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  1. You haven't been paying attention. It wis an excellent night.
  2. I believe he's now decided to do so.
  3. Totally agree re plod. What about those Community Policepersons..?? Why aren't they at the Street at lunchtimes issuing fixed penalty fines for littering..?? Hit them in the pocket (no literally) and it will certainly reduce the litter problem. A couple of the pretendy polis and a couple of the real thing - problem hugely reduced. Simples.
  4. I think the OP has a valid point. As far as I know the wristbands are normally supposed to have a dual purpose, a/prove you've paid to buy a ticket and b/ prove you're of legal age to drink. The wristband issuer absolutely should be the person who affixes the wristband to the purchaser. If you simply hand out wristbands for people to put on themselves then there's nothing to stop an under 18 y.o. getting a hold of an 18+ wristband. In which case why go to the expense of having wristbands..?? 10,000 or so wristbands doesn't come cheap. I don't think this one was thought through completely. It would have been as simple showing your ticket at the gate.
  5. I've had a few flights to Glasgow for £33.00 return. If you take the time to suss out how the system works and know well in advance where/when you're going it does work. It's simply untrue to say "it's impossible to book a Reward4All flight".
  6. All 5 SMUHA halls SOLD OUT. Some may have waiting lists. Good luck.
  7. dB

    Scottish Referees

    Not me. But then I never did.
  8. dB

    Guitar Festival 2010

    Well, or course he is. All Ness men are, aren't they. That of course is debatable, as is the boundaries of the "Ness". For what it's worth, he was at the Sandwick Session this past Friday. When someone asked where he lived he answered "In Spain just noo but I'm a Levenwick man".
  9. It appears you can't book them months ahead. Eg I'm trying to book one for Sumburgh to Glasgow return in November. It says something like "Full or not enough seats". What this means is that the Reward points seats haven't been released yet (August). I can book the same journey in October if I want with points paying taxes only. Good luck.
  10. Was there a few years ago, Feb 2007 I think - well worth the visit. Good tram service around the city although we also did a lot of walking as well. Ask a local for restaurant recommendations. We did and found we could eat well very cheaply. Beer is expensive in the Old Town Square, the farther back you go the cheaper it seems to get. Take a camera if you're into photography. Some excellent night shots to be had. The only Czech I learned was "oochet prosim" which means "the bill please". I think. Could mean "I'm an idiot" for all I know but it seemed to work.
  11. Fairly sure Robbie's group wis Rainbow Pavement.
  12. 20p for a game of pool/air hockey. No snooker tables. Open to the public 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, 12noon to 6pm on Sunday. No membership required for public opening. Under-8's must be accompanied by an adult.
  13. dB

    What else do we want?

    Excellent idea.
  14. dB

    Snooker (local)

    No. Removed during the 2003 refurb and not reinstated. Sadly.
  15. Well said both o you.
  16. http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h63/Delbhoy419/HBK0092_attentionpink.jpg[/img]
  17. Can I reiterate for anyone going to the SMUHA procession - please arrive in plenty of time. At 6:30pm the road through Bigton will be one-way, in at the north junction and out at the south junction. This means that once the squad buses start turning up just after 6:30 the traffic will slow down. The main and probably only parking area for cars will be in the field at Bigton Farm just inside the opening to the St Ninian's Isle access road. Marshals will be there from 6:00pm so I would strongly recommend being parked up by 6:30pm. The procession lights-up at the junction to Ireland at 7:30pm and proceeds straight (more or less) to the St Ninian's Isle beach, north side, just below the St Ninian's car park. The car park will be the best vantage point for spectators as you'll almost be looking down on the galley. Please note that the St Ninian's car park is reserved for disabled parking only for the event. Any motorist wishing to use it must display an appropriate badge. After the event cars exit the car park and turn sharp right, leaving Bigton travelling past the shop. Hopefully, weather permitting, we'll have the burning galley at sea during a fairly major firework display. As MiM says, apologies for the lack of info, it's been hellishly busy. PM me for any more info.
  18. Any constituent that didn't understand that long before now was either asleep,or dead. But, Mr Cluness "would be expensive" is wholly wrong, "could" is the term you want, it only "would" *if* both sides fought to the finish. How far would Clark have taken it through the court, would he have taken it there at all, we'll never know now because you've bottled it. Yes, the potential award "could" have been expensive, but by exactly the same token it "could" also have been modest, or it "could" have been zero. Clark "could" have lost, or he "could" have abandoned the claim. Again, we will never know, and we're £1/4 Million plus costs poorer for not knowing. Some things just are worth the time, expense and high profile publicity, regardless whether its good or bad, to fight to the end. Its called principle, and if there wasn't need to stand on principle concerning Clark and his shenanigans, there never ever will be need to. There's going to be some old humdinger of a celebration going on in certain quarters of St Olafs Street tonight that will probably carry on for days, and anybody thats not invited to it is either going to be cursing the council or laughing at them. Saundy, dirs juist ee thing ta sae ta dee noo, fur goad's sake geen hame, and bide hame afore du does ony mair faut! Well said.
  19. Couldn't agree more. However, the hun mindset which is one of unjustifiable superiority (very nazi-ish) means that they see this assistance from the referees and the SFA as their right and positively wallow in it. Don't forget the Bank of Scotland's generous assistance to Rangers 9 in-a-row. Basically purchasing titles and cups with money they didn't have and with every assistance from Scottish referees. How else can such domestic domination be mirrored by such abject cluelessness in Europe..?? Neutral refs perchance..?? Any Rangers fan who can think, and that's a minority, must be uncomfortable with this knowledge, knowing that their success is little to do with football ability.
  20. dB

    George Burley sacked

    Souness' track record as a manger is very average. And he won't have unlimited funding from the bank to purchase success. I can't see him being what we need. Tactically mediocre, his wannabe hardman act would lead to a raft of call-offs from the start. Someone who's tactically aware and has the man-management skills to get the best from a poor bunch is what we need. If such a person is available.
  21. dB

    George Burley sacked

    What a brilliant idea. Bring back the traitor who walked out in the middle of a qualifying campaign..?? Bring back the traitor who was arranging transfers to Rangers whilst still the Scotland boss and being paid by the SFA...?? Bring back the traitor who's respected throughout Europe for Rangers expansive, attacking style of football...?? Do me a favour
  22. dB

    David Murray

    This thread is hilarious. Anyone seen Dody Dave recently...????
  23. Lucky you. I know someone who enquired about teeth whitening. Was told over the phone that it's no problem, about £250.00 in total. When they made their appointment they were told that due to their fillings the cost would be in excess of £5000.00. There was a cheaper option available which wouldn't be as good, or as permanent which would be £130.00 per tooth (veneers on about 10 to 12 teeth). Appointment over in under 10 minutes, that'll be £50.00 and thank you sir. Subsequent appointment cancelled next day. I know the person felt completely ripped off and will never return.
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