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  1. Not too hard to find! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvE2wk1SgFU&feature=related Enjoy!
  2. Why, because you believe in something different to them? Is suggesting cutting the ropes on their boat not putting you in the same boat(pardon the pun) as the intrepid seafarers of the SS? Have you watched this documentary - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cove_%28film%29 ? What are your thoughts on this subject and is it any different to what happens in Faroe? You still havn't managed to come with some evidence supporting your claim before and just because I don't hold the same view as you doesn't mean I'm limp or pathetic!
  3. Where did you pull that statistic from? Exactly!! What a pile o sharn gets written on here, killing a thousand sea animals for a bit o fun, bloody disgrace, got get em Steve!! ....also if the LPA didn't allow them to berth here and the wholesalers didn't stock them they would got to Orkney, Scrabster etc but what does that matter lets all put the blame at the door of the LPA and LTCA for harbouring known criminals. Pathetic! Cheers
  4. You won't find that written anywhere on the net thats for sure, they won't broadcast it. Are all 400 changes to spec higher than the original specification?. A specification change can also mean a reduction in cost. In light of the more than sensitive nature of Mareel I imagine the project team are more than aware that they have tight purse strings and may have to sacrifice certain things to achieve a completion. I didn't ask details but thats a relatively good point but I would imagine with the quantity of changes made there will be a percentage that will cost more money. Its not often on a project this size that changes are made which will not affect the build cost adversly. Cheers
  5. As I have noted earlier, that is not true. Fixed price contracts are only fixed price if the client makes absolutely no changes to the design brief. As soon as any change is made, price adjustments have to be negotiated and agreed for each case. Very few building projects do not have changes, and "iconic" architecture is particularly likely to have many. Of course time will tell whether the contingency cash will cover such costs, but people should not be surprised by some wrangling in the coming months. Totally agree with that. I think it would be very naive of anyone to think this project won't go over budget especially with over 400 changes to the original spec already! Cheers
  6. I hear what you're saying but thats not the fault of the owner. Other people have tried and failed to do what Posers does over the years so I think credit where credits due. I don't think its greed, as above, he's done his bit to keep his establishments going but some people can't/won't see that they just look for the negatives.
  7. Okay, how would you 'do it up a bit'? As far as I know the bar was completely renewed a couple of years ago with new seating and stools installed. The toilets, just to be clear, the 'mens' toilets serve their purpose really. The womens toilets are part of the hotel and I would assume kept to a decent standard. I just don't see where you can improve it. Even when the LK Sound Factory and the old Country Club were on the go as nightclubs/music venues Posers was still doing a good trade. I would say that out of all the hoteliers and publicans in Lerwick and indeed Shetland George Hepburn has spent probably a 7 figure sum on most of his establishments over the last 15-18 years.
  8. ..........and it still manages to stand the test of time. The place is full every weekend, certainly on a Saturday and has been since the day it opened. They have had quieter times in the past and probably will do in the future but it goes round in circles. If its full every weekend and they're making money what are they really going to change about the place? The bar, DJ Box, seating etc......seem to work where there at. Its not like its a massive venue where they can have various different layouts. As someone said its only open 9pm -2am every Fri and Sat. Even then most people go at around 11pm and are pissed, why is he going to invest when he's making money?
  9. Have to agree with Sda here. I had my loft done about 3 months ago by RDI and although both boys were young they did a great job. I cleared the loft myself and also laid dust sheets in the stairs just in case. They were polite, quick and left a really good job in fact the loft look like a work of art when they'd finished I was nearly loathed to but me bruck back up again! Cheers
  10. Nothing cheeky about checking online prices Engineer thats a given for most people nowadays. Anyway I agree with Sga, WDA parcels and the Royal Mail are usually pretty spot on with parcel deliveries, never had any problems with them at all.
  11. 6hrs broken sleep was really what I was trying to say. I agree with a couple of you though, as soon as the head hits the pillow all I think about is work and its driving me nuts. I'm going to try and not use medication but as some of you say maybe I need to train the body to get used to hitting the sack around 11pm. I used to go to bed listening to music thro headphones so I may give that a go....get the ACDC on! Cheers
  12. I make sure I'm out of the gym before 8pm when I do go and usually in the bed around 10.30pm although I do watch a wee bit of TV or surf the net for a while before bed so I'll cut that out for a few weeks and try it! Cheers
  13. I have a physical job and probably do a run of 6-8km a day at the moment plus a but if weight training so don't think I could make myself any more tired but thanks for the suggestion! I think I'll stay clear of the Nytol but thanks for the suggestion. Might pop into healthcraft tomorrow for an alternative. Thanks to the rest of you for the constructive posts tho!
  14. Anyone got any good remedies or ideas for getting a good nights sleep? I'm a very light sleeper but have terrible problems getting a good nights sleep. I have broken sleeps most nights and reckon I probably get about 6 hours max a night, certainly no more. Cheers
  15. You get a full 3 course meal for that Dave, drinks not included, great value! I think a 2 course was £11! Cheers
  16. Imagine going into town on a Saturday morning and be so astonished to find the squeals of the pipe band being played and then fast footing it home to complain about it on Shetlink at dinner time! That takes some doing, bloody pathetic! I predict the same crap being posted next week when the carnival is on and the various UHA squads are parading with the floats and also when the tall ships starts! How many people complaining about this actually get off their arses and contribute something or is it just easier to have a go on Shetlink? Cheers
  17. And? Just how exactly does that affect the plumbing? Are you really arguing that the pipework wear is going to increase significantly due to such a trivial flow increase. I would posit the disintegration is due to the fundamental presence in the pipes of our acidic water, something which is unrelated to flow rate. Of course you may be a plumber and can educate me further, but if so I will be most surprised. And concerning the heating pipes, again, increased pupil numbers does not affect the disintegration. 200 more pupils = more hot air = less heating needed! Simples.
  18. I phoned Jim's Garage about a year ago and asked for their hourly rate. The lady told me that usually it is £45p/h + VAT. Cheers
  19. Tradesmen are usually in high demand especially at this time of year when the weather is 'meant' to turn so you might find it difficult to get a job done in the next 2 or 3 months. Anyway, I think its Manson & Robertson that seem to be doing quite a lot of work round town, pointing, harling etc and there work seems to be very good, not sure about rates but I would give them a go! Cheers
  20. So do you go and wait in the queue or sit on your ass at the computer, which stands the most chance of getting you a ticket? What also is the allocation per person I can't remember reading that bit? Cheers
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