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  1. Congratulations to the parts of Shetland that are now able to recycle materials. Every little bit helps.
  2. Yes. Do ask the council questions. They are best prepared to give you the best answer, and potentially, the answer you need. My introduction was simply to open the conversation.
  3. Please ask your question on the Web site, quoting it... "We will be assessing all routes to see what issues there might be and how they can be solved to help everyone recycle. If you have any specific issues please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page." [emphasis mine]
  4. Want to highlight this -- questions answered if you ask: https://www.shetland.gov.uk/rubbish-recycling/recycling-faq.asp Who Ray!
  5. Where are you doing your research? I'm researching in the Shetland Museum Archives, which I found to be absolutely top drawer. No restrictions, except no pens -- only pencils allowed when using their materials. Archivists are uniformly knowledgeable, accessible and helpful. I'm venturing into Scolloway Museum Archives when they open in April. Stay tuned. Good luck!
  6. Every little bit helps -- and however we participate, we can make a difference. Thx, Space.
  7. It's important that you read all the posts on a topic -- not just one. Ask questions about what you need/ want to know. You'll be welcome in Shetland! Especially if you operate with your curiosity, wide eyes and manners fully on display.
  8. Nice find! thx for sharing this.
  9. Ignoring the pontifical rat-holes that have developed in this thread, I remain hopeful that we can change behaviours in Shetland and begin to 'save the planet' in our very own, little, wee, tiny way. Yes, avoid buying plastic in any way you can. That, too, is a good first-step that only an individual can take. Please don't resist Shetland/ Scotland's efforts to recycle based on what you read/ post here. Yes, Who Ray! for all who participate.
  10. "Recycling scheme off to 'strong start' up north" Who Ray! This is truly positive news. Thanks to all.
  11. Any Lerwick groups needing another volunteer? On foot, and experienced with beach clean-up in other geographies. Pls contact via Shetlink. Thanks!
  12. Agreed. I can choose what I buy, e.g. choose non-prepacked or single use stuff, I make my opinion known through feedback if I receive unnecessarily wasteful packaging in the post etc. As customers we have got to put pressure on suppliers to reduce or prevent waste at source? How little waste can we put out in the first place? Try this motto: recycle, reduce, reuse, refuse. It can work!
  13. Where is the evidence, preferably in the form of a detailed, comprehensive, accurate, realistic and believable environmental audit, proving the proposed changes will create a more environmentally beneficial situation than the status quo? Don't refer me to the cherry picked waffling piece of spin and propoganda that's been waved around so far either, its devoid of accuracy and fluffily light on data quantified in numbers and hard facts to the point its more unhelpful than helpful. Prove this is an environmentally beneficial change and I'll back it, otherwise it IS just a box ticking politi
  14. Thanks again to all, for these contributions. I'm looking f'w'd to helping make this scheme -- and its improvements work for Shetland. Every program of this type has to start somewhere, and yes, there will be growing pains. But let's do whatever we can to get from here to there as quickly as possible.
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