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  1. markj

    Early Season Trout

    Anybody had an early season cast at da lochs?, if so any joy?
  2. Who won last night? have Whalsay been crowned Champions?
  3. I can not beleive how much shetland is into penalising dog foulers. As I said before in this thread, why does the SIC not do what Stavanger Kommuna does - put free dog bags next to dog waste bins - then the dog owners really have no excuse. Encourage people to change rather than discourage. This is a more worthwhile solution than having community wardens spending their time following people who are walking their dog with their fingers crossed hoping the dog walker forgot to take their poo bags. 'Yes - you've been fined £100' No other community in Scotland is as obsessed about this than Shetland - maybe this is what happens when you have an inept council.
  4. What a hopeless bunch the SIC are, pay off to Dave Clark compensated by stopping knitting classes! well done. Knitting classes were always a good crack, trying to pt some oo through da spinning wheel was a challenge. If they are stopping knitting, why dont they stop art, music, PE, foreign languages and all the other things that kids could learn outside of school? they would make some savings! Hell, with savings like that they could have given Dave Clark the £1.3million he was after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. As I have said before, why does the SIC not put free dog poo bags next to the dog waste bins? They do this in stavanger and it works as it encourages people to do it rather than have some aliens in yellow coats chasing them along the pavement and handing out £40 fines. Also if you have these free poo bags, dog owners simply have no excuse. Maybe such an idea is beyond the comprehension of the SIC, well they did hand out £250,000 after tax to the ex chief executive, surely this money would've been better spent encouraging shetland dog owners to pick up poo than help the chief exec buy wine, cigars and a new lilo for his holiday?
  6. What can you buy for 1/4 million quid? you could buy Judanes Unbeleivable that Mr Clark got this amount of cash. Well done SIC, Nick Reiter will be disappointed he only got £75,000 for doing absolutely nothing wrong whilst in office in Shetland, whereas Mr Clark has written off 2/3 of Judanes debt for no aparent reason and walked away with a significant wedge of cash. Lets hope the Oil money lasts for a while as payoffs such as this in the future will struggle to be funded by Viking Energy's whirlygigs. [/img]
  7. Incredible, so the phat controller has left the platform, his payout will be enough cash to keep him in Wine and Cigars for a few years. Jonathan the Think Tank Engine and friends will be glad he's pulled away from the station
  8. Is Mr Clark away with the fairies? I read in the Shetland News article that “Willie has always been off by his own choice. He was never asked to go off. The council’s wish was that Willie come back and then we could look at restructuring the council,†he said." Did he not come back from holiday to find agent clark had deleted his post? How can such a small place be so badly managed?, maybe its all a sub-plot for a good bill head.
  9. Where exactly are the rules for up helly aa written down?. they are not on the website http://www.uphellyaa.org/index.html Be interesting to read the guizers code of conduct section!
  10. Hi OriginalUsername, response to your questions below. Please state what percentage of the year these contraptions will be turning? 25%?, 15%? you are right I had not seen it, very interesting um OK. My answers i'm sure as the same as you, Food comes from Supermarket, Clothes from a clothes shop, Power from the socket, materials from Lerwick building centre, shopping bags again from Tescos, ok, I dont mean to be sarcastic with the answers but the point is what of this will change if we have 500 whirlygigs spinning or not spinning? - Nothing
  11. My opinion on this has gone from agree to disagree. shelve this windfarm pipe dream now, its a load of nonesense and from afar it seems like a few folk looking for a quick way to pay off their mortgage and secure their financial futures at the expense of Shetlands countryside and the opinion of the majority of the people - Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus Disadvantages of wind power: The strength of the wind is not constant and it varies from zero to storm force. This means that wind turbines do not produce the same amount of electricity all the time. Winds have to be at least 17 mph strong to make the blades spin and thus produce energy. There will be times when they produce no electricity at all, have VE compiled a survey of wind data for the range when these things are likely to be working? Large wind machines have to be shutdown if the wind is too strong, to avoid damage. The only practical way to produce large amounts of power is to use hundreds of them in an array in a place where the wind is most constant, such as floating on platforms out to sea, as is being done in Sweden. They can not, as some people think, just be spread out and 'tapped' into the power grid. Many people see large wind turbines as unsightly structures and not pleasant or interesting to look at. They disfigure the countryside and are generally ugly. Many people feel that the countryside should be left untouched, without these large structures being built. The landscape should left in its natural form for everyone to enjoy. Wind turbines are noisy. Each one can generate the same level of noise as a family car traveling at 70 mph. Large wind farms are needed to provide entire communities with enough electricity. For example, the largest single turbine available today can only provide enough electricity for 475 homes, when running at full capacity.
  12. Roll up roll up to the greatest show in town, Shetland Islands Circus.....sorry I mean Council. Reading the article in the sun it states Mr Clark 'has been seen alot in the local pubs and it is frowned upon' poor guy likes a pint (or ten) after work, dont we all?, well he should maybe choose his venue a bit better to keep away from the snipers.
  13. According to the report on Shetland news the Norwegian head butted a friend of the guy who's being fined and lost his job. When will the Norwegian be back in Shetland for his trial for assault? Duncan Ferguson ex- rangers got jail for headbutting a few years ago.
  14. Lee Wallace wasn't in Burleys squad for Norway game, therefore not included, plus I think Whittaker is a better player than him.
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