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  1. Me too. It's gonna cause a crash sometime, hope it's no me.
  2. 0730 flight to Edinburgh gets in about 0900. Bus to Haymarket, train to Glasgow, you're there back of 1000. Train from Glasgow to Haymarket then bus to Edinburgh airport for the 1740 flight. Gives you a few hours in Glasgow, depends on your course times I guess. Good luck, can be done.
  3. Wisna really a controversy, just an ex-councillor practising blatant Nimbyism. It's a scandal dat da nearest public toilets are at Leebitten, at least a mile fae da play park, fitba pitch etc
  4. dB

    Dodgy Song Lyrics

    It was the 'Live on TV bit' that caused the problem with Sunday Morning Coming Down. Especially since Johnny's show was so popular. 100% Agree with you there. Kristofferson's album 'Me & Bobby McGee' was the first cassette I ever bought. In the days when your car either had an ITT KB, shoebox type cassette player, lying in the back window sill. Or, if you were really into music, you fitted a PYE autoreverse cassette player, which cost more than the old banger it was fitted in. Ahhhh.. Nostalgia... Sorry, going off topic. Hell yeah, the ITT KB and the PYE, fitted in a Cortina 1600E if you were really flush. Du must be aboot my age, Rasmie.
  5. dB

    Dodgy Song Lyrics

    Just finished listening to it................again. Never get tired of it.
  6. dB

    Dodgy Song Lyrics

    Kristofferson used that word in The Pilgrim:Chapter 33 "He's a poet, he's a picker He's a prophet, he's a pusher He's a pilgrim and a preacher And a problem when he's stoned" Don't recall it causing any fuss at the time. I can't fault a song that contains the classic line "The going up was worth the coming down". Sheer poetry from the Great Man.
  7. dB

    Scotland's Word Cup

    Dammit - I thought this thread was about Scrabble when I saw the title. Back on topic - your idea that the SFA should "refuse to acknowledge" etc is fine in theory. The hun-dominated SFA would rather stick drawing pins in their whatsits than take action against Rangers.
  8. Some fantastic tracks on this thread. Slightly off-topic but a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be at Islesburgh during the Folk Festival when a session comprising amongst others, Elana James, Beau Sample and Brian Gear was going on. To stand in that room while some of Shetland's top musicians in the crowd were watching and listening completely spellbound was a never-to-be-repeated experience. Elana James (who had been touring with Bob Dylan the year before) was totally entranced by Brian's superlative playing and the way they all gelled together was near enough musical perfection. I was so thankful and so lucky to be there, at that time. So, for me, nothing but nothing beats live music. Similarly being the only non musician in Room 11 during the A&F Festival last year while Gary Peterson, Grant Nicol and Derek Hendry were cracking at was absolutely magical.
  9. The only thing that your post goes to prove is that, amazingly,some people still believe what the Daily Ranger, sorry, Record produces. Which confirms the old sayings "You can fool some of the people all of the time" or "There's one born every minute"
  10. I truly can't be arsed getting into a debate on the merits of Rangers fans v Celtic fans. Suffice to say every Celtic fan I know is desperate to drop the O** F*** label, ditch the joint sponsorship deals and distance ourselves from a club which condones racist chants. As for Time to open your eyes and look beyond the desperate whitewashing of the Scottish media, aka the Laptop Loyal.
  11. "old firm fans" ... ??? Assuming you're referring to the Coronation Street story what exactly does it have to do with Celtic fans...??? Apart from giving us nearly as big a laugh as the Love Street result earlier. Are Rangers fans this season's paranoiacs ... ??? Just wonderin' .. ??
  12. dB'S SCORE Your scored -2.5 on Moral Order and 4 on Moral Rules. The following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible): System: Socialism Ideology: Social Democratism Party: No match. Presidents: Jimmy Carter 04' Election: David Cobb 08' Election: Barrack Obama Of the 485,898 respondents (5,896 on Facebook): 3% are close to you. 62% are more conservative. 23% are more liberal. 6% are more socialist. 4% are more authoritarian.
  13. dB

