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  1. Would love to know how you reach that conclusion based on the poll above?
  2. If admin could edit? I either cant or cant figure out how.
  3. The joke is a quote from Radio Shetland tonight. Tom Wills saying he thinks "Shetland needs a change and a constructive voice within Westminster." A candidate without any experience, and doesn't even know where he will end up if he wins. Madness. https://www.mixcloud.com/BBCShetland/good-evening-shetland-on-monday-29th-july-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0edOF4kdaa8KIM-eZzYOHAw2wQwFkPZnVcHcd0MN_UfYXrxJPXxWnoASs
  4. Given you're a blinkered Brexiteer, of course you're not. Leave that to the rest of us with a bit of wit.
  5. If all your rubbish is in there it won't take a genius to find out who's rubbish it is. You will get letters of warning, and every opportunity to recycle. However if you continue to intentionally and purposely not recycle you will get fined. Deservedly so if you refuse to even try. Considering Shetland is the last place in the UK to start doorstep recycling, there are plenty of local authorities to copy/learn from. The bonus of doing things last is you can learn from everyone's mistakes. You said before that "you are all for recycling". Follow what is on the list of things to recycle and recycle that, and fire the rest in the black bag then you will be alright. It's not rocket science.
  6. Remember, they want them out for about 7.30 in the morning now, just enough to lose them all. The advice has always been that your refuse has to be out at 7.30, this isn't new. Doesn't mean it will be collected then. If your refuse has always been collected at 3.30pm for example, that's obviously going to continue.
  7. Have a look at yourselves. Good grief. If wheelie bins and having to recycle is all you have to worry about up there in Shetland you've got it bloody good. This thread is cringeworthy to read.
  8. Statutory regulators and Councils all obey the same paymaster, the government. What the regulator does or does not rail against is dictated by the political perceptions of the government of the day and the regulator's desire to justify its own existence. A point very ably and repeatedly demonstrated by the SCT and OSCR in recent years - When they were doing what Holyrood didn't like, the OSCR was all over them like a bad smell threatening all sorts, but when disquiet over the SCT's governance model is expressed by a sizeable chunk of Shetland's population, they avoid it like the plague. The other matter. Yes, I have no reason to believe the individual is doing anything other than what is perfectly legal and above board, his reputation of how important it is to 'play by the rules' precedes him. Ethically, maybe not so much. When a Councillor is moonlighting serving Court Summonses in return for payment, on behalf of the Council they serve on, on residents living in Council houses in the Ward they represent, concerning their Council House tenancies, while also serving as an office bearer on that Council's Scrutiny Committee, and serving as that Council's Housing spokesperson, its far, far too many hats for one person to wear at one time and keep them all on straight all the time. To stop Councillors "moonlighting" - or as the rest of us calling "make a living" they need to be paid enough to make it a full time job. This would attract a far higher quality of Councillor thus the public benefiting. Or in theory anyway!!
  9. So Audit Scotland reports what they want you to believe, and the S. I. C. will agree with them, regardless of what has really been done. Some of us have an idea of the truth and a lot of people believe what they are told to believe. Audit Scotland are no friends of the SIC, they wouldn't be reporting good news unless that was indeed true. It is you who is going to continue to believe what you hear in terms of rumours rather than believing the facts put in front of you.
  10. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. He is not a 'private investigator' plotting or gathering evidence against anyone. He is a debt collector, that's all. (oh - and a Councillor).
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