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  1. Wow, see? That is precisely what I meant. Nobody getting upset about a little water spillage, my hands are not totally reliable..... just sent them an email, you never know....
  2. I will be staying on shetland during the month of august. Looking for a studio space where I can also kip and cook tiny meals. Fridge would be nice. I paint watercolours of a large size, size a0 and larger. Mainly seascapes, for the obvious reasons I come to shetland. I am an artist with a muscle wasting disease so a large table and a comfy mattress are a must. A winged chair is a plus... I dont care about staying in a messy studio, carpet is a no no.... I can afford up to 500 pound for the month. can you tell me if you can provide the space? Anywhere on the mainland, near the coast, would be nice....
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