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  1. Maybe I’m missing something obvious. I click the red X to remove all the categories in the watch categories section ....then what? If I go to another page, then back to my notifications, all the categories are back again.
  2. Ok, so how can I “un-verify” my email address?
  3. Yes, I have found the list of watched categories with a red “X” next To each one, but there is no way of saving changes once I press the “X”. I cannot find how to unsubscribe. I did not get these emails with the old shetlink, Why am I getting them now? Thanks
  4. ok, didnt actually get his name, but the company was ABC contracts.
  5. hi, i recently ordered sky. the engineer phoned the night before installation to find out what type of property it was, and was told single storey, detatched, timber construction. when he came the next day, he looked around the house and told me that he wasnt authorised to attatch the dish to a wooden house. so off he went. i phoned sky and told them, then was given 3 or 4 different reasons ho couldnt do the job including :not wanting to drill/screw into the timber of the house as it might rot the wood, not being able to secure a ladder to the house while installing dish, and the wood not being a strong enough fixing for the dish as it may blow around in the wind. so im still waiting. his number is 07534317926
  6. hi, i recently hired one from frank williamsons for £20. Unfortunately i think it had been used to clean up something nasty and not been cleaned afterwards so my living room carpet started to smell really bad after cleaning. then it got worse, spreading through the house and i had to pull up the carpet and underlay and dump it. According to the assistant at williamsons they have never heard of this before and it is some sort of reaction with the detergent and underlay!
  7. Have you ever considered an electric underfloor heating mat? I put one in my kitchen under laminate flooring and id say its excellent. I got mine from the underfloor heating store. They have all sorts to go under wood/laminate, vinyl and carpet.
  8. I was at the scene of a road accident at girlsta today, when a cameraman appeared and started setting up his tripod and camera. The driver of the car was lying on a stretcher getting treatment, while the emergency services were assessing the car/tanker. One of the police officers had to move the cameraman back, away from the scene a couple of times as he was within a few metres of the casualty. Does anybody else think this is wrong?
  9. yes. just what i hear on da grapevine.
  10. yes but half of them are cokeheads anyway. allegedely.
  11. you could try harry irvine AKA irvine fabrication and welding services. Hes done a few gates/fences around graveyards if its that style you are after.
  12. that'll be another thing for the lerick shopkeepers to whinge aboot. 24hrs to damage their profits.
  13. did you hear the one about the local council who saved a few quid by getting NON biodegradable recycling bags? (paper/glass/plastic etc)
  14. I think somebody should open a discount electrical shop in the old smith and harpers place. There could be a few things in stock, and have catalogues in the shop to order from.
  15. the shetland news website. so it must be true. and it will no doubt be in the paper tomorrow.
  16. so, someone has noticed something going on with the finances of the hall after 6 years. And one person has been suspended (on full pay?) ha ha. whatever happened to the money from the fundraising for the disabled toilet?
  17. Youre all talking sh*te. Round here wir dugs pick up their OWN poo, put it in a carrier bag AND put it in da bin.
  18. I especially like dogs who have muzzles on while out in public.
  19. i ken a guy who tried to join the police. he was into football/sports and id say he was very fit. he had a wife and young child, was sensible, never been in any sort of trouble with the law, was very interested in giving something back to the community. He went through all the medicals, complicated paperwork and interviews. He didnt even have an axe to grind. He didnt get the job because he didnt have 20:20 vision.
  20. maybe its not as easy as just "joining up"? maybe the pc. is a crap liar, but was taking a different angle than most to get a known junkie/dealer/scumbag arrested.
  21. my experience was in Bolts electrical. overpriced, out of date and badly laid out.
  22. Anybody had any bad experience over the festive while doing their shopping? I went to a local electrical retailer to look for a home cinema system and when i asked the salesman for some advice on the one i was interested in, he replied "its a 5.1 home cinema system, theres nothing more to tell" then turned his back on me. So i sent a couple of E-mails and bought one off the internet instead.
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