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  1. sheltie87

    rock bands

    If you're going to try to be funny, could you at least try to be right? According to Wikipedia there are currently, up to ununhexium, 89 elements that can be classified as metals, be they alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, lanthanides, actinides, transition elements or other metals. HAHAHAHAAHAHA! mans a legend... well.... fur a Jambo he's no bad anyway!!!
  2. sheltie87

    Bressay FC

    nah he wis fay Gulberwick... joost has da Cunningsburgh way ow tinkin! an I ken how I celebrated da boys doin da deed. no a healthy day yisterday!! roll on Saturday da 18th June when its a trip up tay da Bonnie Isle fur a rematch ow last year an dis time we a different scoreline C'MON CUNNINGSBURGH!!!!!!
  3. great news. can't wait. are you goin tay get da bar better sorted dis time so we dinna have tay wait 3 quartes ow an hour fur a drink. simple sugestion, work with cans of lager, cider, guiness, etc, and nips. therefore savin a godless amount ow time pourin' pints!!!!
  4. WTF wis we da torches bein say reeky? yun wis an absoloute disgrace!!! (*** Mod - Merged ***)
  5. all yuns way before my time but braw interesting aa da same. its amazing how quick things can change!!
  6. sheltie87

    rock bands

    you want good new rock music check out these guys. there called VOLBEAT and they are quite simply brilliant. been around for a few years now. just released there 4th album now. well worth a look if good rock music is what your after.
  7. i think i can spik on behalf o da whole jarl squad by saying it was a great weekend had by all.
  8. i think that its a disgrace that there going to start charging the bairns that want to learn an instrument at the school. why should they have to pay. its the council thats balls'd it up. not the bairns. i think they should start with middle manegment.... thats where all OUR money is getting wasted.
  9. MuckleJoannie i see wit do's sayin n i understand dat... but tay re iterate... am on about snaa. no ice. i hate ice on da road as muckle as da nixt een but yun slush is nay idder dan ice if u end up in it!
  10. slidin doon da same slopes?? why did u no venture awaa fay da pawp a bit... we gyud aa ower. always tryin a bigger or steeper broo... or makn iglu's etc etc... always sumtheen tay do when ur young, imaginative n care free... but i still maintain dat da problem is.... most auld folk canna mind how tay hay a fun so day dinna enjoy idders even bairns makin da most o things lik da snaa.... oh and u say aboot "two wheels" i assume u mean a push bike... lik da sort o thing i used every day dat it wisna snaa'in (ie 10 or 11 miby mare munts o da year) i prefer da "4wheeled~" luxuarys such as quads n me 4x4. day do mak fur gud fun in dis wadder!! .... (whit mam.... its true, don't deny it)
  11. to Spinner72 - i agree with the pre-gritting and gritting for ice but on da snaa its.... well... crap.... yea da griter boys do a grand job (minus da bits left in da middles o da rods dat i so gladly drive thru!!)... but dats because hits "there job". whaar if day wir joost tay ploo da rod day wid still do a grand job. and yes day do deserve time off..... specially ee certain sooth ower man dat his a newardee pearty tay host!!
  12. to "ghostrider" do is spikin aboot deep snaa.... dis is just a coverin if u can even caa it dat. and as my mammy always sed.... only borin folk get bored. an am never EVER heard o a bairn gettin bored o da snaa....
  13. whit is it we aabody and no likin da snaa?? did u no lik it when u wir bairns? or is it dat da most o u grypin aboot it is ower auld tay mind whit it wis lik tay be a bairn whin da snaa came?? as fur da drivin carry on... if u canna cope we it dinna do it. naybody is forcin u tay go oot in it. an my final bit o gryp is aboot da grit.... it maks things worse. aa yun slushy hellery is far slidyer n mare dangerous dan joost drivin on da snow. day dinna use ony in scandinavia, aa day do is ploo, n day hay dis fur 4 or mare munt no twaa'r'tree days. ower n oot. oh by da y.... i hoop we get sum right bloody snaa afore da winters by we.
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