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  1. Its not the bricks that are the problem, its the insulation in the heaters which breakdown and disintegrate making the heater less economical after a number of years. Cheers
  2. ISOT

    tall ships

    Wouldn't think that's a go-er with the number of folk on here who reckon they have the sun shining out of their http://www.therushforum.com/html/emoticons/moon.gif Haha, loved that, nice one! Cheers
  3. ISOT

    tall ships

    Another excellent post Davie, a big thumbs up from me anyway! Cheers
  4. ISOT

    tall ships

    Great post Davie, you won't be able to keep everyone happy and I'm sure it won't be long before the Shetlink mafia rear their ugly heads concerning this thread. Personally I can't wait to eperience this event again, 99 was a resounding success, for me anyway and hopefully the weather can abide again for it this year. So much planning and preparation goes into an event like this I would imagine and as I have no part in that I won't be complaining about that process. Maybe some of the detractors would care to pop along the event organisers office and lend a hand! By the way to the people who are still/going to complain about the acts mentioned who would you like to see on stage at the event bearing in mind some of the costs that Davie has already mentioned. Who knows maybe the SIC could foot the bill for gigs like Foo Fighters, Kazabian, Girls Aloud or Lady Gaga then you could all start a new thread complaining about that!! Cheers
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    tall ships

    Maybe but I for one can't wait to see The Levellers...again! Cheers
  6. Spot on, worked a treat! Cheers
  7. I have a younger family member that comes to my house who would like to use my PS3(online) when he's here. He already has his own PS3 and login details etc where he lives but would like to be able to access his user profile at mine, is this possible? Cheers
  8. Well said Viblir but I think du might be pissin in da wind to convince the PC brigade on here! Three Cheers
  9. My partner had her eyes done in Aberdeen about 5 year ago now. She had no problem with one eye but they made an error when doing the procedure with the second eye resulting in them having to re-do thay eye twice again. The result being that her eye seems to dry up regularly and she has to carry eyedrops around with her. Cheers
  10. I noticed John Robertson commented on it in his Shetland Times write up... I see you've edited my post to try and prove a point! Well done. I'm not 'gushing' about UHA at all just trying to put what was written into a bit of perspective. Our squad consists of Shetlanders from Sumburgh to Yell with a couple of, dare I say it 'soothmoothers' as well. as do many other squads nowadays, we're rolling with the times! Someday women may well become involved, who knows! I can't be bothered to go and track down 'bills' from other UHA/Festivals which I can guarantee will have instances of poking fun at Lerwegions/toonies maybe someone would kindly do that. God forbid if any of them had content poking fun at the 'toonies' that would be morally wrong and totally inapropriate Can't remember any discussions about the above on Shetlink before but maybe 'toonies' have slightly thicker skin than your average village person! Three cheers for all that is great about UHA! Cheers
  11. Don't be silly Henry, no one on Shetlink takes themselves seriously, it's all just a big joke! Can't say I'm surprised to see these latest posts here. Shetlink seems to be a voice for the morally correct and sanctimonious people that just want to sit at the confindes of their computer and criticise all things Shetland. I have spoken to so many people over the last few days that absolutely loved everything about last Tuesday/Wednesday, not one person has mentioned the part of the bill that this thread relates to, what a surprise to see people picking holes in it here!! Take it for the fun its meant to be wether thats toilet, political humour or anyother bloody humour. As someone else earlier said, there's plenty worse written on bills throughout Shetland and I'm sure there will be more. Get a bloody grip, picking on schoolchildren, FFS, how dramatic and misconstrued is that? PS Sorry about the poor spelling and maybe not so articulate post, I was taught in a 'toonie' school! Cheers
  12. This is probably getting away from the OP but this happens all over Shetland now with both women and men taking part in processions, halls and acts. I wouldn't be sure of numbers involved but I bet over the year there must be 3-4000 (conservative guess) people who get involved in some way or another all over the isle, not just a bunch o toonies getting 'pissed' and having a 'good' time but people from outlying areas too! UHA/Fire Festivals are a community event now like it or not! Cheers
  13. The crowds that were visible around the town through the day and at the procession at night along with the attendances at all the halls this year would make me think your comment is maybe just your own opinion and not the opinion shared by many others. Cheers
  14. ISOT

    tall ships

    I agree with you Tirvaluk, can't say I've heard many complaints about the last one. I had the time of my life and even if this years one is only half as good it will be great! Too many bah humbugs aroond dis place! Cheers
  15. Totally correct Girzie! Paulb, I agree with you too, Amazon are usually hard to beat and usually when I say 'cheaper than the net' I mean Amazon because if you find something cheaper anywhere else they are usually unrated companies and I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Anyway better get BOT! Cheers
  16. Not when you get a 'free' case and 8GB card it's not! Clickity click! Cheers
  17. Which camera did you buy and how much did you pay for it? It's a Sony DSC-h55 Cybershot for £180 take away a penny! Trying to figure it out just now, nearly as bloody complicated as my bloody DSLR! Cheers
  18. Maybe thats the reason he's coming to the UK for a job interview, he wouldn't disclose which team tho, maybe this is it! Cheers
  19. I've read a few pages of this topic tonight and find it ammusing that some of you fine people never seem to be happy. You complain that you can't get decent service or products at prices you want to pay from local retailers/supplier. Or that when you query why prices of items are cheaper on the net than locally and you get told, 'well thats because you have to allow for freight charges'. You then login to Shetlink and start complaing in this thread about shipping costs, delays in shipping and generally bitching about anything and everything because your package is not on your lap as soon as you click 'buy' on you computer(slight exageration but you know what I'm trying to say). Sorry, just something I noticed and had to share as I'm home alone tonight! Keep smiling people! Cheers ps I bought a compact camera today from The Camera Centre, cheaper than the net, great service and I'm taking pictures of myself just now, with a happy face because delivery was impeccable!
  20. Mine came from George Robertsons, Hirschmann(spelling) seems to be good quality, better than the normal ones anyway. Cost about £70 don't know how that compares but I needed one in a hurry! Cheers
  21. Well said that wo/man. Tesco today candle low energy bulbs 20p, Local electrical shop 499p I needed 12 and wish i had gone to Tesco first. I will shop at Tesco first next time. What brand were the Tesco bulbs and what brand were the ones for 499p just out of interest? I bought a few of Megaman and Lyvia lamps and they seem to do the job. Cheers
  22. They might as well give those energy lamps for free at Tesco, another loss leader I would imagine at that price! ps does that mean The Hydro/George Robertsons/Harrys/Bolts make £4.70 on a lamp? Cheers
  23. 89.99! Somebody explain to me how any local retailer or even any independant retailer on the mainland can compete with that? Cheers
  24. Sorry Dave, I am totally confused now by the post in question! What's the bloody problem? Just buy it from Amazon, if it's 40 quid cheaper for something that retails at £149 then surely thats a bargain! ps I'm all for buying local but if those are a true reflection of costs online v local then sometimes buying online IS the only option. If it was £20 dearer local than online and I wanted it on the day I would pay that bit extra! Cheers
  25. FFS! Dave I think the point Malcolm is making is in fact that he can't purchase the item in question from Amazon for £110! Or am I reading that wrong? Cheers
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