    Greatest Goal

    Bittersweet memories of those matches. I had £10 at about 96/1 on a Scotland 1-0 victory with Don Hutchison scoring. In the first match
  14. Glad you agree with me re opinions. Your argument however falls to pieces when you state "I still feel the League is more important to more people". How many supporters would turn out to watch a League decider between two Lerwick teams..??? I'm old enough to remember such things and the answer was then, not many. Certainly nothing like the numbers who would turn up for the Parish Cup final. Proving that the Parish Cup in fact is "more important to more people". None of this takes away from my point that different folk view different cups in different ways. All down to opinions really.
  15. That in itself doesn't guarantee the mantle of most important. You're entitled to your opinion, just as I'm entitled to mine. You're not entitled to lecture me as to which cup is more important. IMHO.
  16. A cup's importance is a matter of opinion and cannot be truly or accurately decided. Most SPL clubs/managers argue that winning the SPL is their priority as it opens the door to Champions' League riches via the group stages. Sorry to disagree but SPL v European trophy..? I would argue that the scarcity of the latter in Scotland totally debunks the "SPL most important" theory. In a local context the Parish Cup is immensely important to those who compete for it, and their supporters. No can can prove one competition's importance when judged against another. However, there's no doubt in my mind that in local competition the Parish Cup attracts the most support. Which makes it fairly difficult to argue that any other competition is more important. Depends who you put the question to, I suppose.
  17. dB

    Golf - Shetland Open

    I hear wird dat Chiz has secured da services o a highly rated caddy, no a bad golfer himself. Said services were offered in da highly "emotional" aftermath o da Kaunus match and it remains to be seen if da caddy minds tae turn up.
  18. dB

    Scottish Referees

    I'd dearly hope (probably forlornly in many, many cases) that the adults responsible for running teams for youngsters would instil in them the absolute requirement to accept that the referee IS the sole judge of what is and isn't fair play in his/her opinion. Maybe the adults on the sidelines would do well to remember that as well...*cough* toy shop owner *cough* Doesn't alter my view that in Scottish there's one set of rules for the Old Firm and one set of rules for the rest of us. Even one referee (can't remember which one - now retired) is on record as stating that the OF game has to be refereed differently from any other domestic game in Scotland. To my mind that means there will be incidents that will go unpunished by a booking whereas in any other game a booking would result. Therefore there are 4 league games a season where OF players get away with a reduced chance of booking and hence will ultimately accrue fewer suspensions. Now don't try and tell me that's a level playing field. Are you still trying to wind me up, MiM...??? I'm not gonna bite, mate.First Rangers v Celtic match this season saw 9 (yes that's right - NINE) Celtic players booked, most for first and/or very innoucuous challenges. How you equate that to a reduced chance of booking completely escapes me.
  19. dB

    Scottish Referees

    My Jim Farry trumps ALL SFA administrators. I agree that the present incumbent is little more than a joke, (which presumably qualifies him for the post) however, until it's proven in a court of law that he deliberately hinders Celtic, Farry's deliberate actions will remain the biggest stain on the SFA. There's plenty more anecdotal evidence, but proof in court is a whole new ball game, pun intended. In fact, I can't understand why Rangers' fans aren't absolutely raging about Farrygate as well. Their nine-in-a-row WAS aided and abetted by Jim Farry. Of that there is no doubt. Whilst it's 99% true to state that Rangers most likely didn't need or seek his help, such was the state of the challenge to Rangers during the Farry era, the fact remains that help was given by the SFA. Whatever Rangers achieved during Farry's tenure is undoubtedly tainted.
  20. dB

    Scottish Referees

    I think dB was being serious. I don't think it was intended to be a wind up MiM. A lot of Celtic fans really do believe nearly everyone is against them. I'm no biting either. This could take up more time than I have. Anyone remember Jim Farry...???
  21. dB

    shetland baseball

    Would love to play. ps - The age criteria doesn't disqualify me.
  22. dB

    Scottish Referees

    Now I KNOW you're on a wind-up. Nae luck, Marooned, I'm no biting
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