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  1. I have heard that ferry tariffs have been cut 20% for Shetland, am I right in saying this is the first step in reduction to a target of a 50% reduction for all coming to the Islands, or have I heard wrong? My friend got a instant refund who prior booked earlier in the year.
  2. I have a friend who has booked from mainland to visit and paid for their trip in late may/ early June. They have raised this with Northlink. It seems no reply is forthcoming. This is why I am holding off booking, until it's set in stone as such. Once these companies get your cash. There is no getting it back from them.
  3. Thanks for the replies. A thought that on the campervan hire.
  4. As well as Shetland. The other one on the bucket list is Tromso, Norway for the northern lights. I do like the Scandinavian countries. I went to the UEFA European Championships in Sweden in 1992. Though it was highly expensive even back then!
  5. Many thanks for the advice. I am a solo traveller. I have been lightly toying with the flying, rental car & accommodation. I do like travelling in my VW campervan. However, I am very south and have 550 miles just to get to Aberdeen. Then a ferry crossing. Holiday then starts, but then have all the travelling again to get back home! That part of the trip, doesn’t fill me with joy! I wonder if flying renting a car and B&B might be more pricey. Tho far less stress. I will enjoy holiday more. I might have to do some sums. The aspect of without the campervan. I would have to eat out alone (unless find self catering) and pack wisely!
  6. OK, many thanks all. I got a quote other day from Northlink for September. It appeared rather high. I am keeping a look out for when new tariff, once it's finalized. I suppose with the ferry the more you book in advance better price you get? I do think the new tariff is a great idea. I do think many more tourists, will take up on the lower fares. to visit Shetland and Orkney!
  7. Cheers many thanks. Years ago I did Scotland coastal road trip starting at Glencoe and then hugging the West coast then east coast all around to Aberdeen, then ferry to Shetland. However, it took a while and by the time got to Aberdeen. All my holiday pot had vanished, had to leave Shetland for another sole trip!
  8. Hi I am looking to visit Shetland in 2018 as looks a really nice place. I read last year, that the ferry prices were being dropped down in the first half of 2018. Is there any word on when this will happen in 2018?
  9. Hi to All I don't live on Shetland. And from England (in peace)! Though, joined as always admired Shetland. Looks a lovely place and looking to visit in 2018 (and maybe a few more times in the future). If you want to know a place ask the locals. I have to say you look like you have a great community there.
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