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  1. I think I'll be ok with the lack of daylight in winter because I spent a winter in Denmark and they have similar winters - although much colder there. They have a think called Hygge which is basically stay home in the warm and enjoy being with friends or family, chill out, read books, watch TV, eat food, just generally relax at home until the weather changes. And they love candles although not sure I'll go that far. And yes Netflix will be put to good use in winter I'm sure!
  2. Thanks everyone for your help so far, It's really nice to hear from locals. I actually randomly saw something on TV just last night about SAD lamps and even SAD glasses. Seem to be a good idea to help combat the winter blues.
  3. Hello, Where do I start? I have so many questions? I'm sure you've answered all these things before but I'd be grateful for any advice. For many years I've toyed with the idea of moving to Shetland. I have visited mainland twice before, just for a few days at a time. I've always liked the idea of a slightly slower pace of life, the fresh air, peace and quiet and when I've visited always found people to be really friendly and welcoming. That said, I currently live in Edinburgh and absolutely love it here too. Especially the fact that there is always something going on and I wouldn't want to suddenly close the door on everything I enjoy; I'm a 29 tear old guy so not ready to slow down completely yet! I'd still plan to live in or near Lerwick as I'm not looking for for sheer remoteness and isolation, just something different from city life. So now for all the things I'd like some help with.... I've experienced the friendliness as a tourist but just wondered if you think this would be extended if I were to move permanently as some smaller communities in my experience aren't t always open to new residents? Is there enough to do? I'm not looking for heavy nightlife and I think I can say for certain that the outdoorsy stuff I enjoy is well catered for but is there enough of everything else? Do you feel satisfied with your social life? Do you have many clubs or groups to join or other good ways to meet people? From what I've read and seen on my short trips you seem to have more than enough swimming pools and also seem to enjoy your music. I'm a big fan of folk and country music so I look forward to that, not that I can play any, although I do enjoy the odd sing song so maybe I could join a choir - if you have one - not that I've ever been in a choir in my life! I'm also big into my food. Most of my socialising revolves around food whether that be meals out or inviting friends over for dinner so I'm hoping theres a good offering cafes/restaurants/pubs. Although this is the bit where I get slated as I'm vegetarian, please don't hold that against me!! What about dating? I imagine the amount of other singletons available being very limited and maybe even difficult to find someone? You tell me. And even harder for me since I'm a gay guy I expect there are probably only 3 others gays in Lerwick so I'll prob be single forever! And lastly I thought about holidays. Not that I go on many holidays abroad but I'd love to hear about your experiences of foreign travel from Shetland, especially with regards to price and any difficulty. I enjoy the odd trip to France or Greece so would like to keep that up. Anyway, thats enough of me rambling on. I'd just be grateful to hear from anyone on Shetland about any of the above or anything else you think I should here Thanks Sam
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