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  1. I have a plan regarding Cats, Whimbrels, Wind Mills etc. If VE were to attach a tiny little bell to each turbine blade, hay-presto problem solved. This should be effective for all our feathered friends not just Whimbrels, with perhaps the exception of Budgies who quite enjoy the company of a bell.
  2. I'm sure the likes of Shetland Geotours are more than capable of showcasing Shetlands wide and varied geology (at no expense to the public purse) to any number of rock hounds that rock up on our shores. Now anyone with knowledge enough in geology to arrange a holiday around there interest, will almost certainly already be aware of what Shetland has to offer. £35,000 Geopark Officer or no £35,000 Geopark Officer.
  3. Geopark. £35,000 a year for somebody to look efter wir stones?. As far as I'm aware Shetlands geology has for the last 50,000,000yrs or so managed to quite happily look after its self, and I'm quite sure it will manage for the next 50,000,000 with no assistance financially or otherwise from the fat cats at the SIC/Amenity Trust. So in these financially constrained times to spend any of the money that we don't have on this project would seem like a p**s take of Geological proportions. (*** Mod - moved to proper thread ***)
  4. So Sustainable Shetland by not reporting all 12 councillors will deny the 3 that voted against the wind farm the opportunity to justify their actions to the Standards Commission, and clear their name. An odd way to treat your friends.
  5. Can anyone tell me why Sustainable Shetland are only reporting 9 councillors to the Standards Commission, and not all 12 that voted?.
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