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  1. Thanks for all the info guyz. I've done a bit of homework and Karcher do seem like the model too go for, so I'll pop around the local stores damorn! Cheers
  2. Looking to purchase a pressure washer for around the house for cleaning paths etc and also washing the car. Would like something new and wouls spend around £100-£200, any recommendations? Cheers (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  3. Crazy but 100% true Graeme. I bet there are plenty more similar stories that you never hear about. I told the owner they should get in touch with a senior member at the Planning Dept. but they don't want to make a fuss incase they become awkward when it comes to future plans for the building. Cheers
  4. Well I know someone who has a property in the conservation area of Lerwick who has been waiting more than a year now to have 2 doors replaced, partly because they(planning) don't have photos of the original doors(pre 1900)! The owner told them they would be willing to install whatever type/size/style of door planning told them to put in just to speed the process up. Crazy, I would like to know how much that has cost in wages in terms of meetings, site visits and generally staring into thin air wondering what the doors MAY have looked like 130 year ago! Cheers
  5. Who gives a sh*t really? FFS, is there nothing better tae spik aboot den dis drivel!! Cheers
  6. I've found the milk seems to keep as long if not longer! I used the last of one yesterday and it was perfect even tho a day past the date. Cheers
  7. I've had both District Heating and Storage Heating(Total Heating, Total Control) in two houses recently! Both houses were adequately insulated and of about the same size. Although you have more control over the heating and hot water on tap with District Heating, I'm finding the THTC cheaper to run the only problem being the showers aren't so painful on the back nowadays. I have no complaints with either really! Cheers
  8. Is the toilets in the cabins not basically a 'wet' room? Leave your smucks and y-fronts ootside the door and put them on when you get out the bathroom. Thats what I do, its not like anyone is going to see you. If you happen to be sharing with people you don't know and dunna want dim tae see da crack o yer muckle sphincter or your pilly(if male) den stick your clothes in the sink until finished. Cheers
  9. Last post about this was FEB 7th! Someone said then it would be forgotten about in a couple of weeks. I think that person was correct, until someone drags it up again and starts going over the same crap again! Who gives a turd, its done, stop dragging it up, you'll just put it out into the public spectrum again! Maybe I shouldn't bite but christ, with whats happening in other parts of the world today, does it really matter about a few little words written in the bottom of a huge banner that you would need 10x optical zoom to see? Cheers
  10. i disagree i think he was very wise to come on here. nowt to do with the free meal for the daughter honest. if the other food places were to do the same then we may have some way of helping them improve. even the complaints have praised there food so thats pretty good. having had a few iffy things from the turkish delight the family refuses to go there again. under cooked burgers hairs ect. they may have improved but to risky to check again. Had on guyz, read the post again!! The first sentance was an attempt at sarcasm, maybe not a good one but an attempt nonetheless! At no point did I say posting on here was a bad idea in fact the 2nd paragraph I wrote clearly states this is how this kind of thread should be, a bit of constructive interaction between retailer and customer! Cheers
  11. Unfortunately it's not possible to compete with BK and McDonalds as we don't have the same buying power nor access to cheaper mains gas - couple that with cost of freight to Shetland. At the end of the day it's about tasty food at a reasonable price - so far everyone seems to be enjoying it and we're doing our best to deliver it. Jesus you're brave coming on here with those excuses, you've just put yourself up for a Shetlink excecution! Fortunately the comments on Flames is providing useful feedback for both customer and supplier, thats the way it should be! Some of the people where I work have just had their dinner(takeaway) from Flames and there are no complaints so well done and keep up the hard work! Just to say I regularly eat from Turkish Delight and whatever problems the owner has/had never seems to diminish the quality of the food there, thumbs up everytime! Cheers
  12. That is bloody demoralising! Cheers
  13. Not tryin to be picky but £4 for burger and chips, what do you expect to pay? That seems quite reasonable to me! I would say that £7 for a plate of pasta is excessive and the drink cost seems high too! Maybe he could put the price of burger and chips up and take the drink price down! Cheers
  14. Great points there Zebedee, totally agree with them! Cheers
  15. Well done to Ally for clarifying his position there! I'm not surprised Davie didn't see the funny side tho, he's probably at the end of his tether since all this was announced. People complaining, why only 2 tickets per head, why at W&W hall and not Clickimin, why can't you phone and get tickets, why on a week night instead of a Saturday night and why could you not have supplied a night of 35 degrees with a humidity of 95%!!! (kidding)!! .....and to the person who wrote that garbage(pun) about the street being left in a mess, what a load of sh*te! I walked through the street to the PO at da back o 9, no mess at all. Saying that I hope everyone has a great night and I hope there's many more nights like this through the year, well done to all involved! Cheers
  16. As predictable as the responses from the usual moaning minnies on this forum have been, I think its a bit unfair to say the council are wasting their time. Even if as little as a quarter of what is posted here acts as some kind of constructive feedback that can help change things for the better, you can't fault the council for trying and it will have been more than they have asked for before. Did you not read the whole post Shetlander or did you just decide to edit it to present some kind of argument against what I think is a fair reflection of some of the threads on here? I think a thread on Shetlink such as this one is good for the SIC and the public and, as I stated in my previous thread, there are some good ideas floating around but I still stand by what I said, there's still plenty here that will poke holes in every point made instead of a bit of positive feedback! Cheers
  17. Honestly Peter you're wasting your time here. There will be a handful that will have decent thoughts on the subject then they'll be twice as many that will sit and type utter drivel and try and argue points cos they've got piss all else to do but criticise. Just check some of the other threads here recently. I think the idea of a spread in the paper is a good one, maybe not every week but once or even twice a month. Contact the times and see what they'll do. I think a full page advert is around about £400-£500 but don't quote me! Cheers
  18. What relevance does UHA have to do with a royal wedding?? The Royal Mail will get the holiday and probably quite rightly but why the council??? Someone come up with a good reason without mentioning UHA, please. Its a bloody wedding to someone who is 2nd in line to the throne!! What relevance does it have to Shetlanders other than people who would like to wangle a paid day off work. If people want the day off take it out your bloody annual leave for christ sake!
  19. Well Davie I just can't understand after all your explaining why people are still questioning the decisions made on this. You just can't please people sometimes. ps. Could the mod who edited my earlier comment pm me to explain why. I've actually forgotten what I typed, thanks! Cheers
  20. Well done Davie (*** Mod - snip ***) Well done once again, if I'm lucky enough to get a ticket I will savour the night, if not, well there's always next time! Cheers
  21. There you go guys, 'use it or lose it'!! Cheers
  22. Another well thought out, sensible post there Davie, pity there weren't more like you and less 'numptys' on this site. Its hard to argue with any of those points! Cheers
  23. DO th ey buy their goods at the same prices as online retailers and DO they sell their goods at double the price they buy them at, thats a pretty big assumption. This is going the way as most of these threads tend to do here with people going around in circles arguing about the same old stuff! I truly hope Clive's stays open because its a valuable retailer to 'the street' and Shetland as a whole. If people think otherwise I think they've got their head up their backside! I bought a couple of BluRays today for a penny short of a tenner and a new release at 16.99! Somehow I don't think Clive made £13/£14 out of that sale!
  24. ^ Great comparisons there! Wish we could get a market like that here! Cheers
  25. This has actually been the case for sometime now as I've said before wether people on here want to believe that or not or could even be bothered to take some excercise and hop on down to find that out themselves! Cheers
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