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  1. The council do indeed pay more than the NHS! I have just got home from the supermarket where I had to have the police follow me home because I was being followed by a black car... this kind of behaviour really is one of the reasons why I want to at least try somewhere with communities and nice people. As for housing, I have seen an old school house on the north of the mainland that is up for sale but most of the nicest (and affordable for my budget) housing seems to be on Yell.
  2. I thought about that but I can’t really risk temperature changes in the car as Newfies overheat extremely easily and he’s also an anxious soul so I think he would either suffer heatstroke or completely wreck my car. I’ll speak to NorthLink again but if they say no then maybe I’ll have to look at the route to Orkney and then up to Shetland or something. It would be ridiculous if there wasn’t a way to get a dog up there!
  3. Again, thanks everyone! In regards to leaving my dog, that’s an interesting one as I don’t see how I could do it logistically if I can’t leave him. Being a Newfie he’s very chilled out anyway. This is my fourth day off and he’s hardly moved because he just lays in the kitchen all the time! Also, I have no idea how to get him there. Logan Air won’t fly him as he’s too heavy and he’s too big to fit into the kennels on NorthLink so unless they make an exception for him, I can’t come anyway which seems ridiculous. I have seen the carer jobs with the council and they seem to pay as much as RN jobs which is what I would need to satisfy a mortgage provider as I have debts too so they expect a fair wage in order to give me the mortgage. From what I understand I wouldn’t be in the market for renting as it’s around 3x more than a mortgage payment would be!
  4. I contacted the health board today and they said there are no vacancies but I did read about the band 6 on another post, which has now been filled. It’s a shame as that would have been perfect but I didn’t look early enough! I am quite the adventurer but I also worry about house maintenance as I’m guessing the weather gives the roof and windows a pounding? For those asking, I have visited before and I particularly loved the Scandinavian feel. I guess my main worries are loneliness and finances, although I don’t think I’ll spend as much without a giant Pets At Home, IKEA and 4 supermarkets within 5 minutes of me!
  5. Your replies are making me want to just go for it! I am originally from a small town which was both coastal and semi- rural so I know all too well how brutal the winds off the North Sea can be and how long it can take the feeling in your face to come back, but sometimes I miss that when I’m breathing in the polluted air down here. My concerns are mostly financial, I guess. I would be bringing with me £10,000 in debt with £200 a month loan payments, plus my family leant me the deposit for my house so I pay them back £300 a month as well as my mortgage. Here in the Midlands I’m able to keep doing extra shifts to pay my debts but I’ve found it’s affecting my health and I have no life! Does anyone grow their own food? In an ideal world I would grow a few veg and maybe have a few chickens but I don’t know how much chickens like the Shetlands! My dog would be fine as he’s a Newfoundland so the weather would suit him better anyway. Thanks again for your advice.
  6. Hi everyone. I’m sorry that this is yet another post asking for advice on moving to Shetland! I am a single female in my 30s and I have been looking at buying a property on Yell (preferably) or Whalsay, if someone will let me re-mortgage from my house in Nottingham. I work as a registered nurse down here but am open to a job change so long as I can pay my bills. I work 50-60 hours a week and feel stuck in the rat race, constantly spending my money on this, that and everything else. I am from rural Yorkshire so the weather isn’t something that I’m concerned about. I am aware of how isolating it can be, etc. My questions are: • Car maintenance: am I better off just buying another car over there that is a bit more adjusted to the saltwater and weather? I currently drive a 2004 Lexus RX-300 as I have an enormous dog. • Socialising. I’m not big on going out at all and I’m not massively sociable but at the same time I’m aware that I’m in my 30s and would be living in the most remote part of the U.K... are there opportunities to integrate and meet people in the islands like Yell or Whalsay? •Finances: am I dreaming when I think that I could maybe grow a few vegetables and not have the opportunity to waste my money all the time? I have coeliac disease so I’m guessing that Tesco will be the only real place that can cater for my gluten free diet (which is expensive anyway). Is the cost of living in general much higher than the mainland with council tax, bills etc? •Work: I’m not too bothered about being an RN if there aren’t opportunities there as there don’t seem to be that many jobs and the likelihood of being able to maintain an effective work schedule when the ferries are off timetable during the winter seem to be slim. •Ferries: as I will be moving on my own with just my dog, how likely is it that I could get stuck due to ferry problems, if I did have to commute to Lerwick? I use doggy daycare here but I can’t risk having to leave him for vast amounts of time if I can’t get home. My family are not supportive of this potential move at all as it is so expensive for them to visit or for me to leave (I do like to travel when I can) but I am desperate for a slower pace, a nicer community (gun and knife crime is a real issue in Nottingham again) and some space for my dog and for myself, instead of living on top of others like you do in England. The Scandinavian influence and the Archaeology (I have a degree in that!) also make it very appealing, as I like to be close to culture. Sorry for the long message and thanks for any potential replies!
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