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  1. Davie you must have skin as thick as a Rhino to without you none of this type of concerts would get the go ahead I'm sure. Good luck and keep it going despite of a certain few. You can't keep everyone happy!!
  2. Floor coverings not going down until at least December so a long time away from completion yet! Cheers
  3. Yes Dave, I was trying to confuse him/her! Cheers
  4. The reality is anyone of the high street chains can purchase a premises on Commercial Street and start retailing. Do you have a logical reason why they don't??? Here's a clue...lack of customers! Cheers
  5. be specific otherwise no reply (H=50m) haaa aaaaaa.....read it:As with earthquakes, several attempts have been made to set up scales of tsunami intensity or magnitude to allow comparison between different events.[26] Intensity scales The first scales used routinely to measure the intensity of tsunami were the Sieberg-Ambraseys scale, used in the Mediterranean Sea and the Imamura-Iida intensity scale, used in the Pacific Ocean. The latter scale was modified by Soloviev, who calculated the Tsunami intensity I according to the formula: I=1/2+log2 Hav where Hav is the average wave height along the nearest coast. This scale, known as the Soloviev-Imamura tsunami intensity scale, is used in the global tsunami catalogues compiled by the NGDC/NOAA and the Novosibirsk Tsunami Laboratory as the main parameter for the size of the tsunami. Magnitude scales The first scale that genuinely calculated a magnitude for a tsunami, rather than an intensity at a particular location was the ML scale proposed by Murty & Loomis based on the potential energy.[26] Difficulties in calculating the potential energy of the tsunami mean that this scale is rarely used. Abe introduced the tsunami magnitude scale Mt, calculated from, Mt=alogh+blog R=D where h is the maximum tsunami-wave amplitude (in m) measured by a tide gauge at a distance R from the epicenter, a, b & D are constants used to make the Mt scale match as closely as possible with the moment magnitude scale.[27] Is this not a reply!
  6. What size of Tsunami were you thinkin of? Cheers
  7. If proven I think that carry's a lengthy ban which would result in an end to his season. Maybe Penfold could confirm that. Cheers
  8. ISOT

    Mareel Gigs

    The Garrison Theatre Clickimin Centre Isleburgh Various country halls. These all supply the general public with venues for music productions throughout the year and help with income and running costs(I would assume). I think SP is asking what the future hold for these venues when Mareel is up and running. Straight forward question really but probably in the wrong thread! Cheers
  9. Sorry..............but. FFS! Cheers ps Hail Hail the royal mail!
  10. http://www.ukfree.tv/fullstory.php?storyid=1107051156 Or a freesat box! Why not just get a new bracket and ariel, quite a straight forward job to do? Cheers
  11. Stressful? Oh come on, they are going to face far more stressful situations later on in life. Why single out the posties for thanks? If people are going to thank the posties for doing their job, then what about all the administrative staff and others involved in the process too? Agreed but at this stage of life exam results are the most stressfull times for the majority with all the pressure on them to do well to have a better future. Not exactly rocket science just a bit of appreciation for others! Cheers
  12. Especially on Shetlink!
  13. They will end up closing down because they are not supported enough through the whole of the year other than during SALE periods. They are probably selling of last seasons stock which means they will be cutting their margin, therefore making less profit. JR White's has served Shetland well over quite a number of decades selling a wide range of men/boys clothing at REASONABLE prices. The problem now like quite a number of the local shops still left is the ease of shopping online and large supermarkets. It's a sad fact that yet another local shop will more than likely be closing down in the very near future so use them or lose them. Cheers
  14. He was quick enough to 'call in' The Sun when deadly Dave was at the helm! As someone else has said its difficult not to visualise him getting on his high horse if someone else had done the same, in jest or not! Cheers
  15. ISOT

    tall ships

    Not a crime, no, but against Shetlink policy. The filter is in place for a reason; we'd appreciate you not deliberately working around it. Fair enuff, probably had the Monday blues but just pointing out that it wasn't a machine gun of swear words that I used, just in case people didn't see the post before it was edited! Cheers
  16. ISOT

    tall ships

    Come on Michael, using another word for excrement is hardly a crime, I even used an asterix! I'm not having a go at you in particular but you do see my point. Could you explain whats wrong with my 'attitude', I thought it was a fair point and as someone else stated you can't keep everyone happy. Anyway, where would you have set the stalls to make them more prominent? Cheers
  17. ISOT

    tall ships

    They could've just reclaimed some land and widened the pier to fit everyone in I suppose! What were the options to the organisers? I could plainly see and read from the different literature available to everyone where the stalls were so why couldn't others? IMO the Victoria Pier was the main venue with the stage etc. Now with this type of event and the type of entertainment involved naturally people look for food and drink close by wether thats booze, soft drinks, pies or fish and chips etc. I'm sure that was the organisers thinking when it came to the layout and I thought it worked well, its kind of tried and tested! The problem with this type of event or anything else in Shetland you can't keep everybody happy thats just the way it goes. (*** Mod - snip ***) I bet the visitors enjoyed it and at least people made the effort to set up stalls and go spend the weekend at the pier! (*** Mod - snip again; watch the tone, ISOT. Please review the T&Cs and remember that this is supposed to be a family friendly forum ***)
  18. ISOT

    tall ships

    Rather than moaning about them on here why don't you then? Believe me I will be writing to the committee about this and not just moaning as you suggest! We should be proud of our local craft people & "showcase" them as the programme suggested, not ousted to a pier at the back of beyond. In all I enjoyed the Tall Ships regardless of the poor weather. 2 minute walk from the main pier, hardly ousted! Anyone going to the event, like myself, surely would have been walking around there anyway it wasn't like they were placed out at Holmsgarth, was it? You are indeed moaning, IMO! Cheers
  19. That statement is not accurate, they ordered in the camera I wanted! Cheers
  20. ISOT

    tall ships

    No when you can get a box o olives fae Tesco for a £1 though....come on, have you not learned that from 'Shetlinkers' before! Cheers
  21. Go to the Camera Centre for advice, check their prices, go on the internet and check prices, then buy said camera off the internet for £30 cheaper, then come on Shetlink and complain about local prices. Thats the way this thread will end up, guaranteed! My advice would be to go to the above shop, speak to the helpful staff and give the new owner a bit of support IF they can compete on what you're looking for before trying the internet. They are actually very good to deal with! Cheers
  22. well the world hasn`t stopped, yokels have had to leave their cars to post letters , for just a few days one or two may even lose a bit of weight thank you tall ships
  23. Whats the problem here? Am no understanding either!
  24. Good luck, could be busy!
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