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  1. Well Wotsit, we can't wait for all these real world things you're promising: - In that "real world" most UK Airports get a regular railway, tram or bus services and they normally run every 30 minutes and seven days a week. - In that "real world" they can charge for parking because the public transport service is so good. Though most of the "real world" airports have private parking businesses that offer cheap long term parking away from the airport and then offer a free shuttle service. -In that "real world" you are talking about, "real" airports service millions of passengers a year; over 70 million a year from Heathrow down to 1.3 million a year from Manchester. - In that "real world" you can get a direct budget flight to most European cities for well under £100.00. Can't wait for that one Anyway, I can't wait for you to help us join this "real world" so we can finally enjoy a bus or a tram service that will run every 30 minutes, seven days a week to all areas of Shetland!!!!
  2. Extortionate? Cabins maybe, but an all inclusive breakfast is £7.50 for an adult with a child eating free. When I'm with my kids one of them (cough ha ha) eats for free! Then I make up a take-away toasted bacon-sandwich and a take-away cappuccino for the journey. Bargain. Not sure about your fried egg and bacon though, sounds weird. Mind you when I'm coming home , I like to go into the Harbour café, so I've not tried it both directions.
  3. They normally share masts in remote places. But this will not change what a provider will offer in frequency ranges, and its the frequency that matters. I guess Vodaphone has the best coverage purely because of the frequency ranges it provides. Of course, if the powers that be shift themselves and make 4G available everywhere, then it won't matter because this runs at 800MHz on all provider networks. Though with 5G around the corner, maybe they will skip this and just wait for 5G.
  4. I think the boat is actually a decent breakfast for the price with it being all you can eat on the boat. Then you just stuff your pockets with hash browns, toast and sausages and stop anywhere you like!
  5. Vodaphone and O2 are always your best bet, I think EE use their own network and not an MVNO (piggy backing on another service, Tesco use O2 for example), so there will be less coverage than the former two. It also depends where you are, some places will only offer 2g. Be aware, that coverage maps tend to only show where a signal was used, not that it was a great signal. If I'm on Whalsay for example, and use my phone in some weird position, on top of a building and wearing a tin hat on my head which allows me enough signal to shout, "the ferry is late", then that will be registered in the coverage records.
  6. Empires? Anglophobia? Welsh bashing? Invasions? I'm pretty sure I only made a point about there being no need for a student block because of a lack of foreign students. Then, I leave the room for 10 minutes and you kids just start going off bickering on some imperialist tangent. Well, that's it. There will be no treats after tea for any of you.
  7. Brilliant stuff. Congratulations to you all!
  8. I doubt the UHI Shetland just attracts enough foreign students to make this worthwhile (before or after the vote to leave the EU), I'm surprised of all the campuses around the Highlands and Islands this has even been on the cards anyway. The UHI, while a great place to study, doesn't offer the "student life" that can be found in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow. The "majority" of young students from Shetland want to experience student life in Scotland and England.
  9. As I understand it, you are always arrested and charged, as the police do not have the power to "let you off" or decide whether it was reasonable force when its a capital offence, otherwise you might find the police letting people off for killing people they might not like! Anyway, it seems a sensible way to do it. You just hope that when it gets to court it will be sorted in a reasonable manner.
  10. Not abuse I hope! But there has always been a fisheries issue with the Grey Seal especially, long before this US had an interest. The problem is that the UK are the guardians of just over 50% of the worlds population of this amazing animal. Unfortunately, Seals feed with there senses (they are sometimes blind!) and often do not know they are approaching a fish farm and secondly, a fish farm is an unnatural (and bloody ugly looking) addition their natural environment, and clearly, they do not know it's supposed to stay away. It's understandable that a rogue seal will need to be shot, but maybe we need to be more innovative with our methods if we are going to infringe on the territory of a wild animal. On the positive side. The Scottish Government statistics (if people are reporting legally and correctly), show that despite the number of licenses applied for in 2016 compared to the number actually shot is actually extremely low, and with the common seal, often this is zero! http://www.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Licensing/SealLicensing/2011/2016 The number shot has fallen by 80% so there is not really a crisis as far as animal control goes. So I find the US position a bit puzzling.
  11. Personally. I believe if anyone visits and changes from a "Visiting Scotland" to a "Visiting Nordic" perspective, they will find Shetland is a far more interesting place, especially as you travel the Islands off Mainland. Shetland is a land and a people born of the Sea.
  12. It's not like flying where you will get a cheaper rate. The prices are fixed within each season. The costly aspects are A) Car and The cabin. If you are coming by car, have a look at car rental on the island first it might be cheaper. Cabins are extremely small and basic considering they cost the same as a couple of nights at a travel lodge. But I've used them once or twice. If you pay extra for an outside window cabin, just ensure get on the port side from Aberdeen and starboard leaving (you will see the Islands then, otherwise you will see the sea and you've paid extra for nothing). You can always slum it to save on costs. Bring a sleeping bag and a pillow and just sleep in the front lounge, many islanders do this, so you will not be out of place. Bring an eye mask though, they used to turn the lights off, but I don't think they do anymore. If there is just a couple of you. Consider flying and car rental, it might be cheaper than a ferry+cabin+car AND you get here in an hour or so! if you book a few months in advance, you could get a return flight for around £150.00 pp, the nearer the time, the more expensive it gets though.
  13. Oh yes, balls at the ready I doubt that the influence of Germany over the EU will stop anytime soon. An unholy satanic marriage of Soviet Communism and National Socialism more like, and not 'turning', 'turned' since circa 1990. '73 folk feared Continentals would fish to our beaches and clean out everything that swam, '90 folk feared what would grow out of re-unification when the wall came down......Don't you just hate it when the worst nighmares of crystal ball gazers come true twice in a row.....
  14. Well I refer you back to my public or private face post. Never seen a politician without both, but I guess that's what makes it politics. Controversial - or the truth, or perhaps just what they choose to tell us, Westminster included.
  15. The only thing that someone "flicking" their lights at me indicates is that their lights are working. Until someone comes up with driving standard of morse code, I'm always a bit cautious of putting my trust in someone else's judgement on what's safe though I take your point. Mind you, if beams get any brighter, I'm pretty sure we can do away with our remaining lighthouses
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