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  1. If having patients funding it they should have it based inside the hospital and not in trailer where hoists cannot be as not enough space. Not surprised they did not ask for funding from the Government at all. Do you think shetland patients should have to fund it? Do you think one should be based in Shetland? Do you think it should be based within the hospital or outside in a trailer where you are in a cramped space to get into room and get changed there and them jump onto the scanner bed, hear the wind outside at where your head is in mobile unit and hear traffic passing by, etc.
  2. See the lift to get in, no room to swing a cat inside though and require to be mobile in mobile scanning trailer as stated.
  3. ^ To have a mobile scanner visiting for a few days every two months - wouldn't say it would save much money, guess would not save any at all for that matter as it is quite large and not accessible for everyone, the cost implications of it travelling by ferry both ways each time, the staff required and their ferry travel and accommodation and eating expenses whilst in shetland for the staff. Would be best to have an mri scanner based inside Gilbert Bain Hospital or another building in Shetland, with staff in Shetland, or then keep it as it is with patients travelling south as don't really see that it will save money with the expense of buying it, expenses to run it, upkeep it, and staff to run it, especially so when they are only trying to save money with the able bodied who can walk, as everyone else it appears are being fully discriminated against by NHS Shetland as they will not be able to have an MRI scan in the mobile trailer and so would not be able to have one in Shetland anyway with this proposal from NHS Shetland, so I would choose to keep it as it is with patients travelling south. Quite weird that they have not thought this all through or have the managers involved never had an MRI scan in hospital and in mobile trailer to know the full facts and not looked into the implications of who it will help and who it will not and so in not doing so fully discriminating certain patients.
  4. 1. NHS SHETLAND OR NHS SCOTLAND. 2. STATIC LOCATED WITHIN GBH HOSPITAL. 3. BUY OUTRIGHT. With the limited space within the mobile MRI scanning trailers this would only be available for able bodied people, those who are not mobile would still have to travel South, so one located within a building would be more sensible if they are looking at this to save money in patients travelling. Anyone who has had an MRI scan in hospital south and in the mobile trailer south will know. NHS Shetland stating they are going to buy a mobile scanner shows that they have not thought this through properly and only helping able bodied people and not those who really would benefit from this scanner in Shetland who will still have to travel south eg by air ambulance.
  5. Don't have any time to look through all that, as said above stands.
  6. You should be writing about what matters to you, Esme.
  7. ^ is that really so! - don't think so at all. I'd like to see who is going to stop children/adults on cycles going whichever way they wish! Just about get knocked down by vehicles at times on street.
  8. Bigmouth - for example with what you are saying: cyclists are not allowed to go from say All Fired Up to Post Office, have to go from direction of Post Office along Street to All Fired Up . I think cyclists can go in whichever way they wish.
  9. ^think you should start naming esme
  10. You didn't have to wave, we've already said goodbye.
  11. Thanks Windwalker, you really are so sensible and responsible. AAA22 don't know what your video clip is for in relation to this at all and how you can say that. Everyone is responsible for what they do, some of you don't appear to think this is so and think that for example this - I went into Thule Bar and said hey man I want a pint of Lager, come on hurry up chap, what's keeping you, hurry up, hurry up chappie get me my lager, come on now get your ars- into gear and pour it now, come on now, hurry, hurry up, stop this looking about and not pouring my pint, hurry, hurry up, no time to wait I need my drink NOW - and he does not do it so I pour the chap next to me's pint of lager all over his face and laugh saying I don't want my lager now as you have useless service here, I'll go were they pour pints of lager and don't go looking into thin air, what most of you are saying that it would be the bar person's fault, when it would in reality be my own fault and me to take the consequences, unless he poured a pint back over my face, then we are evens. Windwalker and mikeyboy and myself appear to be the only ones to think otherwise, which is in relation to following legal responsibilities, so just you try and do whatever you wish which is wrong, but which you all think is right with what you are stating here, and then you will see that you will be on the wrong side of the law and then you will be coming on this site and shouting the odds about it saying it is wrong, when what has happened is just following legal guidelines. Maybe bar legal responsibilities are not adhered to, is that so, and it is the fault of the person who is not guilty for throwing a pint of lager or has been hurt, those stating the opposite of what is legal are just so unresponsible, now where did you go Brochbuilder, hiding after saying such terrible things to me are you, as you would not volunteer for anything with your attitude and you wish to make sure that all people what have temperaments like you stay in shetland and those who are responsible get the hel- out of Shetland, that is what you were saying, well think on. Suffererofonecrancymofo, bet he's nice looking though - not very nice behaviour either from you when others do not agree with you, you wish others to agree with yourself at all times, and if not you shout down their throats on this site, like you have done to myself. Brochbuilder - I see the moderators had to delete something you wrote at 10.37pm yesterday, something extremely bad in response to myself I gather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which clearly was extremely more so worse than what they kept so says a great deal!!!!!!!!!!!! say all you wish to me as you have stated what you are like.
  12. aaa22 - my answer to your question is that it would be the fault of the driver for driving carelessly and not looking where they were going and you would not be helping either by walking in the middle of a road wearing dark clothes and just asking for trouble, just like anyone else laying hands on another person and injuring them, they have to take the consequences of their actions. I'm no saint as one particular family if they were injured and asking for help I would just step right over them and carry on and obviously there is an extremely good reason why this is so.
  13. Btochbuilder - every single thing you states just shows how much of an extremely cruel and nasty person you are and that you in your lifetime you woulc not help anyone who required assistance in any form, but yourself! Ghostrider, I'm sure you look just great.
  14. That's where ghostriders photo is from, very good. I am just stating the obvious and what is legal, it is you lot who wish things the other way and that anyone can hurt another person and get off with it, that's not how things work, thank goodness.
  15. Brochbuilder - people choose what line of work they do and their manners and how they respect and help others, some people would not help anyone no matter what the circumstances and appears to be quite a few on Shetlink, they don't get pushed into it, it is their choice to be a barman, manager, door steward, barman/woman, whatever, they are trained in licence regulations and what to do/not do and door stewards also in how to deal with people. If they choose to lay their hands on any member of the public and hurt them that is their own choice and not following their training/regulations required and they take the consequences, whatever they may be, licence revocation, penalty fine, years in jail, because of their actions in hurting others, you should know this if you have any common sense. Whatever the circumstances if I was not guilty, I would not plead guilty, no matter the consequences as telling truth. Appears you are friends of the bar manager or know person in some way, but everyone has to abide by the law and rules, you should know that too, but choose to hurt others and not give a damn care at all and would not help others. To let you know we all live in the real world, whatever other world is there, only life we are presently living, this is just so unbelievable but some of you have shown how you are and are not nice, windwalker is the only sensible one on this topic it appears.
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