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  1. Anidder een tae add - Thanks tae aa da shop workers!
  2. By allowing under 13's on facebook you are allowing them to lie, as you would have to put a false d.o.b to get on. I don't think that allowing children to lie is a good thing and is something I tell my daughter I am much against. Maybe I'm being petty for not allowing her on when so many of her friends are on, and that fact that she might be teased for not being allowed to do certain things is a shame also, and one that makes me think should I let her or not, but then think no, its not right. Its not easy knowing what to do for the best for your children at times.
  3. They are! I showed my bairn this by letting them set up a profile for them to see that it wouldn't let them as they were under 13. I don't really agree with it either, it is 13 for a good reason.
  4. Am I a mean Mum that I don't let my 10 year old on facebook? I know quite a few that age on there, but I won't let mine on. What are peoples feeling about this? Thanks
  5. we've got ours up!! My daughter and myself were counting them yesterday, and have to admit it was a bit of a disappointment, even on top of the town hall there wasn't a Shetland flag!
  6. I've not been able to get on at home for 3 weeks now. On another wifi just now and got on which surprised me! Why is it no workin at my hoose? I'm missin Shetlink!
  7. Totally agree also, well said both of you
  8. Frankies fish and chips, had some last night and have to say it was delicious Well done Gary and aa da best!!
  9. Yip, I'll agree, The Brae Hotel is terrible, what must folks think when they get here and see the place they are staying in??????
  10. I was at two nights of the Drama festival and thoroughly enjoyed both nights. Having never been before and not knowing what it would be like, I was delighted with what I saw and I'm looking forward to going again next year.
  11. Still nobody claiming to own this lovely fella that I have here. So now I am on the lookout for a home for him. Would anyone like to give him a home? He is a lovely fat boy, affectionate, playful, adorable etc... He is a neutered male, vet thinks he's about 3 or 4 years old. Uses his litter tray, so a good clean cat. He would be a lovely companion for someone out there.
  12. http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/9381/20080303wiz0241fb8.th.jpg woohoo, it worked!! Anyhoo thats the muckle cat that I have, so if anyone knows who owns it, please let me know
  13. arrgh it didn't work Thanks for that fjool... i'll try again oh dear, i'm nae havin much luck here
  14. oh yes I can remember that too! What happened to it? And what wiz it for anyhow??!!! wiz it not haliborange tablets? (da peerie orange tablets) you can still get them. an jars o malt, yum, i used tae love that! hehe memories... i'm goin tae hae tae phone my midder tae ask whit rosehip syrup was for!
  15. ooh theres some tabbies, and long haired at CP.... have a look on the website
  16. Sorry tae hear aboot Charlie Bryan Oh dear, I most be a "mad cat woman", I hae 4 o my own and 3 foster cats for CP here!!!! Anybody wanting a cat, CP have loads at the moment.
  17. Hi Thanks for mentioning the one in the paper, unfortunetly it isn't the one I have here. I hope that they find their cat. Wasn't Bob Roberstons story amazing, it just goes to show how long a cat can survive out there! I bet he wishes she could speak to him now!!!! I'll take a photo of the putty tat I have here, and try and figure out how to put the photo on here! Thanks all btw James if du is serious about wanting to sponsor a cat, pm me an I'll gie dee details!!! Cheers
  18. Hi thanks for that.... I also am involved with CP and no this one hasn't been reported missing. Also have a black and white in the bridge end area of Burra ... anyone know of any in that area lost??!
  19. not the one I've found as he still here!!!
  20. Has anyone lost their cat in the Weisdale area? Black and white, (mainly black) black spot on nose. One ear hangs down. Male, and quite big! Friendly fella
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