campaigning against these illegal bank charges. What is illegal about them is that they do not reflect the price of the work done by the bank if a customer does exceed the overdraft limit, or bounces a cheque, or can't pay a DD, etc. This is not just a matter of opinion, it is the law, in both Scottish and English Law. Many thousands of people are now applying for and receiving refunds of these charges, going back to six years. The website http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/ is excellent at guiding you step-by-step through the process of reclaiming your money that your bank has taken from you illegally in bank charges in the last six years. The steps described are important, as they provide templates of all the letters you will need to send, the wording you need to use, and the timescales which you need to wait between letters. The site includes forums where people share their stories each step as they go through the process, and then they post when the bank does give them the refund. It is fascinating reading. At today's date (2/12/06), the site states that the Total Returned: £4,456,042 to 3816 people That is an average of £1167.72 each! Or over 4 million quid! I encourage anyone with a history of bank charges to have a look at this site, and start the process of reclaiming the money that is rightfully yours!
  11. Having tried to respond to my own poll, I think the options I gave were rubbish! Most feelings seem to fall between them. If anyone has any suggestions, fire away!
  12. Right guys, a bit of a more Science slant tae dis wan, and very topical. What do you all think about this GLOBAL WARMING? It is very topical just now, all over the news and commentary programmes, the politicians are falling over themselves all of a sudden to make it big on their agendas, "carbon footprints" being tallied up and added to our airline bills by optional donations, energy companies hiking their prices up, the "oil wars", recycling.......... this debate could go anywhere. Do you think there is a real threat to the planet from global warming? What do you see as the main areas to tackle it on? Is it just political points-winning and lip-service? Is this a personal/consumer issue, is it national/legislative, or is it a global crisis? How do you feel this issue compares to other giant global conundrums? Let off steam here......................................... (but please, no CFCs ) (PS If I've done the poll wrongly, or this is already in another thread, anyone please feel free to tell me! (My first one, awww!)).
  13. .......Screamadelica by Primal Scream .......Thunderstruck! AC/DC
  14. ...or, for another pick me up, stick on anything by The Stranglers
  15. You can't beat The Best of The Who
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